Are you ready to get an exhilarating ride to be cherished for a lifetime? If so, then the IAAPA Expo is the place for you. IAAPA Expo, Orlando, is one of the most significant trade show exhibits for enthusiastic professionals in the theme park industry. In every edition, the global exhibit gathers passionate industry professionals from around the world under one roof to discuss how to bring extensive facilities to create an immersive guest experience. Held annually, The IAAPA EXPO is scheduled to take place between 19th November and 22nd November 2024 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, USA.

The IAAPA Expo, Orlando, is a melting pot for those interested in the theme park industry. The four-day annual event is dedicated to giving the citizens a memorable guesting experience. IAAPA Expo Orlando 2024 will host productive conferences and keynote sessions by global leaders and industry experts. You can always expect and experience a lot at an international trade show exhibit like the IAAPA Expo. The annual expo is the best platform to experience the excitement and enthusiasm in the entertainment industry.

The IAAPA Expo Orlando 2024 will primarily focus on the latest innovations and attractions in the products and services of the industry. If you're planning to visit the IAAPA Expo Florid, then get ready to experience the opportunities to explore the latest innovations, cutting-edge technologies and advancements, scaling up the industry, networking opportunities, and learn the best practices to do more business and foster meaningful partnerships with the industry bright minds. The bustling show floor at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando will be filled with professionals from various industries, such as science centers, theme parks and zoos, amusement centers, family entertainment centers, and attractions.

Submission Guidelines for IAAPA Expo 2024?

The guidelines for submission at IAAPA Attraction Expo Florida seek abstracts that bring the best thinking approach in the industry, which is informed by theory and supported by research and some case studies. Ensure that the content you're about to submit should contain information and data relevant to the attraction industry. It will be great if you, as an IAAPA Expo, Florida participant, walk into the global exhibit with a bunch of fresh ideas and approaches along with best practices and innovations, which can be helpful to take the industry to a higher level as the industry is all about fun and excitement! Below are some of the guidelines which you should consider while submitting the guidelines at IAAPA Expo, Orlando 2024- 

•    The exhibit will accept multiple abstracts, but a speaker can only participate in four sessions. 
•    The show floor of IAAPA Expo 2024 cannot be used as a platform to promote your products, services or other offerings. The global will not allow sales pitches at all. 
•    Only one representative can represent the company at IAAPA Expo 2024. Two members from the same company are not allowed. 
•    The time and date for the session may fluctuate. The global exhibit will balance session types and topics throughout the conference.

•    The exhibitors of IAAPA Expo, Florida 2024 must agree to the terms and conditions of the IAAPA Expo Speaker Agreement, including; 

•    Completing the presentation materials mentioned on the IAAPA Expo, Orlando 2024 PowerPoint provided to the exhibitors.
•    Make sure to upload the completed version of the IAAPA Expo presentation in advance.
•    Use the computer system set up provided to you in the exhibit hall.

•    The sessions of the IAAPA Expo, Orlando, will be recorded and used for a concurrent digital event and as a resource on the IAAPA Expo's online learning platform.
•    If the number of sessions increases or decreases, the IAAPA Expo can adjust or change the session format to form the equilibrium.

Why IAAPA Expo 2024 Orlando, is your trade show exhibit to represent your brand? 

IAAPA Expo 2024 comes with many reasons to be a part of this global trade show exhibit. As a participant in this premiere event, you'll grab some of the most productive industry insights from keynote sessions and conferences. These insights will help you be a meaningful asset to your company in bringing business and development to scale it up. With a tech-infused experiential exhibit designed by the best trade show booth builders in Orlando, you can showcase your brand's unique value propositions and be at the forefront of the industry with the latest technologies. The dynamic environment at the IAAPA Expo, Florida 2024, will inspire business owners and decision-makers to come up with new and meaningful ideas through detailed lectures by industry thought leaders and global speakers.

At the show floor of IAAPA Expo 2024, exhibitors can connect with more than 38,000 verified theme park buyers from over 90 countries worldwide. Through trade show booth rentals crafted perfectly by Exhibits Studio, you can impress the global audience by serving them what they've been looking for. This will help you foster a healthy customer-client relationship through exceptional customer experiences. 

The IAAPA Expo Florida will also have panel discussions and conference sessions by bright minds in the industry. These professionals will engage with the exhibitors and the audience on the show floor through their experiences, journeys, challenges and how they overcome them. Register for your brand today and steal the spotlight at IAAPA Expo 2024 through immersive trade show displays designed by the USA's best trade show booth builder, i.e., Exhibits Studio. 


The IAAPA, or the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, is a global trade show exhibit which represents the attraction industry across the globe. The IAAPA Expo Orlando 2024 is set to host several events and conferences by renowned industry experts and global leaders to give participants an experience they'll remember forever. The IAAPA Attraction Expo in Florida will feature thousands of exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations, products, services, and other offerings. The conferences and keynote sessions at the IAAPA Expo provide the chance for the participants to engage, connect, and learn about the best practices for doing business. Now is your time to scale up your company and amaze the world with the latest and greatest innovations in the global attraction industry at IAAPA Expo 2024. Reach out to Exhibits Studio for the best trade show exhibit assistance at IAAPA 2024. 

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