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Best trade show displays for memorable trade show experience


Many dots need to be connected to grab the attention of the exhibit attendees, potential investors, and clients, and a trade show booth display is one of them. A well-designed trade show display is the best way to show what your business offers to the world, attract the attention of the audience attending the exhibit, and ignite interest in prospective investors who want to partner with the brand. Trade show displays are significant for showing your brand potential and advertising your products and services. 

Trade show displays are small/immense structures, businesses use to display the company name, logo, taglines, and other valuable information for advertising the product or services on the show floor. With an appealing trade show display, a brand can achieve networking opportunities with industry leaders and generate revenue and quality leads on the exhibit floor. Trade show displays are a highly significant and visible element of a company's products and services. An appealing trade show display attracts an audience and potential visitors and does a lot more than that. For maximum footfall and engagement on the exhibit floor, you must get a trade show booth display that turns heads and gives a wow experience to anyone looking at it.

Trade show display size, style and function



A common differentiator on the exhibit floor is the size of the trade show display. The length of trade show displays can vary from tabletop displays, where the exhibitor gets a table to stand behind and promote their brand offerings, to displays that occupy hundreds of square feet of space. 

The trade show exhibit display size depends on the type of industry you're from and the trade show exhibit you're participating in. The US's smallest trade show booth size is 10x10, i.e., a linear booth, or in-line booth.

Style & Function

Trade show booths are designed to be lightweight and portable, providing exhibitors with a seamless trade show exhibit experience. Trade show displays come in thousands of styles and have limitless functions. You'll often see trade show displays with pop-up frames, display stands with metal frames, metal tubes, and truss displays made from steel or aluminum.

The heaviest design element in portable trade show booths is truss displays. Truss displays are used in booths that require support to hold products and other booth elements. The biggest advantage of a truss display is that it can help you build unique booths at every other trade show exhibit. 

Pop-up frames, which are popular in trade show displays nowadays, are the lightest and most cost-effective full-size display options. They are made of lightweight aluminum tubes and extrusions and are easy to expand and collapse using accordion-like frames.

Types of trade show booth display 

Tension Fabric Displays are large graphics over aluminum poles designed to create appealing walls and exhibits that attract the audience and prospective investors to the exhibit floor. They are known for creating a unique, professional, and credible brand appearance. 

Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are a kind of trade show booth display that comes in different shapes and sizes. They allow trade show display builders to add tone, mood, and atmosphere to the booth with attractive LED lights. These lights attract audiences from any corner of the exhibit hall, placing the brand at the center stage of attraction. Backlit displays give the booth a sharp and modern touch so that the brand message is conveyed effectively and efficiently.

Truss Displays 

Truss displays are one of the most unique trade show booth displays. Made of steel and aluminum, they work to create a display that gives the brand a unique and exciting appearance. Truss booths come with an easily recognizable frame. Truss displays have the distinctive feature of expanding and reconfiguring the same parts to use and customize time and again.

Pop-up Displays

Plenty of exhibitors in the US like pop-up displays because they are easy to set up and take down. Pop-up displays can be opened in a minute and assembled in another. The frames and graphics of a pop-up display are lightweight, which makes shipping the display easier.

Experience how Exhibits Studio delivers you the trade show display excellence

Trade show displays are one of the most important elements contributing to the success of any brand. Whether it's a small portable trade show display or a large custom modular trade show exhibit, trade show displays have always been integral to a dynamic visual representation of a company's products, services, and image.

Exhibiting at a trade show can be daunting, but with the right exhibit partner, you'll achieve success. For the best trade show displays and booth designs in the US, you should partner with Exhibits Studio, the top-rated trade show services company worldwide. 

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Trade shows are the biggest platforms for businesses worldwide to promote their products, services and other offerings to a global audience. Another reason business owners participate at trade shows is the audience and industry experts gathered under one roof, which allows exhibitors to connect and foster meaningful partnerships. The ever-exciting audience at trade shows spends their time, energy, and money exploring brands that look creative and appealing on the exhibit floor.

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