Hybrid Exhibits

Standout Visibility

Our outdoor popup activation helps you grab attention like a city billboard. While doing outdoor promotion, our team of brand activation experts ensures that your brand is in the spotlight whenever you set up outside - park, mall, or market.

Weather Resilience

Our outdoor popup displays are built to withstand various weather conditions, giving you peace of mind when promoting your brand outdoors. Be it rain or shine, our outdoor pop up displays will stand tall, protecting your brand image and keeping your setup intact.

100% Prebuild Guarantee

We offer a 100% prebuilt pop up box setup, offering you a sense of assurance that everything is in perfect working order for your big day. Take a sneak peek at the fully preassembled outdoor popup setup to ensure everything runs seamlessly when the moment arrives.

Tailored Graphics

With our outdoor Active Box, customization is a breeze. Achieve your outdoor branding goals effortlessly by customizing the graphics to align perfectly with your vision. Whether you're looking to refresh your brand's look or promote a specific campaign, simply swapping out the graphics is all it takes.

Versatile Usage

Our outdoor active box solution is designed with versatility in mind, ensuring it seamlessly fits into any event setting, whether you choose to use it with or without a canopy tent. This adaptability means you can maximize its functionality in various scenarios.

Get Noticed, Wherever You Want

As top-notch experts in the world of brand activation for outdoor promotions globally, Exhibits Studio brings a wealth of cultural wisdom and local savvy to our outdoor pop-up activation campaigns. We make sure your brand clicks with people everywhere, whether it's in a big city, a small town, or anywhere else on the planet.

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