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From awe-inspiring custom trade show displays that steal the spotlight to experiential marvels that ignite emotions, we craft experiences that linger. We offer a wide range of trade show exhibit services, from design and fabrication to delivery and installation. Our brand activations don't just resonate; they redefine connections. And our exhibits work in that very direction. Choose and decide for yourself.

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Creating exhibits that perform, experiences that impact, and connections that last-add !

Standing out in a trade show can be a real deal for brands. On top of that, managing trade show displays act like an added task that brands shouldn’t be worried about. Your focus should be on your brand promotion and lead generation. And that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with our immersive, eye-catching trade show exhibits.

Need a modular trade show exhibit for multiple shows that can fit into different spaces? You can buy from our diverse selection of booth sizes sizes according to your unique needs.

Or maybe you’re looking for trade show rentals in Las Vegas that introduces your brand right at first sight? Our graphics and strategy teams will work together to create a custom trade show exhibit that are creative, relevant, and personal to your brand.

Don’t want to buy but rent your next trade show exhibits? You’re with one of the most experienced trade show exhibit rental companies in Las Vegas.We’ll take care of everything. And everything includes Everything you need to be a hit at the event:

  • Quick-to-impress, memorable custom exhibit design ideas available in different sizes;
  • Interactive and immersive physical trade show exhibits that include trending furniture and flooring too;
  • Collaborating with your team to efficiently manage your exhibit campaign right from its preparation phase to the successfully-completion phase;
  • Shipping, installation, on-site supervision, dismantling, maintenance, and storage of your modular and custom trade show exhibit

Alongside, count on our full-service feature to be the most talked-about stall at the event:

Experiential Marketing: We want your prospects to experience you in real and build genuine, meaningful connections that last long. Learn more about how we use responsive environmental designs, interactive experiences, and AR/VR/AI-enabled exhibits to produce outstanding brand environments and experience centers.

Brand Activation: People connect when they resonate with your brand. Leave that job to us. Our portable pop-up activation setups for both indoor and outdoor settings help people connect with your brand on a deeper level. They are engaging, captivating, and easy to install. So, you can relax and focus on your marketing tasks.

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We are ES
The Only Trade Show Exhibit Company in USA You'll Ever Need

Despite being a growing market, companies working in the exhibition industry keep indulging in over-promise and under-delivery. We understand how frustrating it is especially because brands put so much effort into their trade show marketing campaigns and have high hopes of great results.

We at Exhibits Studio (ES), work in a way to remove all your booth-related worries out of the equation.

And so, we have come up with our all-encompassing platform that you ever need whenever you think about trade show display companies in Las Vegas, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, San Fransisco, and in other exhibition hubs and your unique requirements for your personalized exhibit. With 25+ years of experience in the market, we can proudly say that we’re familiar with all the ups and downs of this industry and what type of trade show exhibits stands out at a crowded event.

We’re more than just a trade show exhibit company; we’re your partners to success. At ES, we have built our foundation on four strong pillars:

Courtesy of our years of experience in the industry, we own a deep understanding of the ever-evolving trade show industry to handle all your unique needs and offer you exactly what you plan for your next exhibit event.
We are aware of the frustrations and hiccups that exhibit clients face time and again. Trust us that these two things we handle on our part and ensure all you receive is transparency, support, and peace of mind.
Each project is special for us. And our delivery will prove that to you. At ES, we’re always updating our technology and improving our creativity to build trade show exhibits that feel like a personal space to your prospects.
When we said we’re your partner, we meant it. Once you connect with our team, your tasks are our responsibility and our dedicated customer service team ensures you have a seamless and exciting experience.
We are Global
We’re in the US. We’re in Europe. We’re expanding. Because we know the business.

For over 25+ years, Exhibits Studio has been serving the global market of the USA and Europe. With region-specific expertise and approach, our professionals take pride in delivering highly efficient and on-point trade show exhibit designs and rentals. We have our design and manufacturing units across all major states and regions in the USA and Europe to ensure we stay updated with the latest trends and technology in these markets.

Merely good is not enough for us. We work with the best expertise from each region we serve. Embracing the essence of diverse cultures, our trade show exhibit designs and concepts are thoughtfully crafted with a cultural touch in mind. Our team from each branch is proficient in their local languages and cultures, so you get an exhibit that’s bound to perform and deliver results.

ES Trade show exhibits that perform, connect, and convert
Exhibition and trade show process
Modular Booth

Exhibits that fit anywhere, everywhere. Our affordable, easy-to-install, and versatile modular displays come in various sizes to fit different spaces. Use and reuse wherever you want.

Custom Booth

Communicate your brand’s core spirit. We collaborate with your team to design a 3D animation of your unique brand-centric exhibit before manufacturing the physical units.

Brand activation services
Portable Exhibits

Utilize dynamic designs, adaptable layouts, and portable active pop-ups to showcase your brand's identity and engage audiences with a memorable and impactful presence at events.

Indoor Promotion

Give your prospective clients a live and engaging experience in the enclosed spaces to deliver your brand’s message and leave the adaptable, customer-centric pop activation on our team.

Outdoor Promotion

Activate your brand stress-free in any outdoor setting with our sturdy, water-resistant pop-ups you can use and reuse for brand promotion, product displays, and experience campaigns.

Experiential Marketing Services
Experiential Exhibits

We'll make your exhibit the talk of the trade show. With our carefully curated design, audio-visual setups, and futuristic technology, you'll build deeper connections and boost your ROI.

Responsive/Intelligent Environmental Design

Using the integration of sensors, actuators, data processing, and interactive design, our trade show exhibits adapt to visitors' inputs and offer a dynamic, engaging journey.

AR/VR/AI Enabled Exhibits

Attract a wider audience with the future of Experiential Marketing. Our trade show exhibits are AI-enabled employing virtual and aural reality technologies to encourage better experiences.

Experience Centers & Branded Environment

To help attendees have a fabulous multi-sensory experience, we create interactive in-person spaces, experience centers, pop-up shops, and more using space optimization, spatial audio, and immersive visual tech.

Our Work

Think of a popular design. We’ve created it at least once.

Right from a compact in-line display to an immersive island exhibit space, we have created beautiful experiences for our clients. And we’re proud of that, always.

Our trade show exhibits are more than just a place to display your products or services. They are an opportunity to create an immersive and interactive experience that will leave a lasting impression on attendees. The best part where 99.9% of clients commend us is how well and accurately our team strategizes and crafts the custom designs that speak our clients’ brand message clearly.

From awe-inspiring interactive displays to elegantly practical setups, our portfolio showcases the epitome of versatility and impact. Whether you're seeking inspiration or envisioning your next show-stopping display, our portfolio is your gateway to the extraordinary.

Latest Client’s Words
Our Clients
All set to make a mark in your trade show experiences?
Your exhibition display, your way
We offer a wide variety of unique exhibition display designs that you can customize to fit your brand and your specific needs. We’ll collaborate with your team to create a visually-appealing and functional trade show exhibit.
You want it stunning and strategic? Done.
Elevate your brand with designs that strategically captivate your audience. We use our knowledge and expertise to create trade show exhibits that are not just visually stunning but also thoughtfully crafted to resonate with your target market.
You focus on your prospects, we’ll handle the rest
We want your event experience to be a hit and success every time you place trust in us. From concept to execution, our expert team ensures every detail harmonizes perfectly, letting you focus on your spotlight moment.
You know exactly what you’re paying; nothing hidden
No hidden notes in our score. Our transparent pricing policy lets you plan with confidence. No surprises, just a clear understanding of how your investment translates into an unforgettable exhibit.
You say a date, your booth is ready way before
See the future before it's built. Our 100% Pre-Build Promise offers you a sneak peek into your exhibit, leaving room for any additions you want, and ensuring that every aspect aligns with your vision. No guesswork, only certainty.
Your event experience: stress-free, hassle-free
Beyond aesthetics, we create peace of mind. Our trade show exhibit setups are stress-free zones, letting you revel in the excitement of your event while we take care of bringing your brand to life and developing meaningful relationships.
Here’s The Process
A sneak peek into how we drive your vision to victory
Creative Conception
Our process starts with a comprehensive briefing, where we dive deep into your aspirations and goals. This ensures a blueprint that aligns every detail with your vision.
Designing Brilliance
From the briefing, we craft innovative designs that blend creativity with strategic thinking. Our team shapes these concepts into blueprints that bring your brand's essence to life.
Graphic Perfection
Visual storytelling is our forte. Our graphic production stage adds colors, images, and typography that resonate with your brand, culminating in stunning visual narratives.
Meticulous Manufacturing
Turning vision into reality, our manufacturing phase is where craftsmanship and precision converge. Materials come together, creating the backbone of your exhibit.
Pre-build Test for Approval
Before the grand reveal, our pre-build tests ensure that every piece fits flawlessly. This meticulous process guarantees a seamless transition from manufacturing to event space.
Shipping and Installation
Our professionals handle the logistics, ensuring your trade show exhibit arrives timely and in pristine condition. We also coordinate the installation so that it is ready before the event starts.
We Empower Brands
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and craft extraordinary experiences today.
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