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As the best trade show exhibit design company in the USA, we specialize in creating trade show displays that defy convention and leave lasting impressions. But we're not just about displays – we craft mind-bending experiential marketing and brand activation solutions that propel your brand into the spotlight. We've catered to many brands and companies with world-class trade show exhibit design and rental services in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and all major exhibition hubs.

The best Trade show displays services in the US

Being the best trade show booth design company in the US, Exhibits Studio promises you a hassle-free trade show experience in US trade shows. We understand the value of your brand and work closely with you to understand your expectations and design brief. It helps us deliver excellent outcomes and build an ever-lasting connection with our valuable clients. It takes years of expertise and industry knowledge to craft a trade show booth display that resonates with your brand's message and engages with your audience on the trade show exhibit floor in the US

We are a client-centric company with a team of efficient and competent trade show booth builders who leave no stone unturned to meet and exceed your expectations. With nine years of industry experience and service excellence, Exhibits Studio crafts bespoke trade show booth display, which sets your brand better and brighter than your competitors on the exhibit floor. Whether you need a trade show booth rental in the US to save money or a custom exhibit to let your brand connect with your audience, the skilled trade show booth designers at Exhibits Studio will do it all effortlessly.

Let's crank up your brand's awesomeness with our top-tier trade show displays and best-in-class exhibition marketing experiences!

Our major services-
Trade Show Booth Rentals-

At Exhibits Studio, we understand that buying can't always be the right choice. Whenever you are exhibiting at a global trade show and looking for an exhibit as appealing and innovative as any owned trade show booth display, our trade show booth rentals are the most logical choice. You can always go for trade show booth rentals for multiple trade show exhibits to present your brand with a fresh and innovative trade show display on the exhibit floor, which captivates the audience and potential investors. Trade show booth rentals can be a great choice if you want to save a hefty amount, which comes with insurance, disposal or purchasing a trade show booth.

Custom Exhibits-

What attracts the audience to the exhibit floor is a scintillating custom trade show booth that is efficiently aligned with the brand messages. A custom exhibit is an excellent way to engage with potential customers and place your brand at the center stage of the exhibit floor. Custom trade show exhibits allow you to represent your brand exactly how you've always wanted to. A captivating custom exhibit booth with high-quality materials like flooring, graphics, immersive displays and lighting can be a game-changer for your brand on the exhibit floor, attracting all the attention like a magnet. Whether custom trade show booths or exhibit rentals, our skilled custom exhibit builders manage everything effortlessly.

Modular Exhibits-

An appealing modular trade show exhibit can set your brand at the center stage of engagement on the exhibit floor. If you dream of getting unparalleled revenue and attention on the show floor, a highly impactful modular exhibit will work for you. Modular exhibits are prefabricated displays that come in many shapes and sizes and can be molded in different designs and textures. They provide flexibility and effectiveness. A modular exhibit rental is easy to assemble and dismantle and is a cost-effective option to showcase your brand image effectively.

Experiential Exhibits –

Our approach to bringing the concept of experiential exhibits to the trade shows had a revolutionary impact on the decision-making process of audiences and clients. Exhibitors who want to showcase their brand excellence through technology and innovation can make a clever and logical decision by opting for experiential exhibits for their next trade show event. Experiential exhibits include immersive and interactive displays, video walls, anamorphic walls, and LED displays that offer visitors a personal interaction with the brand. Experiential exhibits pop up from a distance, attracting audiences and bringing high-quality leads to your business.

Services at a Glance
The Exhibits Studio team is there for you, at every step, ensuring a seamless trade show exhibit experience.

Exhibit At A Trade Show

Your trade show experiences should be all about building connections and delivering your core brand values and messages. We ensure this happens. Our exhibit design experts team up with you to design and create eye-catching displays that steal the show. Once we've nailed down your requirements, we share them with our strategy and creative teams to bring out the best. Our modular exhibit design rental options ensure a seamless and flexible approach to showcasing your brand. Want to customize your booth as per your unique vision? Choose our custom exhibit design and rentals feature to give your booth display your personal touch. From designing to dismantling, we handle everything.

Experiential Marketing

We believe in the power of experiences that resonate. Our experiential marketing services are all about you and your prospects forging real, enduring relationships. Picture walking into a space that doesn't just showcase your brand but envelops visitors in its essence. Our modular exhibit design rental options ensure a seamless and flexible approach to showcasing your brand. Want to customize your booth as per your unique vision? Choose our custom exhibit design and rentals feature to give your booth display your personal touch. From designing to dismantling, we handle everything. Environmental designs that engage senses and emotions Using vivid language and imagery to create a sense of place and atmosphere Interactive experiences that bridge brands and people AR/VR/AI-infused magic, shaping tomorrows in today's spaces Experience centers and branded environments that glue attendees Communicating personal stories and testimonials to impact your prospects in a creative way

Brand Activation

We create immersive moments that captivate and connect. Our portable pop-up activation setups for both indoor and outdoor settings are a great way to create engaging and memorable experiences. They are engaging, captivating, sturdy, and easy to install, so you can relax and focus on your marketing tasks. Wish to reuse the active pop-up for other exhibits at some other location? Good News! Be it Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, or any location in the USA, we’ll deliver your exhibit. We can help you with every step of the process, from concept development to installation and dismantling. Let us activate your brand in a way that will make it unforgettable.

Program Management

Every exhibits is a unique undertaking and there’s always so much to do. But not for you. At ES, we manage everything from show forms, supplier follow-ups, shipment before the exhibits starts, trade show exhibit setup, maintenance, supervision, on-site modifications, storage, and finally dismantling. In short, everything. We provide all of our clients with a dedicated program manager who will offer never-ending support at every stage of your exhibiting journey, whether you're a first-time participant or a seasoned pro. Our skilled program management team meticulously maps out milestones and keeps you in the loop from initial discussion to post-show evaluation.

Graphic Design And Productions

At the heart of every outstanding trade show exhibit display lies the magic of captivating graphics. Our highly-skilled graphic designing and production team transforms your brand's essence into eye-catching banners, audio-visuals, and everything that attracts attendees to your booth. It’s not just about adding your logo and brand colors that connect your prospects to your brand genuinely, remember that. We create designs that tell your story and help attendees spend time learning about your brand and its message. With immersive booth experiences and attention-grabbing pop-up activation, we ensure your brand stands out in a sea of competitors.

Shipping, Installation, And Dismantling

From beginning to end, we create an experience that lingers with your visitors long after the trade show concludes. We handle the entire process of setting up and taking down your trade show booth, ensuring the end result perfectly matches the initial design and captivates your intended audience. Every aspect, from installing each component of the display to dismantling the booth, is carried out with meticulous care, ensuring the final outcome harmonizes seamlessly with the intended design aesthetic.

Show Site Supervision

Onsite trade show installation can make or break your event. Let our experts take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most: connecting with your target audience. Have a stress-free shipment, installation, on-site supervision, and dismantling experience with us. We will assign a dedicated local supervisor to your project, who will be available to handle any last-minute adjustments or requests. Along with that, our on-site expert will also take care of show forms and other event-related requirements for you.

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