Top 7 trade shows of October 2024 in the US

Top 7 trade shows of October 2024 in the US

When discussing the hub of trade shows, there is no chance the US doesn't top the list. The US trade show industry is dynamic, providing several businesses with numerous opportunities to grow their brand and maximize their ROI. Being a part of top  trade shows of the US in 2024 help exhibitors and brands scale and foster collaborations. After the COVID era, such trade show events helped develop connections and networks to elevate businesses and brands through in-person conversations and meetings. So, here is a comprehensive guide for seven shows that top the list in the US in October. This guide provides a detailed look at the shows to help exhibitors understand in depth the importance of these shows and help them make their decision to exhibit in them. Our research about these shows for businesses exhibiting here can help them avail themselves of benefits regardless of their experience.

1. The Battery Show 2024

Date: Oct 7th-10th
Venue:  Huntington Place, Detroit, MI

The Battery Show is North America's largest and most advanced battery trade show event. It fosters collaboration between engineers, business leaders & top companies to innovate, explore ground-breaking products, and offer solutions to other industry sectors. With more than 19,000 attendees and 1150+ suppliers, it provides demos and access to technical education on new methods and developments in the industry, including advanced battery design, the latest trends and technologies, manufacturing growth, and added forecasts for market supply chain management.

Exhibit and connect with industry peers here to make informed decisions, stay updated with manufacturing and automated battery developments, offer solutions in the industry, and showcase your product offering to scale your businesses.

2.  Supply Side West 2024

Date: Oct 28th – 31st
Venue: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

Supply Side West brings together more than 18,000 ingredient buyers and suppliers from across the globe. This trade show event connects suppliers and buyers from the dietary supplements, beverage functional food, personal care and sports nutrition industries. Supply-side west is about the science and technology used to develop finished products that contribute to the global economy. If you are from the industry, this trade show event will help you connect, grow and learn more about the advanced and technological upgrades taking place in the industry and foster new connections with industry peers by showcasing your product offering and technological solutions to the attendees and investors resulting in maximizing your profits.

If you want to grow your sales, connect with leading industry providers, scale your brand, source new ingredients, and learn from 140+ insight-focused seminars, then this is the best trade show event for you! Then why wait? Connect with us today to mark your presence at the leading food ingredient trade show in the US and be prepared to exhibit here and become the show-stopper.

3.  FABTECH 2024

Date: Oct 15th-17th
Venue: Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida

Fabtech is North America's largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Trade Show, providing an 'all under one roof' destination where you, as an exhibitor, can connect with over 1500 world-class suppliers, explore innovative solutions, and discover tools that improve productivity, resulting in increased profits. Hence, this proves there is no better opportunity than this to network, share knowledge and explore the latest trends and technologies waiting for you ahead!

This trade show conference is led by some of the best industry leaders and powerhouse speakers. It provides valuable insights, spotlights exceptional strategies, and offers solutions to your ongoing challenges. 

4.  Fi North America 2024

Date: Oct 30th-31st 
Venue: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Food Ingredient (Fi) North America is the US's most innovative and leading ingredients trade show event. As a leading platform for food and beverage innovation, this trade show provides an opportunity to tap into North America's highly competitive food and Beverage market. It even allows you to connect with a community of more than 18,000 tastemakers. Eventually, it helps you, as an exhibitor, grow your business hassle-free with its online and in-person platforms. 

So, what's the wait? Discover F&B trends on a local and global level to scale your business today. Exhibit at the biggest food ingredients trade show and elevate your brand presence on the show floor.

5.  MWC – Mobile World Congress 2024

Date: Oct 8th – 10th 
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada

MWC is the Largest and premier trade show event for the mobile ecosystem convention in North America. It mainly focuses on enterprise networks and a next-generation mobile network's performance, flexibility, security, and agility.

MWC Las Vegas offers a collaborative and best opportunity to showcase enterprise technological products, thorough leadership, alternatives to current tech and solutions with concept proofs.

Without a doubt, MWC is the only tech trade show event that brings together the 5G network ecosystem with mobile network operators, enterprise systems integrators and enterprise IT executives. The core areas of this year's MWC trade show event are enterprise transformation, AI networks and Google edge cloud.

Come and collaborate with industry peers, and showcase your solutions and offerings through an experiential exhibit that promotes user engagement and delivers attendees the desired experience! 

6.  Money 20/20 – 2024

Date: Oct 28th-30th 
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada

Talking about the Fintech industry and not mentioning Money 20/20? Well, that's sad. Money 20/20 is the biggest Fintech trade show event. With the most influential gathering of the global ecosystem, it brings together banks, payments, tech, startups, retail, fintech, financial services, policy, and much more!

The trade show event requires you to connect with businesses and peers for critical insights, innovations, and partnerships to ensure your business succeeds in whatever comes next. This year, tap your hands on the macroeconomic market indicator, which has broad implications. Build the latest connections, learn industry insights, and exhibit here for an epic trade show experience, along with showcasing your new and latest solutions and offerings as a contribution to the industry.

7.  AAO - American Academy of Ophthalmology 2024

Date: Oct 18th-21st
Venue:  McCormick Place, Chicago

The AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) 2024 is the Leading trade show conference for Ophthalmology. Taking place on October 2024, it will allow you to tap your hands on excellent opportunities like,

-    Networking with industry peers.
-    Attend seminars and workshops of key industry leaders and prominent speakers.
-    Learn more about tools, equipment and services available
-    Test the equipment through demos showcased as offering solutions
-    Explore the latest technology and,
-    Connect with the academy.

It is your time to exhibit and attend the leading ophthalmology conference, and by upscaling your business here at AAO 2024, you can become one of the leading brands.

Mark your footprints in the leading trade shows in the US this October 2024

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