CES Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade show booth ideas for the biggest tech event, CES

The biggest trade show event for the technology and innovation industry, the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, happens every year at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, it welcomes more than 180.000 attendees, and 4,5 exhibits are 00 exhibitors from different regions of the world. The competition for being the best of CES is fierce as each year, uncountable innovative and trendsetting products are introduced at one of the largest trade shows and conferences in the U.S., the CES event. To stand out at such an international trade show, a brand needs to present itself with a trade show booth that catches the audience's and exhibitors' attention within a fraction of a second.

For exhibitors looking to learn about cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and products that stand way beyond the ordinary, you must mark your participation on the CES platform. To experience what technology means, you should experience the showcase of gadgets at the CES Electric. The global platform at CES is indispensable for those who want to get valuable insights into present and future industry trends, education, and technology updates and explore networking opportunities.

However, last year, CES 2024 tech was no less than an emblem of how technology is improving the world. The figures for last year's CES event were huge, and the numbers are expected to be higher. At the upcoming CES 2025 event , grab the opportunity to place your brand at the centre stage by presenting your tech-infused products and services through appealing custom exhibits on the show floor. With the most innovative CES booth, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's most successful innovators. 

Best of CES 2024

CES 2024 has winded up with a diverse array of promising gadgets. Witnessing the number of cutting-edge products and services introduced at CES events is always overwhelming. From jaw-dropping AR glasses to stunning see-through televisions, below are the best of CES 2024, which we've figured out for you.

Vivoo at Home UTI Diagnostic Test

The Vivoo at-home UTI Diagnostic Test is a magic kit for women suffering from UTI or urinary tract infections. Women with UTIs should know the seriousness of the disease as the infection can reach up to your kidney and can be deadly too. It made the health tech company Vivoo follow up with an at-home UTI diagnostic test kit in the form of an intelligent toilet gadget.

Vivoo at Home UTI Diagnostic Test

This kit allows the patients to check if they have contracted a UTI by peeing in a cup and scanning that stick on the app they downloaded on their phone. Once you've scanned the image, the app will determine the results to help you further consult with the doctor through the received prescription. Along with this, the company also offers pH strips to take precautions against infections in the future.

Eureka Dual Washing Bot
Eureka Dual Washing Bot

Another product that took the limelight at the last CES convention in Las Vegas was this Eureka Dual Washing Bot. The Eureka robot vacuum is placed on the pedestal beneath the combo washer-dryer unit, which cleans the floor with all the advanced AI technologies to detect minute dirt particles and clean them mechanically. The dirty water of the robot’s mop drains as conveniently as a washing machine pipe. Currently, the product is available only in China because of the licensing issue with the company name. 

Abode Edge Camera

The CES 2024 themes were to die for. Besides all other categories, the Adobe Edge Camera was the best. With a Wi-Fi HaLow system made by Morse Micro, the Adobe Edge Camera was worth watching. The mileage of your camera may vary depending on the property's environment. Still, with the Abode Edge Camera, the need to place your security camera outside of your home as close as you can to the Wi-Fi router vanishes.