DELL x Exhibits Studio-Chapter One

DELL Technologies World, the biggest gathering for technology and AI world

The Dell Technologies World event converges the tech enthusiast entities as the international show delivers AI-driven and Technologies-led solutions and innovations. The Dell Technologies World 2024's central theme was introducing AI-driven laptops. In a world moving on a time-lapse, the fusion of AI into laptops has attracted global attention. With the event's commencement at The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, between May 20-23, 2024, the show left everyone stunned with unique concepts and professional event management. 

Now that we have shed some light on event management and planning, we feel honored to deliver our exceptional services during Dell Technologies World. Partnering with such a global brand, Dell Technologies World, was not easy, but we feel proud that we did it with perfection, dedication, and careful attention to detail. 

How Dell event partnered with Exhibits Studio-

●    Collaborating with the DELL event was one of the best things we could have dreamt of as an event management and exhibit company.

●    The Dell event was looking for an American event company with excellent services so that the coordination process with the team would be smooth.

●    With significant experience in the US, Exhibits Studio is marked as a brand and service-oriented company.

●    The Dell event contacted us, and we demonstrated our capabilities to them. We ended up becoming their event partner for Dell World Technologies.

What challenges we’ve faced while collaborating with Dell as their event partner

You must have heard the saying, "Every coin has two sides." The same goes for us when we associate with Dell as their event partner. While we were all head of the association, many challenges came our way. 

●    As soon as we started the preparations, we needed to figure out the requirements and layout.

●    The Dell event was scattered in multiple parts & hotels. Therefore, connecting all the dots under one plate was challenging.

●    Time management and clashing with other events was another issue we dealt with

●    There is a limited time window to complete all the preparation and ensure everything falls where it should. That's why the event preparation started at midnight.

●    Multiple Dell events were in parallel & our main challenge was to sync our activities with other events.

●    Due to the event fragmentation, there were multiple rooms and areas, which made coordinating with the team difficult. The equal bifurcation of the resources was also a big challenge.

How Exhibits Studio delivered the best service and experience to the Dell Technologies World


●    With a professional, dedicated, and hard-working team, we gracefully met the timelines and framed every picture suitable with our services.

●    However, the perfect project & planning came into place & we successfully delivered excellence at the event.

●    Our dedicated team worked day & night so that the outcome matched the client's expectations.

●    Exhibits Studio's hunger to leave no stone unturned marked the excellence while managing and planning the Dell event. 

Our Partnership with Dell Technologies is Stronger than Ever

As a Dell Technologies World partner, Exhibits Studio is always ready to navigate the technological world with data-centric and AI-infused technologies that make people's lives easier.

Being the event management and planning partner for the DELL event, it was a great feeling to deliver the projects every time with perfection. Exhibits Studio aces the race to perfectly plan and manage events globally. As the Dell Technologies World has imprinted a remarkable success and is becoming the spotlight worldwide with the introduction of AI-infused laptops, we will continue this partnership in future as well. 

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