Licensing Expo 2024

Licensing Expo 2024

Licensing Expo, the premiere event in the brand licensing and IP extension industry, is all set to welcome you all to explore an immersive experience with dedicated programs for event participants to ensure that the attendees get global exposure. The annual event will be organized between May 21, 2024, and May 23, 2024, at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas. Licensing Expo 2024 will invite attendees who are global consumer product manufacturers, retailers and industry professionals.

Every year, the Licensing Expo is organized by Informa Markets’ Global Licensing Group to host the current and upcoming biggest brands of the world looking to foster new collaborations to develop best-in-class officially licensed consumer product ranges.
The theme for Licensing Expo 2024 is all set to bring power play in building and developing brands in the spotlight. Participants at Licensing Expo 2024 will get an exhilarating experience while discovering the latest industrial updates, and some of them are –

•    New immersive brand experiences, 
•    Meaningful educational content 
•    Networking opportunities
•    Insights into what’s current and what’s next

Industry professionals show your excitement as we are leveraging the modern techniques and technologies of the Licensing world as we move into the evolution of the next edition of the Licensing Expo; you should expect an immersion into the highest quality of new business opportunities in the industry and the witness the development of exciting advancements for the future of the licensing industry.

What makes Licensing Expo 2024, a must-attend event?

Licensing Expo is a global event that we can't wait for! The first trade show exhibit of the Licensing Expo was organized in 1980. Till then, Licensing Expo has been the world's largest and most influential tradeshow, which is entirely dedicated to licensing and brand extension.

There are plenty of crucial elements which make the Licensing Expo an event to attend, and some of them are here-  

•   More than 5000 brands will be showcased at the event
•   Exhibitors will get a global opportunity to showcase their brand in front of 10,000 unique attendees 
•   Over 5,500 online meeting sessions will be hosted by industry leaders
•   More than 14% of retailers will attend the event to understand the trends and make informed decisions to take their business to a higher level. 
•   Licensees, manufacturers, distributors, and licensing agents will attend the Licensing Expo 2024 exhibit from more than 70 countries.

About Licensing Expo

Licensing International is a leading trade organization in the $340+ billion licensing industry. The event's mission is to foster the growth of brand licensing worldwide to raise professionalism in the licensing industry. The event was founded in 1985 with more than 1,500 Licensing International member companies from more than 40 countries. The industry professionals gather under one platform to access an array of benefits. The Licensing Expo includes educational programming, worldwide networking events, and product product sessions. 

How ES will be your true exhibit partner at Licensing Expo 2024

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The world is constantly evolving, and so is the business of brand licensing. To showcase the latest trends, emerging ideas, innovations and knowledge to take the licensing industry a step ahead, Licensing Expo 2024 is around the corner to set the stage on fire again. Together, let's craft a trade show booth design at the Licensing Expo and step into the next stage of development mee, with expert executives to showcase what you are and appeal to the audience with what they need. With Exhibits Studio, the best trade show service-providing company in Las Vegas, explore the emerging trends, new business opportunities and ways to connect at Licensing Expo 2024, a genuinely must-attend event for global brand business professionals. 

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