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The power of linear booths maximizes visibility and impact

Exhibits Studio is all about inclusivity. Your wishes are our command. We are here to make your brand shine through your booth, and we do it your way. Your trade show booth reflects your brand. And what’s better than getting a simple yet effective stand that leaves a lasting impression!

The linear booth stands as the epitome of spectacle in simplicity. Its specialty is to be visually appealing while saving on space. It is a favored choice for exhibitors who seek a cost-effective yet impactful booth. With the impactful ideas, a linear booth has the potential to be an effective option. It is the go-to option for exhibitors who seek the utmost out of their booth space. We ensure that your brand's message passes on and retains the minds of your audience. Your linear booth will be the equator to your brand, getting the most out of your audience. 

What is a linear booth?

An advantageous booth design being simple yet reflecting the brand. Open on one side, your brand faces the aisle. Also known as “in-line” booths, linear trade show booths are usually arranged in a straight line. Linear booths are mostly of 10 by 10 size i.e. 10’ wide and 10’ deep and the height can go up to 8’ feet maintained on the side walls of the booth distanced with 5’ feet from the front side of the booth. In a linear booth, you get a space-efficient exhibit. It is cost-effective and makes your brand impactful for your audience. The varying dimensions allow flexibility in design while utilizing space. 

Seamless Solution in the line of excellence


Engage, Impress, and Succeed

At a trade show exhibit, the most important thing is the visual appeal of the brand's exhibit. Visual appeal comes with using high quality graphics with attractive color schemes. The usage of logos and taglines also attract attention. Exhibits Studio gives you the opportunity to get all that in your linear booth structure. We guarantee audience retention for the growth of your brand. We make sure that your linear booth remains memorable for your brand's maximum growth.

Lines Speak Volumes

Linear booths are the perfect solution for optimal use of space. With careful planning, we maximize the use of space in your booth. We strategically place your products. Our team also uses appropriate interactive elements in the linear exhibits for attracting your audience. A linear booth needs attention so that it's productive while looking effortless. Our talented team would help you set up your linear exhibit in a way that looks clean and attractive. Exhibits Studio serves you with the success of your brand in priority.

Custom Linear Trade Show Booths

With custom linear trade show booths, it is mandatory that everything must be duly arranged. It is important that all the messages are short and to the point. Clear communication is key when constructing a custom linear trade show booth and our team excels in it. We ensure that your audience is aware of your brand's message. With Exhibits Studio, your brand has its success guaranteed. Our placement of banners and digital displays in your custom linear trade show booth gives your brand the push it needs. Our compelling custom linear booth design engages your audience to get involved with your brand.

Simply effective Linear Booths



The first advantage of getting a linear trade show booth is its budget friendly nature. A linear booth rental helps brands with strict budget cuts to also enjoy a brand promotion. We make sure that every brand gets an opportunity for growth. That's why Exhibits Studio is the best in making brilliant linear booth rentals for brands.

Easy Setup

A modular linear booth is the simplest booth to set up. It's a quick process as compared to the other layouts. This quality makes linear booth exhibitors friendly. Exhibitors get attracted to the time efficiency setting up their linear booth. Exhibits Studio makes your modular linear booth look effortlessly easy. We make sure to attract the right audience for your brand.


Exhibits Studio helps you get the best out of your trade show exhibit. Our team of experts discuss and suggest the best of materials for your linear exhibits. With its easy set-up, you are relieved of any difficulties with your booth. Any design, placement of product displays looks good in linear booths. We help you convey your brand's message attractively through a linear exhibit designed with efficiency and perfection.


A trade show booth is to build your brand's reputation. Exhibits Studio helps you build your brand in the most extraordinary manner. With linear booths, your every demand will be successfully implemented. If needed linear booths are the best in terms of supporting last minute changes. Any customization in linear booths can be made without any complications.

Why Exhibits Studio?


Strategic Planning

Exhibits Studio is the name for having a successful trade show exhibit. Our careful placement of your brand elements brings out the best impact for your brand. We make sure to create a logical flow for the elements. We ensure that every element shines in its brightest glory.

Engaging Elements

A linear booth is synonymous with simplicity. However, with some tweaks, simple can transform into a thing of wonder. Interactive elements do the trick. We ensure that your brand receives the best of its promotion from our trade show booth. With product demonstrations and AI, we help engage your audience to your booth.

Space Management

In a linear booth, there is a lot of scope. The eyes travel all around. Keeping that in mind, we ensure to use the vertical space also. Exhibits Studio ensures the best of services for you. Banners, tall displays are a few attention-grabbing elements that get your exhibit visibility from a distance. Our promise of making your brand the center of attention is our promise to keep.

Seamless Experience

There are many elements that make a brand stick in the minds of your audience. One of them being a smooth transition from element to element. A flow makes it easy on the eyes. There is a sense of satisfaction to look at a flow. We make sure that your exhibit follows a flow. Using consistency in color and design makes it a seamless linear booth.

In the line of sight, in the minds of all

Linear booths are an impactful choice for brands without breaking the bank. These booths are easy and effective. All you need is a trade show booth producer to transform the simple into extraordinary. We use effective designs to transform linear booths into powerful marketing agents. We make sure your linear booths don't look as bland as they sound. We make sure to make a lasting impact on your brand.

Like your linear booth, you will receive a linear incline in your growth. At Exhibits Studio you receive the best.

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