30x30 booth

What is a 30x30 exhibit booth?


Trade shows are globally known as the best way to connect with your target audience and reach a more significant segment of people in a shorter period. Trade shows provide opportunities to grow on a global scale and build strong relationships with existing clients and customers. The exhibit space is no less than an ocean of exhibitors vying for attention, lights, and attractive elements, and customers are looking for the perfect valuable product for them. Your booth design must be too beautiful to overlook to attract an audience towards the brand at the trade shows. An attractive booth design like a 30x30 exhibit booth captures the audience’s attention even in a crowded space. A booth design which is beautiful enough to catch the attention of the show participants the moment they enter the exhibit hall.

Trade show booth designs like a 30x30 booth deliver maximum engagement on the show floor. With a booth with a larger space, like a 30x30 trade show booth, the possibility of being noticed by most potential customers and investors increases. A 30×30 booth design comes with a broader space to showcase your brand in a detailed and attractive way. It enables the brand to play creatively with the design elements and connect with the audience with striking advertising taglines and graphics. A larger booth can be easily customized per the brand's needs and image. 

Benefits of a 30x30 booth design


Choosing a 30x30 booth design has many benefits, as it gives you the opportunity to get certain benefits only with bigger booths. Brands with diverse products and services get the most benefit from a 30x30 exhibit booth, as it gives you a larger space to display your offerings on the show floor. With no points cut on product and service presentation, your brand gets noticed as a professional on the bustling trade show floor.

A 30x30 exhibit booth allows enhanced customer and brand interaction to collaborate soon. With a 30x30 booth design, you get better space for meetings and discussions, which ignites interest in the investor's mind to communicate with you about the brand. Spacious meeting spaces also result in enhanced attendee engagement on the exhibit floor. Your booth will also have enough space to present the brand elements effectively to induce attraction and footfall at your 30x30 trade show booth.

30X30 trade show booth ideas for getting quality leads


Exhibiting at trade shows can be daunting if you miss choosing the stand booth for your brand showcase on the show floor. At a platform where attracting an audience towards your booth is the key focus, a well-designed 30x30 booth will deliver the desired results. A 30x30 booth design customized per your brand needs will make your booth the focal point of attraction on the show floor. A perfect booth at trade shows also contributes towards generating quality leads for your brand on the show floor. Here’s how you’ll achieve the same- 

Create purposeful spaces

A 30x30 booth design gives you a lot of space to display all your brand elements, which relieves your tension about your booth being overcrowded. The booth provides a diversified space for attractive displays, seating arrangements, product and service demonstrations, and ample meeting area. 

A 30x30 exhibit booth will only make sense if all the brand elements are correctly aligned and communicated. For example, if you decide to place your live demonstration station adjacent to your lounge area, you'll not have the desired footfall at your exhibit, as this placement will make your booth look disorganized.

Instead, you should ensure that every element of your booth is in sync with the brand so that the booth's purpose is showcased effectively on the show floor. Always keep the objective while designing your 30x30 trade show booth, which should be welcoming to the audiences looking at it.

Be clear with your messages

When you decide to have a 30x30 exhibit booth, be mindful that your brand message might get lost due to the wider space and graphics and advertising elements. 

With the proper use of brand messages, colours, logos, and taglines in the booth design, a desired brand image will be communicated on the show floor, attracting the audience on a broader level. An organized booth also tends to set the brand apart from others on the show floor. So, always consider keeping your brand message at the front and centre of the booth's display in a 30x30 booth or larger.

Utilize the empty spaces 

Many people assume that a bigger booth should be designed so that the entire booth space is filled with graphics, standees, banners, displays, LEDs, or any other marketing element. The moment you decide to do the same, be sure that you're not going to get the desired outcome on the show floor. Always consider embracing the space in your booth for better engagement.

Once you understand the assignment of embracing the empty spaces in your 30x30 booth design, you will indeed receive an unwavering footfall. A 30x30 trade show booth with blank spaces invites the audience to have a place to stand and explore the brand without feeling cramped. 

Include a Meeting Space

Including a private meeting space is a critical factor to focus on while designing a 30x30 exhibit booth. Design your trade show so your booth space is utilized effectively and efficiently. Ensure a meeting space for meetings and discussions with prospective clients and customers. 

A 30x30 exhibit booth with an apt meeting or discussion space sets the brand as professional and credible. The environment of your meeting space creates an aura for signing deals and partnerships. With deals being signed only on the exhibit floor, you need not keep your calm until the show is over and then reach out to customers and clients.

With a serene environment to have quality conversations and make informed decisions, you and your customer will feel peace of mind on the crowded show floor. This environment also helps you pitch great deals that are a win-win situation for both parties.

Why a 20x20 trade show booth rental is beneficial?

A 30x30 trade show booth can be mesmerizing on the show floor but also costs a hefty amount. Exhibitors exhibiting at multiple trade shows or those unwilling to pay a considerable amount can opt for a cost-effective option. A 30x30 booth rental comes at a lower cost than purchasing but delivers the same benefits as the purchased one. The cost-cutting only deducts a single point from the overall performance of the booth on the exhibit floor. A 30x30 trade show booth rental always leaves a lasting impression on the audience's and clients' minds even after they leave the show. 

Those planning an all-in-one trade show booth can rent a 30x30 booth. These booths will attract a maximum number of attendees with a design that is different and creative than others in the exhibit hall. A 30x30 booth rental is a cost-efficient and practical option that comes with advantages that will set your brand apart and ahead of others at the show. 

For great 30x30 booth rentals, you should always partner with the best exhibit rental company to get what you want for enhanced results and a better brand showcase. Choose Exhibits Studio to get the best 30x30 trade show booth rental that makes your brand dominate the show floor.

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