Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas, 2024

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas, 2024

Cosmoprof North America 2024 is a much-awaited trade show exhibit for beauty brands in the business-to-business (B2B) industry. What makes Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2024 a must-attend trade show event is its record of attaining dynamic growth and hosting unique programs to help industry professionals with ideas and knowledge. The annual trade show will occur between 23 July and 25 July 2024 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.

Cosmoprof North America 2024 is no exception, as the premier trade show will offer an exclusive opportunity for the beauty industry to assemble under a roof and make international connections and partnerships. Cosmoprof North America 2024 will invite skilled and successful cosmetic dealers and industry experts to interact with the audience on the show floor.

Cosmoprof North America 2024 will be a global platform to launch new beauty brands, introduce revolutionary technologies and the latest innovations, and discover new manufacturing channels, retailing packaging, and distribution.

Excitement for Cosmoprof North America 2024

What excites exhibitors, attendees like you all, and the best trade show booth designing company like us is the platform Cosmoprof North America 2024 offers for the beauty industry professionals to assemble and discover the pathway to walk on for taking the industry a step ahead of success. Cosmoprof North America 2024 will showcase a variety of events to cater to the different sectors of the beauty industry and make the edition successful.

What will be the critical focus at Cosmoprof North America 2024? Its dedication and support to the supply chain and retailers of the industry and, therefore, the products and services categories to be displayed at Cosmoprof North America 2024 are- 

•    Raw Material
•    Making Ingredients
•    Manufacturing contractors 
•    Private Labelling
•    Packaging
•    Distributing
•    Machinery
•    Automation solutions
•    Full-service solutions

Who will get the most from Cosmoprof North America 2024?

Here are the professionals who are going to get the most benefits from Cosmoprof North America 2024 and they are:

•    Spa Owners
•    Hotels
•    Wellness Centers
•    Hair Salons 
•    Beauty Products Distributors

Cosmoprof North America 2024 is dedicated to shaping the future of the cosmetics industry. The global trade show exhibit invites top companies and industry leaders from around the world to make deals and forge meaningful connections.

Cosmoprof North America 2024 will feature a wide range of products and services that have the potential to meet the industry's needs. International and high-potential brands will showcase their features to a global audience on the trade show floor with creative and innovative custom rental exhibits. Additionally, organic and large-scale retail channel brands will steal the spotlight at Cosmoprof North America 2024.

A Glimpse of Cosmoprof North America 2023

The prior edition of Cosmoprof North America 2024 was no less than a remarkable trade show exhibit to be remembered for years. Cosmoprof 21st edition, scheduled between 23 July and 25 July 2024 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, will also be a revolutionary exhibit in the beauty industry. The Cosmoprof North America 2024 has been bifurcated into two parts: the first show is scheduled for Las Vegas, and the second for Miami. The Miami edition recorded positive results, with over 700 brands present and more than 19,000 industry professionals attending the exhibit.

FACTS & FIGURES OF Cosmoprof North America, 2023

•    The show received more than 25.000 Visits from 99 countries across the globe
•    1100 Exhibiting brands marked their presence at the bustling trade show floor
•    10 Country Pavilions were present at the show floor to promote industrial cooperation and joint promotion

FACTS & FIGURES Cosmoprof MIAMI Edition 2024

•    The annual trade show event will gather over 19,000 participants from 113 countries.
•    More than 700 exhibiting brands will showcase their products and services to the global crowd
•    8 Country Pavilions were present at the show floor to encourage industrial cooperation and joint promotion

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Whether you are interested in bringing a new brand and products to market or already have a business and are interested in expanding the distribution, Cosmoprof North America offers you an integral business plan. The show is a powerful tool for gaining visibility, as you will meet high-quality buyers from different distribution channels like retail, spa, and professional. In addition, it gives you exposure to various domestic and international media, with all trade publications on the show floor.

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