CEDIA Expo, i.e. Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, has been the perfect place to experience innovations and advancements in residential technology. Since its inception in 1989, the CEDIA Expo has been bringing the home technology industry together under one roof to discover solutions to drive success. At the show floor of the CEDIA Expo, professionals from the smart home technology industry get the opportunity to learn new products, technologies, and equipment. CEDIA Expo has been a much-anticipated trade show exhibit across the residential technology industry and attracts international exhibitors and attendees from different corners of the world. The world is ready to witness some extraordinary products, innovations and solutions in the home technology industry at CEDIA EXPO 2024. The annual trade show exhibit is scheduled between September 05th and September 07th at Colorado Convention Center, Denver, US.

The 2024 CEDIA Expo will allow the show participants to connect with industry experts, engage with global leaders, collaborate with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights through the educational sessions hosted on the show floor. Exhibitors and attendees of CEDIA Expo 2024 can expect the exploration of trend-setting products for smart homes and new ways to generate more revenue and scale up their respective businesses. 

Benefits of Participating at CEDIA Expo Denver Colorado 

Being an extraordinary trade show exhibit for smart home technologies, CEDIA Expo 2024 will be a beneficial trade show event for you as a residential technology industry professional; see how-

●  CEDIA Expo will gather international business professionals, retailers, manufacturers, project managers and salespersons at the exhibit floor to contribute towards the constructive growth of the home technology industry

●  The annual trade show will also host a wide array of educational sessions and training programs to educate the show participants about the case studies and product applications through product demonstrations and interactive sessions by global leaders and industry experts.

●  At the bustling show floor of the 2024 CEDIA Expo, more than 300 international exhibitors will showcase their brand's achievement in the smart home technology industry in front of 15,000 audiences gathered from different regions of the world.

●  The participants of CEDIA Expo 2024 will have the opportunity to seek answers to their queries related to smart home appliances through interactive sessions by industry experts.

●  With an immersive environment and a global platform, the CEDIA Expo 2024 will offer its participants the chance to explore solutions to their current challenges and the potential to scale up their business in the future.

●  You'll have the opportunity to meet and engage with professionals who have been awarded by the organizing committee of the CEDIA Expo for contributing to exemplifying excellence and innovation in the smart home technology industry.

Who can exhibit at CEDIA Expo 2024

The CEDIA Expo is a global platform for smart home technology professionals who are integrators, product designers, and product builders to connect, engage and discover solutions to bring revolutionary advancements in the residential technology industry. The industry professionals participating in the exhibit will get the opportunity to interact with thousands of industry professionals and experts to seek valuable insights about the future possibilities in the industry. For professionals and attendees interested or associated with the residential technology industry, CEDIA Expo 2024 is the trade show exhibit you shouldn't miss participating in.

Who can attend CEDIA Expo 2024

Suppose you are a home technology enthusiast who wants to explore the latest advancements in the industry and seek educational sessions to diversify your industry knowledge. In that case, CEDIA Expo is the exhibit for you. With thousands of industry professionals and hundreds of exhibitors and experts, the annual trade show will offer exceptional sessions to its participants. Get ready to experience the latest and greatest innovations, product displays, live demonstrations and keynote sessions at CEDIA Expo 2024, the much-anticipated trade show exhibit of the residential technology industry.

Highlights of CEDIA Expo 2023

The CEDIA Expo has always focused on expanding its reach and advancements in the residential technology market. The annual trade show exhibit has contributed with some significant achievements and innovations in the home appliances industry at its every edition, and below are some of the critical highlights of CEDIA Expo 2023- 

● The significant exhibitors from the home controls equipment industry showcased their latest innovations and myriad ways, showing that custom integrators can bolster residential projects and arm their dealers to crack the commercial markets.

●  An exceptional change in the expo booth designs has also been noticed at CEDIA Expo 2023. The control and automation industry companies have showcased their products, services, and other achievements through more narrative-driven booths.

●  AT CEDIA Expo 2023, the location was the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, which attracted even more exhibitors and attendees to participate in the show. 

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CEDIA Expo is globally known as a pinnacle trade show exhibit for the residential technology industry, which offers a wide range of keynote sessions to educate and inform the show participants about the industry. The CEDIA Expo is coordinated by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), a global membership organization catering to the residential technology industry. The CEDIA Expo primarily focuses on educating industry professionals and attendees on the latest information, advancements, and skills to adapt to the rapidly evolving industry.

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