Know why HRs aren't Human Boring these days!

Know why HRs aren't Human Boring these days!

HR burning questions answered! Was finding top talent or AI-powered engagement your mission?
The Las Vegas HR Tech Conference delivered solutions! Dive into critical takeaways, groundbreaking tech, and the buzzworthy discussions that energized the HR community. The HR Tech Conference happened from 10th – 13th October, 2023.


HR Tech is produced and hosted by Human Resource Executive magazine. It's the largest leading trade show for HR and IT professionals to gain a better and deeper understanding of emerging technologies accompanied by innovative strategies to optimize an organization's people success. It's the only place to get a complete picture of the HR technology market, whether you want to increase your knowledge to buy and effectively implement new systems or stay on top of this rapidly changing industry.

HR Tech is home to the world's largest HR Technology Expo, hosting 500+ exhibitors, including the maximum number of startups in any other show. 2023 HR Tech featured the first annual Pitchfest, where 30 of the most unique and buzzworthy Startups compete for bragging rights as the best innovation.


With a primary focus on driving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize the usage of current HR systems and those looking to buy.

it is where you will gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your company's unique needs in the future.

The HR Tech is famous for hosting the world's largest HR tech marketplace! It is the only place to explore thousands of products from various vendors- from HR Startups to well-known established companies. You can find them all under one roof.
The 2023 HR Tech conference showcased more than 400 HR tech offerings worldwide. It featured products and sessions covering generative AI, people analytics, skills, and remote work, reflecting the industry's current priorities.


For Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, three companies introduced their products and innovations

1. Spark Hire expanded its offerings to provide a full-fledged talent acquisition suite. It consisted of additions for automating hiring, improving candidate experience, and fostering collaboration across Target Audiences.

2.  Work Like featured a video-based resume platform that claimed to foster human connections between job seekers and employers looking out for potential employees.

3.  Yello, a talent acquisition software company, introduced Skills Match, a CRM feature that matches early talent candidates' skills and qualifications with relevant opportunities for them. According to Yello, Skills Match will help build talent pipelines faster than before by recommending candidates for open roles using an intelligent skills taxonomy.

Now, as organizations hire employees, they want their employees to have the best engagement and well-being policies or applications. The company wants the best for its employees, and that's where Employee Engagement and Well-being as a category comes in.

1.  Harri presented Harri Engage to help organizations address low engagement in frontline workforces. The product aimed to simplify moments of engagement through automation, continuous engagement, and sentiment insights, assisting leaders to predict and take careful measures to prevent.

2.  Kinch introduced Heads Up, an AI-powered feature on its well-being platform. This addition promotes self-advocacy and alerts managers when employees need their assistance in any way.

3. YuviTal presented an employee well-being platform encompassing four key corporate well-being categories: physical activity, emotional stability, social connections, and financial responsibilities. This will be combined with incentives and behavioral science techniques; the platform claims to help enhance engagement and facilitate employee behavioral changes.

4. The last one on this list was's platform, which integrates with neuroscience and AI to measure employee well-being using eye movements and facial recognition points. It offers task analytics that allows users to associate data with their activities and gain insights into their well-being.

That's pretty interesting as it might recognize when the person is lying or not in the near future. Hahaha XD

Great organizations always want their employees to grow individually or as a team. 2023 brought many Generative AI and Skills Enhancement technologies as a solution at the conference. Many companies showed off AI-powered solutions designed in such a way as to save employees time, connect them with their skill gaps, and empower them to go beyond their capabilities. Let's take a look at some of the best ones-

1. 360 Learning introduced an AI-powered skills-based learning solution to enhance upskilling and reskilling efforts. This tool tracks employees' skills to help organizations create targeted learning campaigns with collaborative learning and expert-led content.

2. showcased its Skills Architecture module, which helps establish the same skills language across an organization's teams. The module allows HR to analyze skills data so employers can identify their employees' existing skills within their teams. This product will enable better forecasting and a flexible approach to team scaling, as stated by

3. Monark brought an on-demand leadership optimization and development platform for all the HRs, providing AI-powered immersive role-playing and allowing leaders to practice and receive unbiased feedback. Monark claims its platform facilitates faster and more effective behavior change.

HR Technology Expo is happening in RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 2nd to 3rd May this year. HR Tech is where you will definitely discover and unveil all kinds of trends, tools, technology, and insights to take your HR Tech strategies beyond best practices in one place. One will have direct access to industry thought leaders and networking communities.

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