The Battery Show 2024

The Battery Show 2024

We have great news for engineers, business leaders and top-industry companies. The Battery Show is back to amaze you all with its productive show flows and innovations. The 24th edition of North America's largest advanced battery trade show exhibit will be no less than a jackpot for those who want to be at the curve of development and growth. The annual trade show event is scheduled for 07th October to 10th October 2024 at Huntington Place in Downtown Detroit. Industry enthusiasts, be ready to explore the latest and greatest in the battery industry at the Battery Show 2024, as the show will be inviting more than 1,150 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, along with global speakers and industry leaders, to its 723,000 square feet show floor to let the participants feel the best experiences of their life at The Battery Show 2024.

At the bustling and innovative trade show floor of the Battery Show in Detroit, MI, more than 19,000 attendees will mark their presence to experience the benefits of the show flow on the floor. The Battery Show 2024 will host various events, including educational sessions, networking opportunities and introductory sessions on the latest market innovations by innovators worldwide. At Battery Show 2024, you'll be experiencing an exciting gathering of innovative thinkers, business leaders, engineers, and many more to explore some of the latest products and discover robust solutions that will be helpful in the future. Take the chance to participate in the prominent trade show exhibit, North America's largest advanced battery show.

What to Expect at The Battery Show, 2024

From a premiere show like The Battery Show 2024, the expectations never fail to rise high. Whether raw materials or components, you'll get everything required to make your next project a big hit. With more than 750 suppliers showcasing their latest innovations and solutions for the portable and industrial sectors covering the transportation sectors, the annual trade show exhibit will be productive for its participants.

At Battery Show 2024, you'll have a platform to exhibit, explore, discover, and experience the latest products, services, and innovations through demos from suppliers on the event floor.

Access 5 exclusive technical educational tracks infused with modern technologies and advanced battery designs, battery manufacturing development, and the latest forecasts of the market supply chain.

The show floor at the Battery Show 2024 will allow the participants to exhibit and engage with the 19,000 global audience at the show floor and professionals of the battery technology industry who will be seeking your brand offerings.

Reasons to attend The Battery Show 2024- 

At The Battery Show 2024, get ready to experience some productive and innovative technologies that excite you. The North America's Largest Advanced Battery Event will be focused on showcasing the products designed for the automotive aftermarket. The gathering at The Battery Show Detroit, Michigan, will be a junction for suppliers and exhibitors to showcase their latest products, services, and industry technologies in front of a global audience in innovative and transformative ways. Below, we have mentioned the reasons why The Battery Show 2024 is a must-attend trade show exhibit for you, and they are-

• The show will provide the audience with access to the latest and most immersive technologies from over 1,150 battery industry manufacturers.

• Discover exciting products and explore the market's latest innovations at North America's largest advanced battery show.

• Access new ideas to increase your battery efficiencies and cut off the making costs.

• Experience the demos of the latest battery technology products showcased by the exhibitors on the show floor. 

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The Battery Show 2024 will be even bigger and more productive than the previous editions. The annual trade show exhibit, scheduled to take place at Huntington Place in the heart of Downtown Detroit, will be the best platform for battery technology professionals to experience, discover, and explore the latest innovations in the industry. If you plan to exhibit at North America's largest advanced battery show, trust the best trade show booth builders for impactful design and construction, i.e., Exhibits Studio. Let's collaborate to unlock the doors to endless possibilities and success in the battery technology industry and make productive connections that will help you scale up your business. 

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