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Trade shows are the biggest platforms for businesses worldwide to promote their products, services and other offerings to a global audience. Another reason business owners participate at trade shows is the audience and industry experts gathered under one roof, which allows exhibitors to connect and foster meaningful partnerships. The ever-exciting audience at trade shows spends their time, energy, and money exploring brands that look creative and appealing on the exhibit floor. A trade show exhibit with captivating display banners visible from any and every corner of the exhibit hall is expected to attract the maximum footfall. To make any trade show successful, the exhibiting brand must ensure that the display banner hits the right spot in the audience's minds. 

Trade show display banners effectively attract the audience's attention towards the brand and ignite interest in exploring the offerings. Eye-catching trade show banner displays stands, and popup displays at any trade show booth look visually appealing and work as a great catalyst for attracting prospective audiences and investors. A trade show display banner is a great marketing strategy to attract maximum visitors to the booth and engage them with activities that educate them about the business. 

Exhibitors on the exhibit floor must present a professional visual representation of their business and offerings to establish their brand as competitive and deliver the right message to the right audience.

Benefits of a trade show display banner at trade shows

A trade show banner display is a vast display primarily designed to advertise the brand, communicate its message, increase brand awareness, and create a dynamic brand image. A trade show banner display contains the brand's logo, advertising message and branding elements. Trade show display banners are an attention-grabbing visual element for businesses to stand out on the bustling floor of the trade show exhibit. Below are some of the benefits of a trade show display banner to hop on- 


Trade show banners are large and eye-catching, making the booth visible even from a distance in the exhibit hall. Booth displays with appealing trade show banners enhance visibility and ensure that the booth is noticed from any corner of the exhibit hall.


Branding is the key to success for any business, and creating an impactful first impression on the minds of your potential audience and investors will make your brand remembered for years. A trade show booth with compelling trade show display banners creates a welcoming environment for the attendees and makes it easy to navigate the brand offerings. A trade show banner reinforces the brand identity by displaying colors, advertising elements, logos, and taglines, which helps attendees recognize your brand easily. 

Imparting Information 

Trade show display banners are great ways to educate your audience about your products, services, and other offerings. Banners with a crisp and clear message about the brand tend to attract more attendees and build engagement. 


Audiences are naturally attracted to attractive and genuine brands. A well-designed trade show display banner adds a touch of professionalism to the booth and, ultimately, the brand. A professional brand makes the clients, audience, and brand feel confident. 

Types of banners

There are various types of trade show display banners, which are often observed on the exhibit floor. Below are some of the trade show banner displays that you can use in your next trade show booth-

1)    Retractable Banners:  Retractable banners are easy to set up, display, and take down once the exhibit is over. They are one of the most popular trade show display banners for exhibiting brands. Retractable banners roll up into a compact base, making them easy to store and transport.

2)    Fabric Banners: Lightweight and flexible, fabric banners are known for providing a high-quality, creative, and professional appearance to your trade show booth. They are the best choice for making a trade show display look polished and innovative.

3)    Step and repeat banner- A step and repeat banner is an advanced, high-tech banner that allows exhibitors to change or resize the graphics according to brand needs. They usually measure between 13 and 64 square feet and can be used as backdrops in smaller booths and trade show display banners in larger booths. 

4)    Double-sided banners—Double-sided banners are not commonly displayed at trade shows, but they are an ideal option for booths built at the center of the aisle. A double-sided banner is visible from all corners of the exhibit floor, offering brands visibility, footfall, and engagement. 

5)    Double-sided backlit banners- Double-sided backlit banners are translucent banners designed for the light boxes. These banners are suitable for illuminated ads. Double-sided backlit trade show displays are famous for transmission and excellent light diffusion. When light hits the back of the banner, the backlit trade show display transmits the light through it while illuminating the material for beautiful displays to grab the audience's attention. 

Get your trade show display banner designed today with Exhibits Studio

A trade show banner design is an essential factor in deciding whether your trade show booth will attract the desired audience. A trade show display banner has three primary purposes: grabbing attention, increasing brand awareness, and representing the brand professionally and creatively. 

As per the reports, 93% of the trade show customers' decision on whether or not to invest in a brand depends on how creative the brand is representing itself virtually. Therefore, an attractive trade show display banner is critical if you want your brand to leave an unforgettable impression on the audience's minds. 

Determine the primary purpose you want your trade show display banner to deliver to the audience on the exhibit floor. Collaborate with a professional team of the best trade show display banner designers in the US, like Exhibits Studio, to get high-impact and creatively appealing trade show banner displays, conveying your core message to the crowd. 

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