Cosmoprof 2024

About the Show- Cosmoprof 2024

The premiere trade show for the beauty and cosmetics industry, Cosmoprof, has been ruling the world for the past 50 years. The most influential and anticipated trade show exhibit, Cosmoprof, is a centralized trade show organized annually to revolutionize all facets of the beauty industry.

The annual show is globally famous as it experiences dynamic growth and hosts unique exhibits which excite the participants and exhibitors on the show floor. The global platform at Cosmoprof gathers world leaders and the industry's brightest minds under one platform to engage with one another, share helpful information and ideas with others and foster international connections. 
Exhibits Studio, a global total brand solutions company with a production house in Las Vegas, crafts the best trade show display designs for exhibitors to draw the audience to their booth and engage with them to foster a long-lasting relationship.


●  There are a lot of opportunities you can grab at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2024. 
●  Cosmoprof, the global beauty industry trade show exhibit, is the perfect place for industry professionals and investors to represent their brands, products, innovations, and equipment in front of a global audience. 
●  Connect with buyers, retailers, business owners, and decision-makers from different sectors of the beauty industry to forge meaningful partnerships. 
●  By participating at Cosmoprof, you'll have a stage to present and learn about the industry's latest and upcoming developments. 
●  Experience the power of innovative products, services and equipment.
●  Get maximum ROI and quality leads from the Cosmoporf show floor, where People who hold a genuine interest in your brand are. 

ES Key USP in the Industry

We have a team of exceptionally talented team members who work with your brand closely to craft a trade show booth design that leaves everyone amazed at the exhibit floor. We craft a trade show booth design which is creative and appealing and has all the elements of the latest technology to set your brand at the centre stage at Cosmoprof. 

At Exhibits Studio, we provide total brand solutions to our clients. From understanding your expectations from us to designing your brand, a trade show booth displays your dreams. 

Exhibits Studio offers a variety of exhibit options to shows like Cosmoprof. Shipping, transporting, assembling, and dismantling of the booth will accompany our services to ensure a seamless exhibit execution for you.

We make sure that your trade show booth displays are well crafted and perfectly delivered, which is why our designed booth goes through rounds of examination to give you the best every time you choose Exhibits Studio for trade show booth expertise. 
We value time. That's why at Exhibits Studio, we deliver your booth designs on time to ensure you don't experience any hassle on the exhibit floor.

Our dedicated client support executives are available 24/7 to assist you and effortlessly meet your needs and modifications.

Results Achieved 

Exhibits Studio has delivered exceptional trade show booth rentals for Cosmoprof, which has become the focal point of engagement on the exhibit floor. With technology, creativity, innovation, and personalization at their peak, our booths are reasonably priced and of exceptional design. Our services have placed us as the best trade show service provider in Las Vegas.

Our trade show booth designs resulted in thrice the footfall at our clients' booths at Cosmoprof. With the combined effort of our team, Exhibits Studio's craft design captures the essence of your brand completely.

For a global trade show like Cosmoprof, you can have the most appealing booth from Exhibits Studio. We have expertise in crafting and delivering engaging booths that double your brand's ROI and bring you quality leads. To get a transformative and highly effective trade show booth, you must partner with the best booth-building company in Las Vegas, Exhibits Studio.

2024-2025, the trend-setting year for Beauty Industry at Cosmoprof!

Who wants to avoid feeling and looking beautiful? Each one of us wants to feel the same. 2024-2025 is going to be the year of beauty and innovation in the industry. Get ready to experience the latest and greatest in the beauty industry and understand how consumer behaviour is evolving globally. The current and upcoming years will give a clear picture of the role and impact of beauty and personal care on marketing and innovation worldwide.

Get ready to discover the latest and upcoming trends, which are critical if you are in the beauty industry or are interested in it. In 2024, critical beauty consumers will play an essential role in driving the industry to a much higher level by introducing groundbreaking innovations to the world. This ever-evolving industry will focus more on the quality of ingredients used in the products and their effectiveness. 

In 2024-2025, the key priority of consumers will be the wellness of the products and equipment they are using or will use in the future. We will also experience the power of the mind-body connection, which will draw consumers' attention to the power and potential of psychodermatology and neurocosmetics.

How can we miss AI? Artificial Intelligence is ruling over the world, and you should take notes on using AI to scale up your business. 2024-2025, AI will rapidly revolutionize the beauty industry, accelerating the development of beauty and wellness products and evolving personalized solutions that drive engagement. You can also take an advantageous move by exhibiting at a leading beauty trade show exhibit like Cosmoprof and showcase your brand power, values and offering to a global audience through exceptional booth design crafted by the best trade show booth builder in Las Vegas, i.e. Exhibits Studio.

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