Weftec 2024

Weftec 2024- The future of the water industry?

Weftec, North America's largest annual trade show for water quality, is back. With the most significant breakthroughs and innovations, the Weftec 2024 will deliver exemplary solutions to the water industry. Weftec, commonly abbreviated as Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference, is one of the most significant trade show events for evaluating water quality and taking required steps to improve it across the globe. The show has always been in the spotlight as it educated industry professionals with the best water quality education through keynote training sessions and webinars by industry experts during the show. Weftec is a five-day annual conference and three-day trade show for water industry professionals from different world regions. The annual trade show is set to be scheduled between October 5th- October 9th, 2024, in New Orleans, LA. The 2024th edition will be the 97th annual trade show and conference. 

At Weftec 2024, exhibitors will experience an environment where water sector professionals worldwide will gather under one floor to share innovation, ideas, trends, and challenges to be eliminated. The exhibitors at Weftec 2024 will get the opportunity to explore, learn, make connections, grow professionally, and build ever-lasting connections with industry professionals. Taking a look at the previous year's numbers, Weftec 2023 has gathered over 21,000 visitors and 870 exhibitors on the show floor. With an 80,000 sq. m floor size, the exhibitors showcased the industry advancements and discussed steps to be taken to shape the industry's future landscape. 

At the show floor of Weftec 2024, you'll get unparalleled networking opportunities to explore cutting-edge water management solutions. Weftec 2024, the most significant water industry trade show, allows certain items to be exhibited at the show: water, wastewater, and sewer. Weftec 2024 will be a platform that serves as a forum for international and domestic business opportunities, promotes invaluable networking, and introduces the most straightforward water solutions to the world. 

What can you expect at Weftec 2024?

WEFTEC, i.e. Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference, is a much-anticipated trade show of the year for the water quality industry. The annual trade show offers opportunities to do business, network with experts, make productive partnerships and introduce solutions to eliminate intricate challenges of the water industry. The exhibitors at Weftec 2024 will be getting qualitative educational and training sessions to understand the best water quality. The world-class exhibition, i.e. Weftec Conference 2024, will provide unparalleled access to experience the latest technologies in the water quality industry. The exhibitors at Weftec 2024 will get unparalleled advantages which will help them scale up their business shortly-


Get ready to experience firsthand the products, equipment, technology, and solutions available in the water sector industry at the bustling show floor of Weftec 2024. 


Unlock doors to uncountable benefits and knowledge shared by the industry's most influential experts at Weftec New Orleans. Interact with the industry's most skilled and innovative minds through educational and training sessions as well as keynote seminars, where you'll learn everything about the industry.

Earn Education Credits

Weftec delivers an exceptional skeleton of the future possibilities and challenges of the water quality industry. To exhibit at Weftec, you need to get approval for Weftec participation on a national level. This allows you to choose among different workshops and technical sessions and earn educational credits during the exhibition. 

Benefits of exhibiting at Weftec 2024?

Gear up to showcase the most advanced water industry solutions at Weftec Conference 2024. For exhibitors planning to exhibit at Weftec New Orleans, the annual trade show opens doors to the latest technological innovations or share innovative ideas to glorify the future of the water resource industry. Despite various benefits of exhibiting at Weftec 2024, some of them we’ve listed below-

Access to Data 

The exhibitors at Weftec 2024 will get access to the registrant data (just data, not email addresses). They only need to download the data once their space is fully paid. Only exhibiting companies will get data and free online access to the proceedings.

The Weftec Conference 2024 exhibitors will get exclusive access to the show's benefits, listings, and promotional tools, including- 

•    WEFTEC mobile app and online planner where the exhibitor list is available
•    Company listing in Conference Announcement
•    Free customer invitation programs will be available with email signatures, social media-ready templates, landing pages and email templates. 
•    Pre-show webinars will also be provided for a successful appearance at Weftec 2024

Mark your presence at Weftec 2024 with bespoke booth designs by Exhibits Studio

WEFTEC, the annual water trade show, will be held at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA, between October 5th and 9th, 2024. WEFTEC is a global platform where businesses are made, connections are built, ideas turn into solutions, and water quality innovation reaches new heights. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation, technology and visibility at Weftec 2024 with innovative and attractive booth designs by the best trade show booth-building company in New Orleans, i.e. Exhibits Studio. Whether you need on-site supervision, program management, installation and dismantling or shipping of your booth, Exhibits Studio deliver the entire range of exceptional trade show services at Weftech Conference 2024.

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