Woof! Rewind: Recapping the Highlights of SuperZoo'23

Woof! Rewind: Recapping the Highlights of SuperZoo'23 - Banner Image

Woof! Rewind: Recapping the Highlights of SuperZoo'23

Whether you had a pet before, have a pet now, or are thinking of adopting one, if you consider yourself in any of the one situations, Superzoo can fulfill every need.
Remember, when you come home after a long day at work, someone is waiting for you by the door. And the moment your keys click open the door, that one creature wagging its tail comes to greet you with those four tiny little paws. 
It feels good, doesn't it? Just thinking about it.

You love them with all your heart.
Now, their needs are so vital to you, more than yours. Imagine a whole big center where an exhibit takes place with everything you want to know about your pet's needs. From their healthy and nutritious food to how you can groom them, from playing with them to taking part in a contest as team floof.


Superzoo happened from 16th to 18th August 2023 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, US. Those three days were packed with cuteness, smartness, and many happy, curious pet lovers and parents.
Started by the World Pet Association in 1950, Superzoo has grown tremendously to become North America's most extensive pet retail show. With its rich education offerings, easy-to-shop show floors, and fun-filled atmosphere with many contests, its reputation has grown much stronger over the years.

Some facts about the Attendees-

The year 2023 was terrific for Superzoo as it experienced around-
1.    More than 1,100 exhibitors, including 103 first-time exhibitors.
2.    With 40 expert speakers to talk about pet-related topics.
3.    Over 65 seminars and sessions at the exhibit included topics like grooming, retail, and free show floor talks.

The sessions were thoughtfully designed, featuring specialized tracks for retailers and groomers, allowing each and every individual as an attendee to focus on topics relevant to them. The education sessions took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, providing ample opportunities for attendees to dive deep into their interests. In addition to that, exclusive content and unique learning opportunities were also available in sessions on Thursday.

Let's talk about booths at Superzoo specialized in various categories-

1.    80 booths specialized in the lifestyle of your pet.
2.    73 booths with Groomer's marketplace.
3.    Over 19 International pavilion
4.    21 booths specialized in aquatics, birds, reptiles, and small animals.
5.    291 booths with Natural and Health as specialization.

Over 1000+ products will debut at the New Product Showcase, celebrating the innovative ideas that will transform the pet industry.
Superzoo'23 included great opportunities for attendees to network and collaborate with other pet professionals. With a beach party on 17th August at Mandalay Bay Beach, it was an opportunity to be noticed. 

Winners of some contests of 2023-

1.    Best Pet Stylist in Show- Jackie Boultan from Canada
2.    Best All Around Pet Stylist in Show- Jacob Robinson 
3.    For Creative Styling, Blaze Schoen from Florida bagged first place.

New Products that Grabbed Judges Attention-
The winners of the New Product Showcase Award were these-

1.    Bird- Wyld's Wingdom PerchPal
2.    Small Animal- Happy Habitats the Roam, With Patented Paw Protection Tech
3.    Accessories and Gifts- Oase Living Water biOrb AIR 30 Automated Terrarium
4.    Aquatic- LOOP 30 Aquarium
5.    Grooming- Paw Ready Dental Hygiene Kit


The show was a blast, with a 10% increase in its attendees since 2022, and as said, the pet industry is rapidly evolving with new tech and innovation. Overall, visiting Superzoo 2024 would be on the bucket list of many more pet parents and would create a perfect opportunity for all the individuals to explore more for the love for our pets. 
Superzoo 2024 Date:  14th August to 16th August 2024

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