Battery Show, Novi

The Battery Show, Novi- the biggest gathering of the battery and energy community 

The Battery Show has always been a much-anticipated show for the engineers and innovators of the automotive industry. The international trade show happens in different locations worldwide, and professionals looking to leap into the automotive, medical, consumer and stationary sectors take advantage of their participation. The Battery Show, Novi, was a great success, scheduled between 12th- 14th September 2023, at Novi, Michigan. Engineers, innovators, and industry-skilled leaders gathered at the Battery Show, Novi and discussed innovative solutions to scale up the industry. The Batter Show helps industry professionals stay updated and go hand-in-hand with the latest battery and automotive industry trends. The attendees at the Battery Show are scientists, project managers, manufacturers, retailers, engineers, and technical leaders concerned with energy storage and consumption. The Battery Show hosts the latest and most significant battery and energy solutions advancements. The annual show also focuses on electric & hybrid vehicles, portable electronics, utility & renewable energy support, medical technology, military, and telecommunications.

The Battery Show 2023 has offered the most significant breakthroughs to the industry as it was one of the prominent events of the battery and technology industry. Another reason the Novi Battery Show was an important trade show worldwide is that it strongly influenced the United States because of the dependency on the battery storage industry. The Battery Show 2023 was a go-to trade show for battery and energy industry professionals as the show also harnessed renewable energies, building a dynamic future for sustainable energy. Being one of the most significant battery technology events worldwide, the Battery Show Novi gathered 775 skilled exhibitors at the 72-hour expo and educated them about the industry and technologies.  

Highlights of the Battery Show 2023-

New Product Show 

The Battery Show 2023 delivered an exceptional product showcase of the latest and finest battery and energy industry products from more than 25 exhibiting companies. With 15 minutes of live product demonstration sessions allotted to each exhibitor, the Novi Battery Show offered a complete evaluation of productive application solutions.

Battery Tech Theater

The exhibitors at the Battery Show 2023 had direct access to the keynote educational sessions by skilled suppliers from Automation Tolling Systems, Tekscan, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and more. 

Networking Events

With various networking events, the Battery Show North America 2023 brought the battery and EV technology community together under one roof to interact and connect. Through formal and informal sessions at the show, the 2023 Battery Show was full of opportunities to network, do business and explore innovations.

How many exhibitors attended the Battery Show 2023

The Battery Show Novi, MI, always captures the eyes of the world through its sessions, product and equipment innovations and groundbreaking solutions in the battery and energy industry. With thousands of engineers, scientists, retailers, business leaders and global companies, the annual trade show delivers impactful solutions for the industry's future. The battery community's greatest event gathered over 19,000 attendees and 1,150 exhibitors from across the world to the four-day annual expo. The show hosted various educational and networking sessions where the participants explored the latest innovations and solutions in the industry.

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On the Battery Show North America show floor, the participants have always experienced content focused on practical commercial solutions, helping them experience growth and success. Through four distinctively themed conference tracks and over 200 speakers sharing their experiences during 72 hours of the expo, participants at Battery Show 2023 got their best experience of life. Keynote presentations at the Battery Show North America included industry leaders such as Albemarle, the U.S. Department of Energy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Monolith AI, and PowerCo SE.

The Battery Show has announced that the show will take place in Detroit next year and will be scheduled between 7th and 10th October 2024 at Huntington Place. This much-anticipated show is proving its evolution by moving to Detroit and providing various opportunities to experience enhanced awareness, visibility and credibility. The Battery Show Detroit has already proved its significance by marking the participation of 1000 confirmed exhibitors. Be part of unmatched productivity and growth at Battery Show Detroit. 

Keynote Conference features at Battery Show 2023


Keynotes & Leaders Panel Discussion

The four-day conference at Battery Show 2023 featured a notable keynote address followed by a roundtable panel discussion of the industry's top leaders, which brought the intricate challenges into the spotlight and discussed the imperative industry disruptors.


The three-hour workshops at the Battery Show 2023 let the participants explore the industry in depth through a detailed and interactive session on the core matter subjects of the battery and EV tech industry. 

Lightning Talks

Participants at the Battery Show Novi had the opportunity to select from 30+ rapid-fire presentations lasting 15 minutes. These sessions provided a platform for pitching business innovations and findings. 

Mark your participation at the upcoming Battery Show North America with Exhibits Studio

The Battery Show North America is the most significant battery community event globally, co-located with the electric & hybrid vehicle technology expo. The EV tech show is the only trade show dedicated to the drive train and power system in the electric and hybrid vehicles industry. The annual trade show usually takes place in Novi, Michigan, to become the centre of attracting industry professionals and enthusiasts under one roof to shape the future of the battery and energy community.

If you, too, are a tech enthusiast looking to discover breakthrough solutions and innovation to drive success, remember to mark your participation at the upcoming Detroit Battery Show. Partner with Exhibits Studio today for booth designs that speak volumes, build awareness and refine the brand image. 

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