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Trade Show Booth Displays to make your brand shine at US trade show exhibits

Do you feel agitated when you plan to exhibit at a trade show and get a trade show booth display utterly different from what you've asked? You'll find many trade show booth services that provide companies who promise to add moon and stars to your trade show booth design but still need to deliver something. Exhibitors are looking for exceptional trade show booth rental services worldwide, so there is no need to juggle anymore. Exhibits Studio, a total brand solutions company, is here to relieve your exhibit stress.

A trade show booth that is attractive and innovative always catches the attention of the audience on the exhibit floor. A captivating trade show booth display is the best way to build a solid connection between a brand and the audience. At Exhibits Studio, our seasoned professional team closely understands your brand needs and expectations. We carry the approach of crafting trade show booth designs which meet your marketing goals on the exhibit floor. 

Exhibits Studio, the best trade show booth services company

Backed by a team of exceptional trade show booth builders, we craft a bespoke design that aligns effortlessly with your brand message and offerings. With 9 years of service excellence, the professional team at Exhibits Studio is well-versed in crafting trade show booth designs which cater to every industry. Exhibits Studio will do it all for you if you need a trade show booth rental, custom exhibits, modular exhibits or tech-infused experiential exhibits. From trade show booth design to furniture, graphics and booth layouts, our trade show booth designers will take care of all your trade show needs.

From conceptualization to finalizing the trade show booth setup, we work closely with your brand to understand your ideas and exhibiting goals. Our senior executive closely understands what you are looking for and passes on the design brief to our skilled trade show booth designers. Once we are on the same page regarding the design and exhibit goals, our creative team of trade show booth builders will craft bespoke trade show booth displays which speak volumes and place your brand at the centre stage of the exhibit floor. With a team of skilled modular and custom trade show booth builders, you'll get a display that narrates your brand story to a global audience and ignites interest in your audience's mind to invest in your brand.

How do we bring the best trade show booth rentals for you?

Backed by a team of the industry's most creative, innovative and intelligent minds, Exhibits Studio connects all the dots to create a circle of memorable trade show exhibit experiences. Our weekly brainstorming and designing sessions help us recognize the areas where we can scale up our offerings and deliver our clients the best trade show booth exhibit displays every time they trust us for the trade show booth expertise. 

Our trade show designers craft tradeshow booth displays, incorporated with your USPs, business goals, brand messages and brand visuals to attract the maximum attention on the exhibit floor. We at Exhibits Studio prioritize creativity, service delivery, innovation and technology and design exceptional trade show booth designs infused with elements like AR/VR, immersive displays and anamorphic walls. 

We take pride in our collaborative process. At Exhibits Studio, our trade show booth builders and clients work together, and our designers take note of the client's feedback to deliver extraordinary results.

We bring you the team of best trade show booth builders in US

Our trade show booth builders are professionals with experience in CAD programs and 3D render software. Our design team creates a stunning 3D design of your trade show booth, which will later be transformed into an engaging trade show booth display on the exhibit floor.

There’s only one way than trade shows to generate revenue and quality leads and engage with your audience effectively. We assist our clients in selecting the ideal trade show booth design for their exhibit because we have one of the most extensive trade show inventories. Whether you want to buy or rent a trade show booth, you may discover one that suits your budget. Yes, you heard correctly! We offer custom-built trade show exhibits, modular exhibits, and hybrid exhibits to suit every budget. Select the ideal exhibit for your budget with Exhibits Studio.

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Linear Booth

Linear booths, commonly "inline" booths, are arranged straight. They have exhibitors either on their immediate right or left. Linear booths are exposed with a single side to the aisle. They can be adapted to the corner booth, exposing the booth from two sides to the aisles. Always keep in mind that when you're designing a linear booth, do not use hangings. Hangings are not allowed in linear booths. Linear booths are 10' wide and 10' deep, i.e., 10' by 10'. The maximum height of a linear booth is 8'. A height of 8 ′' can be maintained on the sidewall of the booth and up to a distance of 5′ from the front side of the aisle.

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Perimeter booth

A perimeter booth is placed on the outer wall of the conventional hall or the exhibit area. These booths are also referred to as Perimeter exhibits. They are almost similar to linear booths, but their height limit is increased. Perimeter booths are taller than linear booths because they do not have any other exhibit display near them. The maximum height of perimeter booths is 12' and can be maintained up to 5' from the front side of the aisle. The length of the sidewalls of perimeter booths can't be higher than 4'. Hangings are not allowed in perimeter booths.

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Island Booth

The booths exposed to the isles from all four sides are called island booths. The ideal size for the island booth is 20' by 20' or more significant than that. The entire space of the island booth can be used to a maximum allowed height, which varies from 16' to 20' entirely, depending on the situation and parameters. Hanging signs are permitted in island booths.

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Peninsula booth

Whenever you see a booth at the end of an aisle, that's a peninsula booth. Peninsula booths are open from three sides, and the back of the booth stands against another booth. There are two types of peninsula booths: the first has a back against any inline boo, while the second one's back is against the peninsula booth, which creates an island in itself. This setup is officially known as a “split island booth”. There are some rules and regulations for peninsula booths that must be followed. It's imperative to remember that the back walls of the peninsula booths must be finely done and should not contain any company logo, advertisement, or other information that can be identified.

A successful trade show booth, filled with creativity, innovation, and ample space, can truly make your exhibit and brand shine amidst the crowd. By eliminating any barriers that might deter attendees, your booth becomes a captivating magnet, drawing in potential investors for your brand. The benefits of a successful booth are not just in the numbers but in the inspiration, it can bring to your team and the potential it holds for your brand's growth.

The theory for the ideal trade show booth size is simple. A space of 40 square feet is required for one member of your team throughout the trade show. If you are planning a linear booth of 10'x10' size, i.e. 100 square feet space, then it will be ideal for a team of two members on the exhibit floor.

Trade show booth rentals are always suitable for exhibiting your brand at a trade show. They save you money and time. A rental exhibit allocates your budget efficiently and focuses on your trade show strategy. If you're buying a trade show booth, then you need to invest a good amount of money and time, along with storage and refurbishment of the booth.

An average trade show booth costs between $100 and $150 per square foot. However, the price varies depending on factors such as booth size and layout. The larger the booth, the more it will cost.

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