What is the ISSA Show 2024 & what is its purpose?

The ISSA trade show has started impacting the global cleaning and sanitation community. It gathers exhibitors, professionals, customers, investors, and media worldwide from the cleaning and sanitation industry. The show provides a platform to pitch ideas, innovations, and information to be implemented in the cleaning industry. The primary motive of the ISSA show is to change the world's perspective and change how people view cleaning. 

Every November, the ISSA Show North America sets the platform for the cleaning and sanitation community professionals to introduce ways to drive the industry's future landscape. The industry professional finds the ISSA show a must-attend trade show to experience the latest products and equipment of the cleaning and sanitation community. The show also provides access to advance your career through various educational sessions, connect with industry leaders and like-minded professionals, and discuss challenges which the industry is facing. The ISSA show is explicitly created to educate, inform, and train industry professionals to manage their businesses efficiently. 

The purpose behind forming the ISSA Show North America was to make it the leading source of education, innovations, information, connection and commercial opportunities for the global cleaning and sanitation industry. The ISSA Show Las Vegas is the global platform where the leaders converge to exchange knowledge and ideas and discover cutting-edge solutions to take the industry a step ahead. This way, the ISSA Vegas show influences the world to change their perspective towards cleaning. The ISSA Show North America is all set to return between November 18th- and November 21st 2024, at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore, learn and experience the most excellent cleaning community trade show.

Benefits of attending ISSA Show 2024

The ISSA Show 2024 will be a global platform for the convergence of cleaning industry professionals to discuss emerging trends and challenges in facility management and maintenance. It is a much-anticipated trade show for cleaning industry professionals as it allows them to make valuable connections, explore innovations, and learn from experts under one roof.

ISSA Show North America 2024 primarily focuses on promoting cleanliness as a valuable resource for human health. The buzz for ISSA Show 2024 worldwide is increasing daily, and the reasons are apparent. The show provides an exceptional platform for those interested in the global cleaning and sanitation community. The ISSA Show 2024 will provide its participants with educational training to advance their careers. The ISSA trade show 2024 is fueled by industry experts, global leaders, and enthusiastic professionals, allowing them to connect and forge meaningful partnerships. 

Below are the benefits of attending the ISSA Show 2024 to get the maximum industry knowledge, experience innovation, and explore ideas and cutting-edge solutions to take the industry forward.

Exhibit Hall

At the ISSA Trade Show 2024 exhibit hall, get ready to explore the latest products and meet industry suppliers and groundbreaking innovations with live demonstrations of the products on the show floor. More than 600 exhibitors and 13,000 people attended the ISSA trade show 2023, making it a huge success. At ISSA Show 2024, enhanced results are expected as the biggest trade show for the cleaning community is all set to bring impactful changes in the industry.


Every success story starts with knowledge. Join us for more than 70 educational and training sessions by the industry's thought leaders.


With leaders, professionals, and participants worldwide, the ISSA Show 2024 will be the perfect place to expand your network and make fruitful partnerships.

Who can Exhibit at the ISSA Show 2024?

The ISSA Show North America will invite professionals from products, services, or anything related to the cleaning and sanitation community. Professionals and investors from hospitals and other healthcare services, schools, factories, and food service establishments will also participate in the global trade show.

Who can Attend the ISSA Show 2024?

The ISSA North American Conference is globally recognized as the most significant trade show event in the cleaning industry. The ISSA Show has a huge fan base as it caters to every cleaning and corporation industry segment.

Professionals from the cleaning industry can attend the show to get an immersive experience of the cleaning and sanitation industry's products, services, and equipment. Attendees at the ISSA show in Las Vegas can attend educational and training sessions, workshops, and seminars offering official certifications and the latest industry trends and updates.

Co-related cleaning shows

There are many co-related shows on the ISSA show, which you can attend if you missed the ISSA Vegas show

•    ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America
•    Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Convention
•    International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) Convention
•    Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARSCI) Convention 
•    Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) Convention 

Be sure to participate in the ISSA Show 2024, featuring bespoke booth designs by Exhibits Studio

The ISSA Show 2024 is calling you—don't take advantage of the opportunity to mark your presence on the show floor. Get ready to make new relationships and meaningful partnerships and get insights into industry trends with industry experts on the show floor. The ISSA platform shows North America 2024, where you'll gather information and have the opportunity to connect with qualified buyers and investors in the industry. With several skilled experts in the cleaning industry, you'll also get solutions to manage residential and commercial cleaning operations better. More efficiently. With the right booth design by Exhibits Studio, you will surely attract the audience's attention on the show floor and set your brand apart from the competitors at the ISSA Show 2024. 

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