Perimeter booth

Perimeter Booth

Trade shows are among the best ways to make your brand a global name. Industry exhibitors and enthusiastic attendees participate at trade shows to learn more about the industry or to explore the new launches and advancements of the brand they're associated with. Some factors need to be considered while planning to appeal to the audience and approach investments at the trade show exhibit floor to achieve the desired outcomes. One of the primary and foremost elements you must consider is the trade show booth design you're opting to exhibit your brand on the show floor. Your brand's trade show booth design must be appealing, convenient and informative to the attendees and the exhibitors so that they can invest in your brand either by becoming your customer or your partner. 

The best way to attract footfall to your booth is to get your brand a perfectly designed booth that has more openings for the participants to enter the booth and has brand representatives who assist the visitors with whatever they're looking for. When you're looking for a trade show booth that brings exposure, attracts an audience and appeals to investors, a Perimeter booth comes into play. Perimeter booths, also known as "Corner booths", are the exhibits situated at the end of the aisle. Perimeter booths are the exhibit space on the outer wall of the convention center or the exhibit hall. Perimeter booths are usually linear but with an increased height as they don't have any other exhibit behind or beside them. Being open from two sides, a perimeter booth is much better than an inline booth to receive maximum footfall. The height of a Perimeter booth is a maximum of 12' and can be maintained on the sidewalls of the booth from the distance of ‘S’ from the front aisle. The remaining walls of the booths can’t be higher than 4’. 

Benefits of a Perimeter Trade Show Booth


Perimeter trade show booths are ideal for exhibiting your brand at trade shows to achieve maximum visibility and ROI. Below are some of the key benefits of opting for a Perimeter booth to display your brand at a global trade show exhibit-

●  Perimeter booths are the ideal choice for providing your brand with the exposure it needs by being present at two intersecting aisles.

●  Perimeter booths are known for generating quality leads and maximizing footfall on the show floor. They utilize the entire exhibit space and give the passing audience appealing reasons to visit the booth and explore the brand.

●  The attractive graphics and display walls in the Perimeter booths' design catch the audience's eyes and ignite interest in learning more about the brand.

●  With two open sides and a vast space, the booth floor allows attendees to explore, interact with, and engage with the brand.

●  Perimeter booths are more expensive, requiring a big team to engage with the audience visiting the booth. The more your audience is clear about your brand, the better you’ll achieve the results.

Cost-effective Perimeter Booths

Renting a booth has always been a preferred choice for most exhibitors as it saves them from those huge numbers they need to pay while purchasing a trade show booth for their brand to exhibit at a trade show. Nowadays, trade show booth rentals are one of the ideal choices for getting high-end results in less expenditure. A Perimeter booth rental will be the game-changer for exhibitors looking for a booth with more expansive space, more opening, and appealing elements. 

"Perimeter Booth Rentals" are a cost-effective option with two huge booth openings to attract the maximum footfall and deliver a comfortable experience to the booth visitors while exploring the brand and its offerings. Suppose you're searching for a trade show booth aligning with your brand message and offerings to attract potential audience and investors. In that case, a "Custom Perimeter Booth" will be your partner in delivering the desired results. A custom perimeter booth will include all those elements that communicate with your audience about your brand and encourage them to be your customers or to form a life-long partnership with the brand for those already associated with it. Explore the options and choose the best Perimeter booth for your brand to appear no less than a shining star on the exhibit floor, attracting visitors like a magnet.

For the best Perimeter Booths, partner with Exhibits Studio today! 

Perimeter booths are among the finest exhibit choices to set your brand on center stage at any global trade show. With two wide openings, more prominent space on the floor, and presence at two intersecting aisles, a perimeter booth is a way better option than a linear or inline booth. The wall of the Perimeter booth can be made eye-catching with high-quality graphics and impactful displays to catch the audience's attention towards the booth and, eventually, the brand. While exhibiting at a trade show with a Perimeter trade show booth, make sure you've collaborated with the best trade show booth builders, as experience and a keen understanding of the Perimeter booths are highly required to make your booth appear impactful and appealing on the exhibit floor. For the best Perimeter booths in the US, contact Exhibits Studio, the total brand solutions company for all your trade show needs.

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