Trade Show Booth Display, Designs and Benefits

What are trade show booth, displays and designs

Trade shows are global platforms which give businesses the wings to fly high. Business owners, investors and stakeholders converge at trade shows to promote their products and services and connect with potential customers and investors. The primary goal for exhibitors to exhibit at any trade show is to advertise their offerings. With fierce competition to stay at the forefront of the industries, exhibitors make all ends meet to achieve their desired marketing goals on the exhibit floor.

Having that X factor that sets your brand apart from others on the exhibit floor is imperative. To be the star at the bustling trade show floor, you should use a powerful tool, i.e. trade show booth displays that complement your brand at the show floor and captivate your audience.

Trade show booth displays are great for promoting your brand and advertising the offerings. They are used in trade shows, conventions, and business conferences all across the globe. A trade show display is used to creatively display the company name, logos, advertising taglines, and product or service information to attract visitors. Advertising a brand and its offerings through trade show displays is not a newly formed concept; it's been used for decades. It makes sense that many types, sizes, styles, and functions of trade show displays give the brand a desired outcome on the exhibit floor. These displays can be customized per brand needs and presented in different ways at trade shows.

What are the trade show booth display materials?

For decades, booth displays for trade shows have been built with metals and wood, but the structures and making of trade show booth displays have evolved over the years. Nowadays, the trend is to use trade show booth displays that are lightweight, portable, and easy to transport, ship, install, and dismantle, saving time and energy.

Trade show display materials are not necessary for every kind of booth display. Exhibitors intended to showcase their brand at large trade shows often opt for custom trade show displays. Custom trade show displays are big and build connectivity between the audience and brand on the exhibit floor.

Trade show booth displays often come in different shapes, sizes and functions. A trade show booth display can be 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 6m x 6m, or larger. A 3m x 3m booth is the standard size of a trade show booth display, as it is suitable for small enterprises or exhibitors with tight budgets.

A 3mx 3m display comes with a small meeting space, displays and signage, which helps a brand promote itself with striking taglines, logos and offerings. Exhibitors exhibiting at multiple trade shows opt for trade show display rentals. A trade show display rental can be used at a trade show, taken down after the show ends and stored later for use at another trade show. A trade show booth rental is an excellent choice if you don't want to spend too much.

What is a trade show booth design?

Many things must be considered while designing a trade show display to get what you expect. The process of a fantastic trade show booth design starts from a transparent understanding of what you're expecting from the trade show booth display. A clear and concise understanding of the size and the type, whether an inline booth, peninsula booth, perimeter booth, or island booth, is what you're looking for, and it is essential while finalizing your trade show booth design.

What are the different types of trade show booth displays?

While exhibiting at a trade show, exhibitors juggle different types of trade show displays for their brand showcase on the exhibit floor. The correct trade show booth display will be a game-changer for your brand as it can be customized in any way imaginable. Out of so many options for trade show displays, two common booth displays often steal the spotlight on the exhibit floor.

Pop-up exhibits

The word pop-up means "to get users' attention." A pop-up exhibit is made up of flexible panels attached to an accordion-style frame. An accordion-style frame creates a curved or angle wall by expanding or locking into a place, making the back wall of the trade show booth. Pop-up exhibits are less expensive options than other booth displays. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport, install, and dismantle.

Panel displays

When exhibitors prioritize stability in trade show booth displays, Panel displays are what they mean. Panel displays are a stable option compared to pop-up displays. However, exhibitors get dicey when they opt for panel displays for their brand showcase because they are heavier than pop-up displays and can be challenging to install on the exhibit floor.

Besides pop-up displays and panel displays, there are many popular types of displays, such as modular exhibits, pipe-and-drape displays, tabletops displays, and truss displays, which exhibitors consider when finalizing their booth displays for trade shows.

Which is better renting or purchasing a trade show booth display?

You must have wondered about the better choice- renting or purchasing a trade show booth display. Well, you can have either of them. Exhibitors can rent trade show displays as per their needs and return them once the show is over or purchase a trade show booth display so that you can have your booth display, which you can use at any trade show you're promoting your brand to escape from last-minute hassles. Either option has several benefits, so how do you know which option is right for you? We’ll help you out.

The first and foremost step is clearly understanding your trade show booth display, and the number of trade shows you’re planning to exhibit. Below are the benefits you’ll get while renting or purchasing a trade show display-

Benefits of a trade show booth display rentals

•    Trade show display rentals are a great choice when planning to effortlessly change your booth's branding.
•    A trade show display rental provided flexibility to the exhibitors with limited budgets and exhibited at multiple trade shows.
•    A trade show rental display enables exhibitors to experiment with floor plans while exhibiting at multiple shows.
•    Trade show display rentals can be modified per the rules and regulations of the trade show.
Benefits of purchasing a trade show booth display
•    Purchasing trade show booth displays is considered a perfect choice for exhibitors exhibiting at multiple shows with the same designs.
•    Purchasing a trade show booth display comes with the option of complete customization. It means you can customize every element of your booth display to fit your brand's needs.
•    It's a cost-efficient option if you're purchasing a large-sized booth.

Frequently Asked Questions

•    What is a trade show booth display?

A trade show booth display represents any brand on the exhibit floor. It is an excellent tool for advertising the brand's products, services and offerings. A well-designed booth display can create a memorable impression of the brand on the exhibit floor and in the audience's minds.

•    Why are trade show booth displays important?

Booth displays for trade shows are important to increasing brand visibility and awareness. An attractive booth display plays a significant role in introducing a new product or service or launching the brand itself to attract an audience and potential investors.

•    What makes a good trade show booth design?

At a trade show, a booth with prominent structures, interactive displays, and striking graphics can draw the attention of the entire exhibit hall. These elements in your booth not only distinguish you from others on the show floor but also significantlyenhance your brand visibility. Striking towers and hanging signs featuring your brand’s logo and name can be a powerful tool for attracting a larger audience and increasing brand recognition. 

•    How to make a trade show booth interactive?

An interactive trade show booth includes elements that keep visitors hooked on your brand. Exciting activities like photo booths, spin-to-win prize wheels, AR/VR experiences, and live product demonstrations can be great ways to create an interactive trade show booth that your audience will love to visit.


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