Top 30 trade shows in Las Vegas

Top 30 trade shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the most popular and loved city, is known as the world's entertainment capital. Besides being a premiere venue for cuisines and casinos, Las Vegas is also renowned as the trade show hub of the world. Las Vegas, the city of dreams and desires, has now become the prominent venue for trade shows where business, industry professionals and world leaders come together. Beyond bright neon lights, concerts, world-class restaurants and dynamic nightlife, Las Vegas is North America's top trade show destination, as the city hosts thousands of trade show exhibits annually. Exhibitors, industry professionals, and global leaders visit Las Vegas to exhibit their brands worldwide or experience the glory of the international trade shows scheduled in the city.

If you're a seasoned exhibitor or a first-timer, you must know the world's biggest industries and where they are hosting the trade shows for industry professionals. This information will help you stay at the industry's forefront by sidestepping your competitors and forging meaningful connections with like-minded industry professionals and potential investors. If the thought of exhibiting at top trade shows in Las Vegas trade revolves around your mind, stick to this blog, as it will help you with the top 30 trade shows in Las Vegas in 2024 where you can exhibit your brand. 

Below is the list of the top 30 trade shows in Las Vegas, 2024, which you should hop on to be the overpowered exhibitor of your industry- 


1)    JCK, Las Vegas, 2024

Date- May 31- June 3, 2024 
Venue- Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

If you’re a jewellery industry professional looking for a trade show exhibit that will add extraordinary value to your business, then JCK, Las Vegas, 2024 is the exhibit you shouldn't miss.

JCK is one of the premier trade show exhibits for jewellery industry professionals to scale up their business by connecting with industry leaders, engaging with potential customers and clients, and learning new concepts to level up their brand and place it at the forefront of growth and revenue. 

With over 30,000 influential leaders worldwide, 1800 global exhibitors, and thousands of industry retailers and manufacturers, you'll experience innovative ideas and concepts to infuse into your business and show the world that you're the kind of your industry. JCK Las Vegas, 2024, will be a one-stop destination for the most diverse industry professionals and products, a place where the real magic happens.

2)    ICSC Las Vegas, 2024

Date- May 19- May 21, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

ICSC Las Vegas is the much-anticipated real estate industry trade show. The premiere trade show takes place annually in May in Las Vegas. Industry professionals who want to make the most out of the global trade show must attend the exhibit. ICSC Las Vegas 2024's show floor will gather industry experts and decision-makers who are bringing revolutionary impacts and groundbreaking innovations to the commercial real estate industry. 

The annual exhibit will attract 1,000 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees worldwide to experience extraordinary innovation in the commercial real estate industry. Exhibitors and attendees, be ready to experience keynote sessions and productive workshops and expand your network at ICSC Las Vegas, 2024, exhibit floor. 

3)    Licensing Expo, 2024

Date- May 21- May 23, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Do you know where the concept of paw petrol lunchboxes and AC/DC tee started? It all started from the show floor of the Licensing Expo. The global trade show exhibit gathers thousands of brands under one roof to engage and introduce innovations that the world loves to witness and experience. At the Licensing Expo 2024, thousands of new brands get the licenses to enter the dynamic world to assist users with extraordinary features and services.

With thousands of exhibitors and attendees, the global trade show exhibit of the licensing industry, i.e., the Licensing Expo, will allow the exhibitors to communicate with influential brands and decision-makers to forge meaningful partnerships. At the show floor of Licensing Expo 2024, attendees will get an immersive experience to engage with global leaders and know more about the latest and emerging trends in the industry. The Licensing Expo, Las Vegas, is committed to positively impacting the environment and social responsibility by creating a productive difference in the community the sector engages with. 

4)    InfoComm, Las Vegas, 2024

Date- June 12th- June 14th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

InfoComm is one of the most significant audiovisual trade show exhibits worldwide. The largest audiovisual industry trade show exhibit gathers professionals who are manufacturers, retailers, integrators, and end-users of audiovisual products. The global platform at InfoComm 2024 offers opportunities for industry professionals to present their ideas, innovations, products, and services in front of a global audience. 

The show floor of Infocomm 2024 will be filled with over 11,500 trade visitors who will learn what's new and trending in the audiovisual industry, as well as 7,000 exhibitors who will present their ideas, products, services, and innovations to the world. InfoComm 2024 will be the best platform for audiovisual industry professionals to forge productive partnerships, generate quality leads, and increase brand awareness. 

5)    Cosmoprof North America, 2024

Date- July 23 – July 25, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Beauty industry enthusiasts, keep your excitement high as the biggest B2B trade show in the beauty industry, Cosmoprof North America, is back. The trade show is a much-anticipated beauty and cosmetics exhibit worldwide, hosting various events that offer industry professionals the opportunity to gather under one roof and engage with others by sharing ideas, thoughts, and relevant information. Cosmoprof North America, the leading beauty industry exhibit, highlights the best in skincare, haircare, body care fragrances, cosmetics, and more for an audience that is focused on outcomes. 

The number of attendees and exhibitors at Cosmoprof North America is growing by 20% each year, and the 2024 edition will gather much more attendees and exhibitors at the show floor than CPNA 2023. Industry professionals and enthusiasts, what else are you waiting for? Mark your presence on the floor of the most extensive beauty industry trade show, i.e., Cosmoprof North America, 2024, and experience revolutionary technologies, product innovations, and new channels of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of the products and services.

6)    Superzoo, 2024

Date- August 13th- August 16th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Superzoo, the most extensive trade show exhibit in the pet retail industry, is the place where business gets done and productive partnerships are made. The ever-exciting pet industry trade show allows its exhibitors to connect and learn about the newest innovations in the industry. The show floor of Superzoo 2024 will invite more than 20,000 buyers who are seeking new products, services, ideas and innovations in the industry.

If you belong to the pet industry, the exhibit floor at Superzoo 2024 will be the place you shouldn't miss exhibiting. The show will invite over 1,300 exhibitors to engage with each other and forge meaningful partnerships to take their businesses to different levels of growth and success.

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7)    Oracle OpenWorld, 2024

Date- September 9th- September 12th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The most extensive trade show exhibit designed for Oracle customers, investors, and partners is the platform that provides opportunities for its participants to discover the latest and emerging Oracle solutions. Solutions related to applications and databases by developers to end-users converge under one platform to discuss solutions. At the bustling show floor of Oracle Open World 2024, you'll experience groundbreaking innovations, ideas, and skills, engage with industry experts and like-minded professionals, and learn solutions you'll need to eliminate challenges in your business.

Get ready to explore technologies, ideas, solutions and knowledge to sidestep the challenges you’re facing in your business and reach your desired business goals. Oracle OpenWorld, Las Vegas 2024 is a must-attend exhibit for you if you belong to the industry and want to experience ways to level up your business or to seek helpful information to serve the world with a better product or service. 

Oracle Cloud World 2024 will invite over 20,000 Oracle customers, industry professionals, business owners, IT professionals, and decision-makers to the show floor. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience product demos, advanced practices, and keynote sessions from global leaders and Oracle experts.

8)    Human Resource Technology Conference and Expo, 2024

Date- September 24th- September 26th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas 

The longest-running trade show exhibit of the HR innovation industry is back. Yes, you guessed it right. The HR Technology Conference & Exposition, 2024, is all set to take place at North America's biggest trade show hub, Las Vegas. The annual exhibit is also known as the "Town Hall Meeting" for the HR innovation industry. The HR Technology Conference and Expo gathers industry leaders, skilled analysts, innovators, and HR and business owners.

The HR Conference and Expo is an HR and work technology exhibit. The 3-day annual exhibit will invite industry professionals, innovators and decision-makers under one platform to exchange ideas, learn new technologies, explore trends and make long-lasting partnerships.

9)    Supply Side West, 2024 

Date- October 28th- October 31st, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Supply Side West is a premier trade show exhibit of the food and ingredient industry, which gathers health and nutrition professionals, buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and business owners from the industry to engage with each other and bring solutions to significant industry challenges. Get ready to discover the latest in healthy food and nutritional ingredients at Supply Side West 2024, a global trade show exhibit focused on discussing science and strategies used to develop a finished product and drive the global business economy. 

Supply Side West 2024 will be inviting more than 17,000 buyers and suppliers from the ingredient industry who deal with purchasing and selling dietary supplements, beverages, functional foods, personal care and sports nutrition products and deal with these industries. Industry professionals and innovators get the opportunity to discover ideas, innovations, and information to transform their businesses and fulfil the needs of the audience. 

10)    MWC Las Vegas, 2024

Date- October 8th- October 10th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center

MWC Las Vegas, 2024, the biggest trade show exhibit in the mobile industry, will primarily focus on the performance, security, and agility of Enterprise 5G. The much-anticipated trade show exhibit worldwide will also find solutions to how Artificial Intelligence can help organizations operate and compete in the market. The largest connectivity event in the world is entirely dedicated to the development and innovations in the mobile industry. 

The global exhibit of the mobile industry will invite industry exhibitors, dealers, technology providers and manufacturers to connect and forge meaningful partnerships and bring impactful solutions, innovations, devices and services to the world.

11)    Money 20/20, 2024

Date- October 27th- October 30th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas, Nevada

Money20/20, Las Vegas, is a much-anticipated trade show for the global money ecosystem industry. The annual trade show exhibit creates a platform for international banks, tech, startups, payments, retail, fintech, and many more to assemble, introduce the latest innovations to the world, and bring solutions to the industry's biggest challenges. 

The unique platform of Money 20/20, Las Vegas, provides equal opportunities for industry professionals to engage with each other, share knowledge and ideas and discover solutions, allowing the end-users to experience the latest and greatest every year in the global money ecosystem industry. Attendees at Money 20/20, 2024, Las Vegas, will experience information, knowledge and solutions to keep themselves at the forefront of the industry by exploring the latest tools and solutions. Attendees of Money 20/20, 2024 will also get the opportunity to forge productive partnerships with like-minded industry professionals and drive innovation in the industry. Get ready to showcase your latest products, services and innovations to 10,000 people at Money 20/20, Las Vegas, 2024.

12)    FI North America

Date- October 30th- October 31st, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Professionals from the food, beverages and dietary food supplement industry get ready to be a part of FI North America, 2024, a FI Global event. The annual trade show exhibit will focus on providing the food and beverage industry manufacturers with access to the market to reach out to the end-users of their products and services. The unique platform of FI North America allows industry retailers to connect with manufacturers from different parts of the world. As one of the most extensive consumer food and beverage markets, FI North America has welcomed the United States into the market. The global trade show will allow its attendees to do business, network with each other and explore various opportunities. 

13)    National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), 2024

Date- October 22nd – October 24th 
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), 2024, is all set to be scheduled in Las Vegas, the trade show hub of the USA. The global trade show exhibit will focus on the latest aircraft, innovations for flight decks and new ideas to scale up the audience's experience connected to the aviation industry. The bustling show floor of NBAA 2024, Las Vegas, will invite industry professionals, leaders and decision-makers under one roof to discuss the industry's future.

As an exhibitor, the NBAA-BACE will be the ideal platform for you to explore ways to strengthen your business, increase brand awareness, and make your brand a global name in the industry and worldwide. Get yourself ready to gain access to global business owners, decision-makers, and buyers of aviation products and services at NBAA 2024.

14)    IMEX America, 2024 

Date- October 8th- October 10th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

IMEX America, a leading trade show exhibit for the business events industry, is ready to welcome you to a global platform where you can promote your destinations and partners in front of industry leaders, experts and international audiences. IMEX America deals with global meetings, incentive programs, conferences and other events. The 3-day annual trade show is scheduled in Las Vegas. It will host several keynote sessions, productive workshops, seminars and events to let the participants engage with each other and get the most out of the global exhibit. Held in Las Vegas, this 3-day trade show welcomes over 5,000 event buyers from 65 countries.

IMEX 2024 will invite suppliers, buyers and industry professionals from more than 65 countries to experience an exhilarating exhibit and conference with uncountable opportunities to forge meaningful partnerships and do business. Attendees at IMEX America, 2024, will get an exclusive experience through educational programs with industry leaders discussing industry-related challenges and how to overcome them. The annual exhibit will invite more than 5,000 event buyers worldwide to experience an unforgettable trade show exhibit. 

15)    Global Gaming Expo

Date- October 7th – October 10th, 2024
Venue- The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas 

Global Gaming Expo is a leading trade show exhibit of the gaming industry which focuses on fostering innovation and driving growth by gathering the global sector under one roof to get business done and deliver productive outcomes to the world. The international platform of G2E, 2024 will provide the exhibitors with a platform where they can launch innovation, gain global exposure, and connect with their targeted audiences to understand their needs and expectations from the industry and to cater to them in the future. Get ready to make meaningful connections, experience trends and innovations shaping the gaming industry, gain future insights to define the gaming industry and claim the spotlight as the gaming innovator at Global Gaming Expo, 2024 in Las Vegas. 

16)    Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) 2024

Date- November 5th – November 8th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center

If you want to experience thousands of products and service innovations or meet brilliant exhibitors to forge meaningful partnerships, then SEMA is the show you shouldn't miss. The global trade show exhibit for the automotive industry focuses on introducing the latest trends in custom vehicles, 99+ professional skill-enhancing educational sessions by international leaders and bringing revolutionary innovations into the industry to eliminate the challenges the industry professionals are facing.

SEMA Show, Las Vegas invites industry experts, global leaders, and exhibitors to the show floor, where you can promote your innovation and brands to skilled and qualified buyers, the media industry's most influential professionals, and a global audience. At the show floor of SEMA 2024, Las Vegas, more than 1,50,000 visitors and 2,200 exhibitors will be gathered from different corners of the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to pitch your brand on a global platform and make your brand the talk of the town. 

17)    Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), 2024

Date- November 5th- November 7th, 2024
Venue- The Venetian Expo & Caesar’s Forum, Las Vegas

AAPEX, or Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, is the only event worldwide that comprises live, interactive demos, training, and educational sessions by industry experts at one platform to let industry exhibitors, professionals, and enthusiastic audiences get the most from this global trade show exhibit. AAPEX, Las Vegas, is the right trade show to help your business move in the right direction.

The aftermarket parts exhibit invites skilled professionals and exhibitors from the industry to engage with each other and make productive partnerships. AAPEX Show, Las Vegas, is that show that will open doors to endless opportunities for your business to thrive. It will bring you quality leads, increase your brand awareness, and let you meet and connect with like-minded professionals. 

18)    Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA), 2024

Date- November 19th- November 22nd, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center

If you want to experience a world of opportunities and depth of possibilities, the DEMA, Las Vegas, is the show where you should mark your presence. The annual trade show exhibit is the most significant and only trade show in the diving, water sports, and adventure travel industries. The show floor at DEMA 2024 will be filled with more than 500 exhibitors and thousands of dive industry business professionals from different corners of the world to explore ideas, introduce innovations and experience extraordinary solutions to drive the industry's future. DEMA, 2024, Las Vegas, will host several educational sessions by industry experts to let the attendees and exhibitors engage with them and get insights into the future of the dive industry. 

19)    Black Hat, 2024

Date- August 3rd – August 8th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Black Hat USA is the cybersecurity industry's most extensive and significant trade show exhibit. The 6-day global exhibit features opportunities to experience the power of engagement and brand awareness as the show invites global leaders and industry experts of the cybersecurity world. Cybersecurity enthusiasts attend the exhibit to explore what's new and what's coming in the industry next.  

Held annually, the Black Hat, USA, 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities to its participants to connect, engage and influence the cybersecurity industry with groundbreaking innovations and solutions.

At Black Hat, USA, 2024, your brand will get immense exposure, awareness, and engagement, which will later help maximize your ROI. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the dozens of social events and tool demos in Arsenal and connect with the experts and like-minded professionals to add much more value to your business. 

20)    International Fastener Expo, 2024

Date- September 9th- October 11th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Halls B&C, Las Vegas

The International Fastener Expo is globally known as the biggest trade show event of the fastener industry in North America. The most established exhibit in the fastener industry gathers ever-excited customers, industry professionals, and global exhibitors from the fastener industry. At the show floor of IFC 2024, Las Vegas, you'll meet and engage with qualified exhibitors, buyers, industry experts and leaders to get useful tips and tricks to scale up your business. Attendees at IFC 2024, Las Vegas, gather to explore the latest fastener industry sources and solutions, invest in trends they like, and find their products helpful. Gear up to be at the center of engagement and attraction at IFE, 2024, Las Vegas, to experience an unforgettable trade show journey.

21)    Cisco Live, 2024

Date- June 02nd – June 06th, 2024
Venue- Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Leading professionals in IT sectors, your much-anticipated trade show of the year, Cisco Live, is back. The prominent exhibit for the IT sector industry showcases exhibitors' latest innovations, advancements, solutions, and refined skills through educational events to drive the landscape of the IT sector. 

Those who wouldn't be able to attend the show physically can get all the information and experience the innovation made on the show floor of Cisco Live, 2024 through an exclusive live telecast facility provided by the organizers. Exhibitors, don't miss the opportunity to participate at Cisco Live, 2024, as you'll get the chance to engage directly with key industry figures, including Cisco's specialists to business executives, to get valuable insights into the latest and emerging trends and innovative elements into the IT sector and pave your path to success by implementing those critical elements in your business. 

22)    Vision Expo West, 2024

Date- September 18th- September 21st, 2024
Venue- Venetian Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas

The premiere trade show exhibit of the vision care industry, the Vision Expo West, 2024, is back. Held annually, the biggest gathering of vision care industry professionals and experts will attract over 380 brands to exhibit and thousands of attendees to explore the latest innovations in the optical and vision care industry. Participating in such a global trade show will unlock doors to endless opportunities where you can meet and engage with like-minded industry professionals and decision-makers from different corners of the world. The international exhibit will showcase the latest advancements and breakthroughs in every vision and optical industry sector, including optometry, optical care, ophthalmology and much more.

23)    LDI 2024

Date- December 8th- December 10th, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

Get ready to meet the entertainment, technology and design community industry professionals and thought leaders at the most prominent entertainment technology show, LDI 2024. The exhibit floor of LDI will allow the industry exhibitors to showcase staging, trussing, and the latest lighting technologies, effects, videos, audio, and many more areas of the entertainment and technology industry. There's no better place than the show floor of LDI, 2024, Las Vegas, to connect with the thought leaders and skilled entertainment and technology industry professionals. 

The annual exhibit will attract more than 10,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors from 85 countries worldwide. LDI, Las Vegas, is known for hosting productive events and providing exclusive opportunities to make partnerships with the exhibitors you want. Get ready to experience one-on-one interaction with fellow industry professionals and global leaders of the entertainment and technology industry only at LDI, Las Vegas, 2024. 

24)    CES, 2025

Date- January 7th- January 10th, 2025
Venue- Las Vegas, Nevada

CES, or the Consumer Electronic Show, is annually hosted by the Consumer Technology Association and is the biggest and greatest trade show in the technology industry. The much-anticipated event gathers thousands of exhibitors, global tech leaders, and an ever-enthusiastic audience to the show floor to experience extraordinary innovations in the tech industry.

CES is the platform where ideas fly high, visions are pitched, and business gets done. Manufacturers, retailers, business owners, decision-makers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology products and services are gathered at CES. Get ready to meet the world's brightest entrepreneurs, influential startups and global leaders and experience their boldest breakthroughs and groundbreaking innovations. CES, the most significant global technology trade show exhibit, showcases the entire range of tech products and services on one platform. 

25)    Winter Fancy Food Show, 2025

Date- January 19th- January 21st, 2025
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center

As the name refers, the Winter Fancy Food Show is a premiere trade show exhibit of the food and beverages industry. Held annually in Las Vegas, the Winter Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty trade show on the West Coast to be scheduled every winter. The annual trade show exhibit is organized and managed by the Specialty Food Association, a global name in the food industry.

The Winter Fancy Food Show invites industry experts, exhibitors, business owners, retailers, manufacturers and audiences interested in the food and beverage industry. On the Winter Fancy Food Show floor, exhibitors showcase a wide range of innovative food and beverage products and services that people will love to add to their kitchens. Exhibitors and attendees get ready to experience innovative foods and trendsetting beverages at the bustling exhibit floor of the Winter Fancy Food Show.

26)    World of Concrete, 2025

Date- January 21st – January 23rd, 2025
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

WOC, or World of Concrete, has always been the sole annual trade show exhibit focusing on commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, the World of Concrete will showcase the latest innovations, advancements and solutions in the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. For the past 50 years, the World of Concrete has been a premiere trade show focusing on global concrete & masonry construction industries. Mark your presence at the show floor of World of Concrete 2025 and experience the latest and upcoming advancements in the food and beverage industry.

27)    Magic Las Vegas, 2025

Date- February 14th- February 16th 
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

To experience more than just a trade show exhibit, Magic Las Vegas is your show to experience an entire fashion experience. Magic Las Vegas is a pinnacle event for the fashion industry where you'll find all the must-have trends, brands, accessories, footwear and much more for the entire year. The much-awaited trade show exhibit of fashion and accessories trade show exhibit happens twice a year, which can't let the attendees and exhibitors keep calm. The must-attend trade show offers an exclusive experience for fashion brands and excited retailers. 

28)    NAB, 2025

Date- April 6th- April 9th, 2025
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

The National Association of Broadcasters, or NAB, is a much-anticipated trade show event of the broadcasting industry that gathers industry professionals, exhibitors, experts and leaders worldwide to converge, share ideas and explore the opportunities and possibilities in the broadcasting industry. Held annually, the NAB Show 2025 is a must-attend trade show exhibit for those who belong to the digital media industry, which includes videos, audio, film and modes of communication.

The annual event will host several productive events and activities, such as seminars, workshops, keynote sessions, and panel discussions with industry experts. On the bustling exhibit floor of NAB 2024, attendees will have the opportunity to engage, connect, and learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the latest and emerging trends in the broadcasting industry. 

29)    ISC West, 2025

Date- April 1st- April 4th, 2025
Venue- The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

ISC West 2025 is all set to host the global trade show event for the comprehensive security industry. ISC West, also known as the International Security Conference and Exposition, will offer its attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to connect with each other, share insights, discuss business, and make productive partnerships.

The bustling exhibit floor of ISC West, Las Vegas, 2025 will be filled with thousands of security industry professionals, business owners, product manufacturers and public safety professionals where you can engage with them and make strong relationships which add value to your brand's growth and success. Get ready to get industry insights from global leaders and bright minds and explore the newest technologies in Video Surveillance, Alarms, Access Control and more.

30)    SIAL America 2025

Date- March 19th- 21st March, 2024
Venue- Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

SIAL America, the prominent trade show exhibit of the global food and beverages industry, is set to rock the stage in the upcoming year. The SIAL America 2024 was organized annually between March 19 and March 21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The food and beverage industry gathered on the SIAL America exhibit floor is worth $1.5 trillion. At SIAL America, the exhibitors showcase their latest products and innovations in the food and beverage industry and connect and engage with each other to make partnerships and get information about how to eliminate critical challenges the exhibitors are facing in their business. 

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