Clinical Lab Expo 2024

Clinical Lab Expo 2024

Clinical Lab Expo is also known as ADLM and formerly as AACC Clinical Lab Expo. Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will be among the most significant medical, chemistry and science trade exhibits. The premier global laboratory medicine exposition at AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will give numerous opportunities to the participants on the show floor to scale up their business soon. The AACC Clinical Lab Expo is the ideal trade show exhibit for learning about groundbreaking innovations, the latest trends, exciting ideas, and opportunities the industry offers to the professionals involved.

The annual trade show exhibit is scheduled for 31st July to 1st August 2024 in Chicago, Illinois. Talking about the past year's show success, AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2023 has significantly shaped the future of clinical testing and patient care. AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will also provide attendees with a global platform to discover over 900 exhibitors showcasing their products and services on the show floor and adapting solutions for their lab-related needs.

The AACC, i.e. American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab, Chicago, Illinois, will be a huge trade show event where exhibitors from different corners of the world will exhibit their brand, showcasing their brand's unique values, products and services at the trade show floor through impressive trade show booth designs. The American Association for Clinical Chemistry will host various events on science, health care, chemistry, laboratory, clinical chemistry, and clinical laboratory science to give the participants the most out of this global trade show exhibit. The AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will invite more than 20,000 participants and explore the opportunities and challenges the Medical, Chemistry and Science industry can receive sooner or later.

About Clinical Lab Expo 2024

You should know a lot about the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, 2024. The global trade show exhibit is one of the biggest platforms where you can interact with the international laboratory medicine community and explore the industry from a different perspective. The AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will host over 100 educational programs, productive workshops, keynote expert sessions, and a creative trade show for medical professionals. 

Attendees at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will be able to showcase the latest product innovations, ways to develop the latest technologies, and research at the exhibit platform. Professionals from labs and solutions will benefit significantly from AACC 2024. 

The annual scientific meeting and clinical lab expo will offer attendees and exhibitors a global platform to interact with industry leaders and like-minded professionals and connect with the leaders of clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, medicine development, lab management, and many other areas of science and medicine.

At ADLM 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Interact with seasoned industry professionals in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, and many other areas, which contribute to understanding the intricacies of the science and medicine industry. 
• Clinical Lab Expo 2024 will feature over 900 exhibitors and more than 200 products and services. Come learn cutting-edge technology at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024. 
• Interactive sessions on vital research and essential changes in the field will be discussed on the exhibit floor.
• With more than 250 educational opportunities in the form of lectures, plenary sessions, scientific sessions, and roundtable sessions, you can have an educational experience that meets your need to stay ahead of changes in the field.

What the Clinical Lab Expo 2024 Features?

Over 900 Exhibitors

Bringing AACC clinical lab expo 2023 into the spotlight, the annual trade show has invited over 900 exhibitors from around the globe, with 200+ product categories, to give the audience an immersive experience on the exhibit floor.

Product Showcase

Whether you're an exhibitor or an attendee at AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, the show will be equally special for all of you. At AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, you will get an international platform to introduce your brand and showcase your existing products and services to a global audience. You'll find an electronic billboard outside the Expo Hall entrance, giving you information about the latest products and services.

Lecture Series Presentations

At AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, prepare to learn about new medical technologies, equipment, services, and innovations through various lecture series presentations. The lecture series presentations will be held in the theatre located in the exhibit hall, so you can enjoy all the exhibit activities without leaving the venue. 

Experience Immersive Industry Workshops at Clinical Lab Expo, 2024-

At the AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, organized in Chicago, Illinois, you'll discover the latest medical innovations and experience the development of critical lab medicines to make the patient care process much easier and accessible to all. If you're one of the exhibitors at AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, then be sure to deliver an outstanding experience to the audience and the collaborators on the show floor with innovative trade show booth designs. By choosing the best trade show services company in Chicago, Illinois, i.e. Exhibits Studio, you get a stunning trade show booth design and construction, which appeals to the audience to know more about your products and services and eventually invest in your brand. 

Exhibits Studio is well-versed in meeting all your trade show needs. Whether you are looking for a trade show booth rental, modular exhibits, custom trade show booths, or experiential exhibits, for a presence that stands out from your brand from competitors at AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024, choose Exhibits Studio for the best result.


AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 is one of the most significant trade show events in the medical, science and technology industry, which you shouldn't miss. With more than 20,000 participants and decision-makers, the show will mark another year of a successful trade show event. Influencers from the IVD marketplace will also mark their presence on the show floor, making AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 a grand success.

Suppose you're exhibiting at AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024; you should promote your brand, products and services through stunning trade show booth displays or rental exhibits and foster international connections to strengthen your business. If you have new products or services, or even a brand to launch, and you plan to launch on a bigger scale, use the global platform of AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2024 and educate the attendees on what special and unique you offer.

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