CES 2024 The must-attend global trade show and exhibit event

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

CES  is one of the biggest trade shows and exhibits for blending innovations, technology and imagination. CES, being the most influential and interactive exhibit and informative trade show globally, serves as a global platform for people who are tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators. The annual event is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Winchester, Nevada, and unboxes the groundbreaking innovations, advancements, and emerging trends in the industry. It not only shapes the future of technology but also offers a glimpse into the possibilities to be pushed to amplify the landscape of technology and innovation.  

CES has been a pioneer trade show and exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, for innovation and introduction of new tech devices. From laptops to cars, CES has been a platform to showcase all. Not only are mainstream products introduced at the CES exhibition, but distinctive and less conventional gadgets also mark their presence.

Originating mainly from small start-up companies, the event leverages technology for specific purposes, such as assisting individuals with disabilities or addressing domestic, professional, or pet-related challenges. The exhibit is filled with jaw-dropping exhibit rentals, trade show booths, and custom exhibit rentals designed by the best exhibit rental designing companies like Exhibits Studio.

Lumen Glasses

Lumen is a Romanian start-up that presents its Glasses as innovative eyewear solutions for those who are visually impaired. Lumen Glasses claims they have achieved this by adapting self-driving car technology and later incorporating it into a compact, portable headset.

The device acts as a watchdog for visually impaired people, utilizing haptic feedback and vibrations to assist the individual during walking. The glasses are undergoing testing and observation. Currently, the company is expecting the complete launch of the product in the latter part of 2024.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie, an AI home companion robot, was introduced in 2020 but later underwent significant advancements. The compact robot takes charge when accompanying users with daily tasks and connecting with the home appliances seamlessly.

The enhancements comprised the integration of a built-in projector, which enables Ballie to facilitate stream connect, video calls, and visual reminders based on the schedule of the user.  

Furthermore, Ballie is a valuable asset when managing the user's personal life. It can be a great appliance which serves as a house sitter in the absence of users and offers a video update of loved ones, including pets. Initially, the approval of Ballie was questioned, but after some enhancements, the AI robot has received global approaches at CES, the biggest trade show and exhibit event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Winchester, Nevada.

Flappie smart cat flap

Swiss start-up Flappie has unwrapped why they claim to be the world's most advanced cat flap at CES, the biggest trade show and exhibit event. This innovative cat flap has exciting features such as "prey detection" technology, which utilizes AI and a built-in camera to identify when a cat has caught small animals.

The flap temporarily locks to prevent the cat from bringing prey into the house. Flappie also has a companion app to enable users to evaluate their pets' behaviour and control the cat flap. The Flappie smart cat flap is all set to launch in Europe during the spring season.

Abbot Lingo

Abbot Lingo is a device that monitors the user's real-time glucose level and assists them in inculcating healthier habits into their daily life. The UK is more than ready to witness this launch of a novel wearable sensor to make people's lives much more accessible in one way or another. Health tech company Abbott has developed the device.

The Lingo device comprises a compact wearable, resembling a coin, affixed to the user's arm and an accompanying smartphone app. Going to be launched at the global trade show and exhibit event CES, the integrated app delivers personalized insights, tailored coaching, and recommendations for healthier habits. It helps to address the user's glucose spikes and dips, aiming to enhance sleep, mood, and energy levels in the body.  

Sony mixed-reality headset

Sony has unveiled its plans to create a fresh mixed-reality headset and controller system. The device will be tailored for businesses and creators. The system will be designed to facilitate 3D design tasks using the headset, where virtual objects materialize before the user's eyes and can be manipulated using companion finger and hand controllers.

Initially, this innovative set will target professionals in advanced 3D content creation fields like engineering and industrial design. Sony envisions the device as one that will cater to entertainment, gaming design, and experiences in the future.

LG transparent TV

As a prominent brand in developing groundbreaking and innovative gadgets, LG is here yet again with its newest innovation. The brand has introduced a 77-inch transparent, wireless 4K TV known as the LG Signature OLED T.

The brand claims that when the device is turned off, it boasts a see-through display, enhancing its integration with the surroundings. LG emphasizes that the transparent design of the products allows them to be positioned in the center of a room rather than against a wall, preventing them from obstructing the view.

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