Trade Show Display Design, Graphics and Sizes

Trade Show Display Designs That Boost Your Brand

Trade shows are platforms for advertising brands, products, and services or launching startups. They have been attracting business owners and decision-makers for decades and are considered one of the essential promotional tools for revamping a company's marketing strategy.

Trade shows invite global industries, business owners, decision-makers, industry leaders, and international speakers under one roof to share ideas and knowledge. A trade show demonstrates what a company has to offer and the future scope to hop on. There are many assumptions that the trade shows are just to show up and meet new people. The reality is quite different.

Trade show platforms enable businesses to display their brand and highlight their products through immersive trade show display design.
Trade Show Displays are tools for promoting a brand and advertising its offerings. They are structures where the company name, logo, advertising taglines, and products are displayed attractively. The different trade show display designs are imperative factors that need to be accurately done in order to attract prospective customers and clients to the exhibit floor.

Exhibiting at a trade show might be daunting, but it has positive outcomes and increased ROI. Creative trade show display design can enhance brand visibility and awareness and invite visitors interested in exploring the brand.

What is a Trade Show Display Design

A trade show can make any brand shine like a bright star but with the correct design elements, graphics, and taglines. Designing a trade show display booth requires many steps. The primary step of an engaging trade show display is finalizing a compelling display design. Business owners exhibiting at trade shows must understand their requirements and marketing objectives.

Moreover, the trade show display booth size must be finalized, and the designers must communicate this information transparently. It must be conveyed whether you need an inline booth or island booth or how many times the graphics need to be changed.

What are Trade Show Display Design Elements

Graphics- Visually appealing brands attract the most audience. An eye-catching trade show display graphic makes your brand visually enticing to the audience on the exhibit floor. Graphics are a dynamic marketing tool and play a significant role in enhancing brand awareness.

A trade show display graphic is the first thing your potential audience sees, so make sure it is appealing to their eyes. Graphics are the primary element that communicates the brand messages and engages prospects with the brand.

Lightings- Illuminated trade show booth displays pop up from a distance on the exhibit floor. From attracting visitors to the booth to highlighting your brand offerings and messages, exhibit light facilitates a brand in varied ways. The trade show booth displays need to be illuminated to entice audiences.

Get trade show display graphics with enhanced texture, adding depth to the display. Good lighting creates a welcoming environment at the booth, encouraging the audience to visit and engage with the brand.

Flooring- Looking at the booth with the same flooring, brand color, and aesthetic doesn't feel good. It is essential to differentiate your flooring color, brand color, and aesthetics; here, custom trade show flooring comes into play. Custom trade show flooring is advantageous.

Furthermore, adding texture and color to the trade show booth and custom trade show flooring enhances your brand appearance on the show floor. Custom trade show flooring turns an ordinary booth into an inviting space where the audience loves to be. It also comforts the company representatives, who are on their feet, entertaining the audience visiting the exhibit.

Storage—Despite all these trade show display design elements, there's one element you should notice. A built-in storage space is a must in any trade show booth. The storage spaces only excite the add-ons as little as other designs, but they are a must-have feature.

Storage space in a trade show booth is significant, as it can be used for many reasons. A storage space reduces the appearance of clutter so that the booth focuses entirely on highlighting the products and services. With storage space in trade show booths, you can store valuable items and use them when required.

What are the Standard Trade Show Display Size

Whenever exhibitors struggle with selecting the right trade show booth display size for their brand showcase, remember one thing: "Bigger is not always better." The correct trade show display is imperative for exhibitors to balance their overall cost and get the desired ROI.

In addition, an ideal trade show booth size is essential for a successful brand appearance on the exhibit floor. Below are some of the perfect trade show display booth sizes for exhibiting at US trade shows; keep reading.

10x10 trade show displays—10X10 is considered one of the ideal display sizes, as it is designed to fit in with any other booth. 10X10 trade show displays are open to only one side of the aisle. The one-dimensional opening in a 10xx10 trade show display invites attendees to the booth to explore what the brand offers.

10x20 trade show displays—When you've decided to host product or service demonstrations, a 10×20 trade show display will be the perfect fit. These booths have enough space for attendees to walk in and engage with the products and services at the demos. 10x20 trade show displays also provide space for networking with prospective clients and audiences.

20x10 trade show displays—Exhibitors looking to stand out on the exhibit floor with a dynamic brand presence and significant impact should consider a 20x10 trade show display. These displays offer an impressive canvas on which a brand can showcase its offerings, highlight its tagline and messages, and leave an unforgettable impact on the attendees.

Besides this, an immersive trade show booth display design is critical to experiencing unwavering footfall, engagement, visibility, and brand awareness on the show floor. To get such trade show display designs, you need to consult with the team of best trade show display designers, Exhibits Studio. Get in touch with them today!

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