Oracle CloudWorld 2024

Oracle CloudWorld 2024

You're going to Vegas, darling! However, for first-timers, navigating this enormous tech conference might be intimidating with its keynotes, workshops, and nightlife. Fear not—this guide will provide insider information on everything from parties and networking strategies to must-see speakers and exciting new product announcements at Oracle Cloud World. This sneak peek at this year's largest Oracle show will help you plan an incredible conference agenda. After reading this article, we promise you'll be more than prepared to visit Vegas and depart with a wealth of cloud knowledge!

An overview of the 2022, 2023, and 2024 Oracle CloudWorld Las Vegas Trade show: What to Anticipate?

The main trade show for Oracle that focuses on Oracle Cloud solutions is called Oracle CloudWorld. You'll get three full days of intensive training and hear from business executives about the newest
advancements, and network with thousands of your colleagues at the Las Vegas conferences.

General Sessions and Keynotes

Oracle executives and special guests describe the company's vision for cloud computing and how Oracle Cloud is facilitating digital transformation in keynote speeches.
Oracle's newest cloud apps, platform services, and infrastructure are all covered in detail throughout general sessions.
Practical Instruction
Develop your abilities with Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics, Oracle Integration, and more by selecting from hundreds of demonstrations, labs, and workshops. Examine novel products such as Oracle's autonomous analytics platform and self-driving database.
Meet the Leaders in the Industry
Connect with colleagues going through comparable experiences and obstacles in their cloud journey. Hear about the transformational experiences of businesses that have switched to Oracle Cloud.

Meet one-on-one with Oracle specialists to discuss your unique requirements. Discover the Cloud's Future

Experience interactive demos of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, AR/VR, and digital assistants to get a sneak peek at what Oracle has in store for the future. See how Oracle Cloud is using these advancements to power business in the future.
Oracle CloudWorld Las Vegas offers top-notch networking opportunities, education, and information, making it a trade show you shouldn't miss. Join now for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to speed up your cloud transition.

Necessary Declarations and the Release of New Products at Oracle CloudWorld Las Vegas Dedicated Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database Dedicated is the ideal cloud database if you're searching for the best possible combination of control, security, and performance. With this new solution, your autonomous database may have a dedicated Exadata infrastructure that guarantees consistently fast performance and isolation. You still receive the benefits of self-driving automation but have complete control over database provisioning.

VMware Oracle Cloud Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows businesses with significant VMware investments to go to the cloud seamlessly. Now, you can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run VMware Cloud Foundation and access all of Oracle's cloud services. This combines the affordability and flexibility of the public cloud with the known VMware infrastructure. Workload migration is easy, and you keep complete administrative access and control.

Fresh Options in ML, Big Data, and HPC

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is adding choices for workloads that need data. The latest bare metal HPC instances powered by AMD EPYC provide up to 64 cores and 512 GB of RAM. Big Data Service has automated Spark, Hive, and Kafka lifecycle management. Additionally, JupyterLab
integration, Spark 3.1 with MLlib, and automatic MLflow model maintenance are all included in the upgraded Machine Learning service.

Improved Security and Cloud Guard Services

Oracle has announced several essential services to assist in safeguarding your cloud installations. The new Compliance Dashboard from Cloud Guard offers real-time industry-standard monitoring. Unified sensitive data detection and masking across Oracle Database, Big Data, and HCM is now possible with Data Safe. The Web Application Firewall also allows secure traffic to get through while safeguarding against typical web app vulnerabilities.

An Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas scenario for 2023

Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas will likely expand on its past years' success in 2023 by revealing significant advancements and updates across its cloud portfolio.

Pay attention to ML and AI

Oracle is likely to prioritize machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the 2023
conference. They could reveal improved AI services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and new capabilities for autonomous databases driven by ML. These could provide developers with state-of-the-art resources to create intelligent apps.

Entering new markets

In 2023, Oracle may make public intentions to enter new geographical areas and vertical businesses rapidly. For instance, they may introduce new OCI areas in Latin America, Africa, or the Middle East. They may also provide specially designed solutions for public, financial, and healthcare organizations.

Better choices for hybrid clouds

Oracle is expected to provide new choices at Cloud World in 2023 for hybrid and multi-cloud installations to help clients on their cloud journey. Services that facilitate workload transfers between on-premises and OCI environments could be available.
Oracle may establish new alliances with AWS and Azure, among other cloud service providers, to provide its clients access to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

There will be a lot of big announcements at the 2023 Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas that will solidify Oracle's leadership in business cloud computing. Attendees will undoubtedly get
insightful knowledge about Oracle's goals and plans for the following year.

Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas 2024's Future

Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas is expected to grow and improve in 2024. Oracle's cloud products and services are evolving, and the conference will showcase their latest advancements.
Significant announcements on Oracle's next-generation cloud architecture and new platform services, such as database, data management, and artificial intelligence services, should be anticipated.

More Interactive Workshops and Labs

Participants will have chances for hands-on learning as Oracle's cloud technologies continue to progress. More labs and seminars covering blockchain, machine learning, and Oracle's most recent autonomous database should be forthcoming. These interactive seminars give you invaluable expertise in Oracle Cloud application development.

Pay Attention to Emerging Technologies

Exciting future technologies, including blockchain, digital assistants, and quantum computing, will be highlighted at Oracle Cloud World 2024. Keynote speakers and seminars will cover how these cutting-edge technologies may revolutionize organizations' operations. You will discover Oracle's
strategy for fusing cutting-edge technology with their business cloud offerings.

Honoring Client Achievements

The client tales at Oracle Cloud World are always a highlight. Anticipate compelling case studies from businesses using Oracle Cloud to drive innovation in 2024. Learn firsthand from executives in the corporate world about their experiences with digital transformation and how Oracle technology has produced tangible results. These actual cases highlight the capabilities of Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas 2024 will undoubtedly be an occasion you won't want to miss. Keep checking for additional speakers, special activities, and conference schedule information. And be ready for an intriguing peek into Oracle's cloud's future.

In summary

This concludes our preview of Oracle Cloud World Las Vegas 2022. With thousands of participants, 250 exhibitors, and over 400 sessions, you'll have more than enough chances to immerse in everything Oracle Cloud fully. You will undoubtedly leave the keynotes, interactive
laboratories, certification tests, parties, and networking shows with fresh knowledge, ideas, and contacts. You will want to attend this tech conference, so sign up as soon as possible before seats sell out. I'll see you in Vegas!

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