Glassbuild America 2024

Glassbuild America 2024

Glass industry professionals, gear up as your much-awaited trade show exhibit of the year is here. Glassbuild America 2024 is all set to give you a global stage to showcase the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the glass industry. The international trade show exhibit will again be filled with the world's most influential leaders and industry experts. Glassbuild has always been the most significant annual gathering for America's glass, windows, and door industries. The National Glass Association organizes the yearly trade show. Glassbuild America is the place where the industry buyers and sellers engage with each other and discover solutions to the intricate challenges the industry is facing. Produced by the National Glass Association, abbreviated as NGA, the Glassbuild America 2024 is scheduled between 30th September to 02nd October 2024 in Dallas, United States. 

Glassbuild America is a pinnacle trade show exhibit for glass industry stakeholders ranging from full-service glass companies to glaziers and manufacturers dealing with glass and metals manufacturing. At the bustling show floor of Glassbuild America 2024, you’ll experience a wide array of products, services, equipment, relevant services, and necessities. The annual trade show exhibit is the global hub for introducing the latest glass and window product industry technologies. At Glassbuild America 2024, you'll also experience informative sessions for energy saving and "green" product developments to promote future growth in the industry.

Benefits of participating in Glassbuild America 2024

There are plenty of benefits of participating in a global trade show exhibit like Glassbuild America 2024, and some of them are listed below- 

● The show floor of Glassbuild America 2024 will be filled with global leaders and industry experts. It will allow the exhibitors to explore innovative products and services, interact with industry leaders and solve their in-depth questions.

● The global platform of Glassbuild 2024 will provide exhibitors with the extraordinary experience of exploring the latest products through live demos by international glass and window industry leaders.  

●  As a much-anticipated trade show event worldwide, Glassbuild America Atlanta gives you the chance to attract new customers, generate quality leads, and foster new supply chain relationships.

●  At the show floor of Glassbuild Dallas, TX, you'll experience a wide range of keynote sessions that inform you about new technologies and how to upgrade your workforce. The better workforce your business has, the more revenue it generates.

● Glassbuild America 2024 will not only host educational sessions and engaging activities but will also help industry exhibitors strengthen their relationships with retailers, customers, and investors and explore future opportunities in the industry in various ways. 

Who can exhibit at Glassbuild 2024?

The exhibitors list at Glassbuild has always been excellent. The ever-excited professionals of the glass, windows, and doors industry can mark their presence on the show floor of Glassbuild 2024. Since its inception, the Glassbuild show has always succeeded in knocking the industry off with a kick-off start and winding the show with innovations, products, and services that shape the future landscape of the glass, windows, and doors industry. 

Who can attend Glassbuild America 2024?

The Glassbuild show attracts knowledge and innovation seekers and individuals interested in the industry or a part of it. The annual show offers the latest innovations, technologies, equipment, products and services that hold the potential to benefit industry professionals and provide a better experience to the end-users of the products and services. If you're one of those enthusiasts who want to explore the enhancements of the glass, windows and doors industry, then Glassbuild America 2024 is your next spot for trade shows. 

Highlights of Glassbuild 2023

The Glassbuild America 2023 was a power-packed trade show that attracted worldwide headlines. The Glassbuild 2023 show had a lot for the industry exhibitors and attendees, and below are the highlights of Glassbuild America 2023. Have a look- 

● The show floor of Glassbuild 2023 has attracted amazing products and companies from different regions of the world to educate the exhibitors and attendees about the latest achievements and future opportunities in the glass, windows, and doors industry.

● The Glassbuild Show 2023 delivered great sessions throughout the exhibit, including sessions on “Building Better Business Through DEIB” for teams with diverse businesses to provide extraordinary results and make better decisions.

● The Main Stage of Glassbuild 2023 kicked off its last day with the Women in Glass and Fenestration Breakfast Meetup. This session followed last year's gathering at the show.

● The women’s centralized sessions at Glassbuild 2023 focused on delivering the keynote, flexibility, gender diversity, and self-confidence.

● The GlassBuild 2023 gathered 94 first-time exhibitors and 479 total exhibitors on the exhibit floor. The annual exhibit attracted representatives from 23 countries and 150 global exhibitors.

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GlassBuild America is one of the biggest gatherings of glass, windows and doors industry professionals, exhibitors and global leaders in America. Held annually, the Glassbuild show is known for bringing groundbreaking solutions to eliminate the challenges the industry is facing. The annual trade show exhibit will occur between 30 Sep-02 Oct 2024. GlassBuild America 2024 will focus on sectors like industry-focused programming, presentations, roundtables, product exploration, and much more.

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