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ICSC Las Vegas 2024: A Preview of the Largest and Most Influential Retail Real Estate Trade Show

ICSC Las Vegas is going to be a show-stopper! This blog offers a general understanding of what to expect from the conference, why you should visit it, and ideas on how to get the most out of this occasion, whether you are planning to participate or are just interested in learning what a conference is.

What is ICSC Las Vegas?

Around 60 years ago, ICSC became the most significant trade association of shopping center developers and owners. They organize huge parties, in which all the leading retail real estate players attend, come to agreements, establish contacts, and receive the latest news concerning the industry. Retail real estate's major annual conference, RECon in Las Vegas, attracts top entrepreneurs and professionals to see the newest trends and trade. ICSC has become the leading retail real estate networking and business group.

When and where is ICSC RECon Las Vegas 2024 happening? 

From May 19-21, 2024, the Las Vegas Convention Center and Westgate Hotel will host ICSC RECon Las Vegas 2024. As the largest retail real estate trade show, RECon Las Vegas offers an opportunity to network, learn, and do business with the top names in the industry. 
Participants can register and make hotel reservations via a link on the trade show's official website provided by its official hotel partner for the show, Peak. It is one of the biggest conferences in the industry, boasting over 37,000 industry professionals and over a thousand exhibitors from all corners of retail real estate.

Recall the significant highlights in the ICSC Las Vegas Conference 2018

As it is, a successful and unforgettable ICSC Las Vegas 2018 demonstrated the ability of retail real estate to spring back with remarkable resilience and creative flair.

The keynote speakers included Howard Schultz, Magic Johnson, and Condoleezza Rice, touching on leadership, business, and international affairs. The exhibitors and sponsors also displayed mixed-use structures, outlet stores, theme parks, and technical applications. One can also find green initiatives implemented at the trade show exhibits. 
The exhibitors and sponsors then held diverse engagements and activities, including receptions, demos, contests, and giveaways.
- The ICSC Foundation benefit held at the Fashion Show collected more than $300,000 to fund the programs and scholarships offered by the foundation. The benefit also paid tribute to the winners of the ICSC Global Awards who toiled for their arrest in retail real estate.

Who attends ICSC RECon Las Vegas?

You will rub shoulders with a diverse crowd, including:

- Retailers: From the big named national chains to the smaller new emerging brands trying to make it big. They can then visit the area to look for new stores and even meet with brokers.

- Real Estate Developers: These are retail real estate developer companies and manage retail spaces like malls, lifestyle centers, outlet malls, and so on. They visit to allow retailers to hire the space.

- Brokers: The brokers who brokerage the retailers to the right real estate option. They attend to interact and engage in transactions.

- Service Providers: Starting with the supply-side perspective of architects, contractors, technology vendors and marketing houses.

- Investors: Investors that are interested in buying retail properties and assets.

Therefore, if you are a retailer looking to find your following store location, a developer marketing your latest lifestyle center, a broker dealing, or a service provider serving the industry – you will likely find the right people to connect with and get business done at ICSC RECon.

What is new and exciting at ICSC RECon Las Vegas 2024?

Similar to 2018, the sessions and workshops touched upon themes that included online-to-offline retailing, experiential retailing, food and beverage trends, outlet leasing, capital markets, etc. Moreover, there were case studies, best practices, and panel sessions presented by practitioners and experts from the industry.

In 2024, there will be a lot to talk about mixed-use developments. These initiatives combine retail, office, residential, entertainment, hotel, and community service under one roof. The attendees would debate the positive effects of Manned-use in redefining communities, drawing customers, and spearheading thriving live, work, and play neighborhoods.

Sustainability is another burning issue of the times, ranging from net carbon-zero buildings to clean energy transport systems such as EV chargers. ICSC also becomes a provider of technologies that help retailers enhance customer understanding and provide personalized omnichannel experience.

Naturally, networking opportunities will provide enough occasions to interact, cooperate, and enjoy yourself with co-workers and peers!

Why is attending ICSC RECon valuable?

In brief, ICSC RECon Las Vegas offers unique experiences to study, socialize, and conduct business – all in a thrilling, attractive environment.

- Uncover trends, insights, and innovations that can influence your business.
- Create strategic networks with stores, builders, brokers, investors, and dealers.
- Find new outlets and negotiate deals that will help grow your retail frontline
- Exhibit your company and services to over 36,000 visitors.
- Bring new information, partnerships, and opportunities for future development.

ICSC RECon Las Vegas holds a massive value for you in the retail real estate as the world’s leading networking and deal-making trade show.


 ICSC RECon Las Vegas 2024 can be a perfect destination to tackle your needs. Visitors learn about the new retail real estate market trends at the international trade show exhibit. You can find the right partners and move your business goals ahead. I am eager to feel it up close! It is also a platform to learn what is trending in the market, what innovation is going around, and where you can get opportunities.

For those planning on attending ICSC Las Vegas 2024, one should register, book a hotel, organize the agenda, and pack smart. Otherwise, it is also possible to follow the trade show on other network sites that will stream the show. ICSC is a tremendous and vital meeting that helps you get the best experience in the retail industry.

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