JCK 2021

JCK 2021

This case study explores how Exhibits Studio, a leading booth design and construction company, made a significant mark with its innovative booth designs at the prestigious JCK 2021, the jewellery industry's premier show.


The primary objective was to evaluate how Exhibits Studio's creative booth designs contributed to brand visibility, engagement, and overall success at JCK 2021.

Design Concept at JCK 2021:

Exhibits Studio implemented a design concept that seamlessly blended elegance with modern aesthetics, perfectly complementing the sophisticated ambience of JCK 2021. The booth featured interactive displays, luxurious materials, and strategic lighting to showcase the client's jewellery collections.

Impact on Visitor Engagement:

The study delved into how the booth design influenced visitor engagement. Through surveys and feedback analysis, it was evident that the interactive elements and visually appealing displays significantly increased attendee interaction and interest.

Brand Visibility and Recognition:

Exhibits Studio's meticulous attention to brand visibility was examined, exploring how the booth design effectively communicated the brand identity and values. Incorporating branding elements and cohesive visual storytelling played a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition.

Success Metrics:

Quantifiable metrics, including foot traffic, lead generation, and post-show inquiries, were analyzed to measure the overall impact of Exhibits Studio's booth designs on the client's success at JCK 2021.


The case study concludes that Exhibits Studio's creative brilliance and strategic design approach were pivotal in the client's standout presence at JCK 2021. By understanding the unique demands of the jewellery industry, Exhibit Studio not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and contributing to the client's success.

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