Pack Expo 2024

The Global Exhibit of Packaging and Processing Industry- Pack Expo 2024

Packaging industry professionals, guess what? Your much-awaited show of the year, Pack Expo, is back with solutions and innovations that will lead your business towards growth, success, and increased ROI. The Pack Expo has been one of the greatest shows in the packaging industry since its inception, as the global show always impresses global leaders and industry professionals. The biannual show, organized at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, USA, is all set to rock the packaging and processing industry again with groundbreaking innovations and the latest techniques at Pack Expo 2024. The trade show event is scheduled between 3rd and 6th November 2024 in Illinois, Chicago.

The primary objective of Pack Expo East is to foster innovations and evolution in the packaging and processing industry. Expo Pack Las Vegas has become a global platform to showcase the latest and most remarkable machinery, container, and material technologies. Expo Pack is also known and praised for presenting significant packaging, storage, and processing solutions.

The Pack Expo West invites participants from various industries, such as packaging, storage, production, automotive, food, and beverage. Companies participating at Pack Expo West 2024 will get the opportunity to discover partnership and networking opportunities and ways to scale up and expand their business in the USA market.

To benefit the exhibitors on the show floor, the Pack Expo International 2024 will offer uncountable opportunities to make international connections, build partnerships and convince their target audiences to invest in the brand. Through productive collaborations and training sessions, exhibitors will learn the best industrial practices through keynote and productive workshops. The key highlight of Pack Expo International is the showcase of the latest technologies to advance the production and packaging industry.

Like Pack Expo East 2024, the trade show exhibit series of Pack Expo provides endless opportunities for exhibitors to grow and produce innovative solutions for the packaging and production industry. Pack Expo 2025 will be a melting pot for industry professionals to gather and explore the latest innovations, share ideas and knowledge to move the industry forward and offer the world diversified business solutions.

What is there for you at Pack Expo 2024-

• At the show floor of Pack Expo International, you'll experience the ways to lift your business.
• Experience the insights of the expert through customized consultations, which are designed to elevate your business.
• The comprehensive software available at Pack Expo, Chicago show floor, will ease your manufacturing processes.
• Get ready to experience effortless growth in your business with the configurable ERP solutions at Pack Expo 2024, Chicago.

What to discover and experience at Pack Expo 2024-

To Discover:

At the bustling trade show floor of Pack Expo Chicago 2024, you'll discover the latest and most innovative technologies, which will address primary priorities like automation, productivity, and innovations in the packaging and production industry

For Attendees to Experience:

Attendees at Pack Expo 2024 will engage with the experts face-to-face about their newest products, services, and innovations to experience the best of the industry. The informative, educational sessions hosted at the 2024 Pack Expo will cover the most critical topics that hold the potential to influence the packaging and production industry.

Key Highlights of Pack Expo 2024- 
Free Educational Sessions

Pack Expo International will host free educational programming sessions for every badge. To experience an immersive experience, visit the sessions and take a seat.

Networking Opportunities

Get ready to engage with industry professionals such as packaged goods, life science companies, and OEMs. Develop the most valuable partnerships that can be used at different stages of your business.

Melting Pot

Attendees from different industries at the Pack Expo East platform use packaging and production techniques in their businesses. The biannual show is one of the most respected and valuable trade show exhibits to experience the real essence of the packaging and production business.


We all know how vast and significant the Pack Expo International show is. The global trade show, held biannually in the USA, focuses on the packaging and processing industry. The premiere show is back with yet another innovation—and technology-infused edition to welcome international exhibitors and decision-makers. The trade show exhibit will occur between November 3rd and November 6th, 2024, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Get ready to experience the latest and most potent products, innovations and technologies at Pack Expo 2024. The comprehensive trade show event will be open to seven different categories. The global exhibit will invite more than 2,000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees to the show floor to foster international networks and contribute towards improving the packaging and processing industry.

Gear up and get ready to mark your presence at PACK EXPO International 2024, the biggest and the most incredible show for representing brands, ideas, innovations and technology to a global audience. Learn the best practices to elevate your business at Pack Expo 2024.

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