Peninsula booth

Peninsula Booth 

A good trade show booth is critical as it contributes significantly to marking the success of any brand's trade show exhibit. An appealing trade show booth plays a vital role in engaging the audience with the brand and letting them explore all the goods and services it offers. A visually attractive trade show booth helps to highlight the unique selling propositions of the brand and encourages customers to invest in the brand.

A booth with open sides and inviting space catches the audience's attention on any exhibit floor. Multiple openings and a comfortable space for the audience to explore the brand and engage with it demand a Peninsula booth. A Peninsula booth is a design that is open from three sides to the aisle, and the fourth side is backed up with another booth. A peninsula booth is 20x20 or larger and is always supported by a back wall of at least 20'. 

For any Peninsula booth, the outer walls should be finished and not contain logos, taglines or advertising elements of the brand. The Peninsula booth designs are appealing and often attract maximum visitors to the booth because of its larger space and flexibility. A Peninsula booth is of two types- 

1)    One which is backed by a linear booth and 

2)    Another one is supported by another Peninsula booth, creating an island-like structure, which is also called "Split Island Booth." 

Benefits of Peninsula Booth 

Opting for a Peninsula trade show booth offers various opportunities and advantages that any exhibitor can quickly gain and enhance their results on the exhibit floor. Some of the benefits of the Peninsula booths are mentioned below- 

●  The Peninsula booths are open from three directions, making them more visible and attractive even from a distance. This visibility makes the Peninsula booth an ideal choice for exhibitors who want to increase their brand engagement and awareness in front of a global audience and investors. 
●  A Peninsula booth attracts passersby with its multiple openings and considerable spaces to explore each element of the brand. The open corners of the Peninsula booth invite exploration and interaction, which is impossible with a "linear or inline booth".
●  More open sides are equivalent to more visibility, and a Peninsula booth with three sides open to the aisle gives options to advertise your brand with eye-catching elements and taglines for solid branding on the exhibit floor. 
●  The three sides of the Peninsula booth can be used for different purposes that attract the audience. The front and side walls of the Peninsula booth can be used for product demos, information stores or product displays to cater to the needs of your audience.
●  The larger the booth space, the better the interactive displays, sitting areas, and visual elements that can be installed in it. The audience on the exhibit floor is likely to visit booths with more space and team representatives to tell them about the brand's products and services. 
●  Peninsula booths are large, which attracts the attention of the audience and investors and makes them curious to explore what the company deals with.

Cost-effective Peninsula Booth Options

Exhibitors who are looking for a budget-friendly booth option for exhibiting at a trade show to achieve the right outcome on the show floor must consider Peninsula booth rentals. If buying a trade show booth is not what you want at the moment, then you must consider Peninsula booth rentals as the smarter choice. 

Peninsula booth rentals are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to exhibit, as they allow the brand to build a state-of-the-art exhibit even in the most intricate Peninsula trade show booths. Peninsula exhibits are expensive, and it costs a lot to store and transport one from one location to another, but you can completely save that extra money when you choose booth rental. You get your booth delivered on time and safely when you choose Peninsula booth rental.

Exhibits Studio, bring you the best Peninsula Booths to dominate the trade show floor

A Peninsula booth adds value to any brand on the exhibit floor by attracting an uncountable audience and investors to explore the brand. Its offerings to the brand make Peninsula Exhibits a better option than any other booth. Being a premium choice to exhibit at a trade show, the Peninsula booth offers vast space, which exhibitors can use by forming brand-building elements and stories to attract maximum footfall at the booth.

Peninsula Booths are three to four times bigger than any standard booth, which gives the brand an ideal space to highlight its products and services and let the audience feel free to explore the brand offerings within a comfortable and open space. With diversified spaces, your team can be as creative as they want. This extra creativity and design elements will let your brand surpass the competitors on the exhibit floor, delivering an unforgettable trade show journey. For the most creative and appealing Peninsula booth to exhibit at a trade show, you’ll need a dedicated trade show service, assisting companies like Exhibits Studio for the overall trade show exhibit. You only need to contact us today to discuss your designs and expectations. Our team of the best trade show booth builders in the US will deliver you a Peninsula booth which matches and exceeds your expectations.

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