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Why Rental Trade Show Booth in Las Vegas is the ideal choice

Exhibitors looking to make a dynamic impact through rental trade show booths in Las Vegas are known as intelligent business professionals who do not burn their pockets when purchasing a booth. Knowing that booth rentals are the ideal choice for trade show exhibits in Las Vegas, they offer flexibility and customization and are cost-effective options. Rental booths in Las Vegas offer businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand to the world in a polished and professional way.

Las Vegas, one of the most popular cities worldwide, is rich in so many aspects. With thousands of luxurious hotels, 1,55,000 lavish rooms, and an unending list of state-of-the-art convention areas and event spaces, Las Vegas is where business gets done. Las Vegas welcomes more than 5 million business travelers every year, making the city a productive venue for hosting global meetings and exploring the dynamic environment of Las Vegas. Thoughts and words will fall short when comparing other cities with Las Vegas. Entertainment options are at the top with world-class restaurants when anyone thinks of hosting global events or trade show exhibits.  

Las Vegas is filled with energy, creativity and ideas, making the city ideal for business professionals to gather, engage, collaborate, explore and have fun. Being the No. 1 destination for global trade shows worldwide, Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors yearly to explore the city's glory. The Las Vegas Convention Center has been ranked No.1 among the best convention centers in the US by The Wall Street Journals. The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts global trade show exhibits like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress (MWC), which gathers more than 1,00,000 participants yearly on the Las Vegas Convention Centre floor.

Exhibitors from different corners of the world exhibit at trade shows happening at the Las Vegas Convention Center to showcase their brand with the best trade show booth exhibits to the global audience and experience trade show outcomes like never before. If you, too, are among those exciting and business-oriented exhibitors looking to display their brand at the bustling trade show floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center, then know how trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas will steal the spotlight for your brand. 

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Here’s how a trade show booth rental in Las Vegas can be a great choice-

Trade Show Booth Rentals are Flexible 

Renting a booth comes with flexibility options. With a trade show rental exhibit, you can always make amendments per your brand needs. Trade show booth rentals make adding, removing, and transforming any elements easier without any high cost of ownership. Renting a trade show booth allows brands to try unique concepts and see what works better for their brand. 

You Get Options with Rental Exhibits

Whenever you opt for trade show booth rentals, ensure you will get a high-quality exhibit without paying a hefty amount. Before selecting the right trade show booth rental company, ensure that the company provides you with enough options. The best trade show rental exhibit design companies offer their clients the option of choosing custom, modular, or portable rental design ideas that captivate the audience on the show floor. It allows companies to choose the rental exhibit design that meets their marketing goals. 

Trade Show Booth Rentals are Cost-effective 

A captivating and highly impactful trade show booth rental attracts an audience and potential clients from each corner of the convention center. Trade show booth rentals are the best option to achieve remarkable outcomes on the exhibit floor. A rental exhibit allows exhibitors to showcase their brand without spending much on booth design and attain the desired brand awareness and quality leads at the trade show floor of Las Vegas

Trade Show Booth Rental is a Convenient Option

Convenience is a critical factor often considered when it comes to trade shows. Trade show booth rentals are easy to install, dismantle, and carry from one place to another. Without spending a penny on insurance, shipping, or transportation, the rental exhibits are a cost-effective and convenient option for exhibitors to showcase their brand with a booth display that connects the audience with the brand on the show floor. 

Trade Show Booth Rentals Sizes -


10x10 rental exhibits 

If you are exhibiting for the first time and want to achieve great results without spending much on the booth display, then a 10x10 rental exhibit is ideal. The 10x10 rental can be customized completely to communicate your brand message and offerings effortlessly to the audience on the exhibit floor. Many people think a 10x10 trade show booth in Las Vegas is not more than a vinyl popup, but it's not. You can always have a high-impact, full custom trade show booth rental with a 10x10 booth, which will engage with the show floor visitors and bring potential clients to your business. You'll get it all at Exhibits Studio if you want a simple 10x10 Las Vegas trade show booth rental with a decent backdrop or complex design and curves to stand out on the bustling trade show floor of Las Vegas.

10x20 rental exhibits 

One of the most common and widely observed trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas trade shows is 10x20 booths. Many exhibitors find a 10x20 trade show booth in Las Vegas ideal for exhibiting their brand. With a 10x20 Las Vegas trade show booth rental, you'll get a large backdrop with a black canvas for appealing graphics, digital monitors, backlights and stem lighting to attract customers from a distance. A 10x20 rental exhibit will perfectly fit storage and meeting areas. 

20x20 rental exhibits 

It's always imperative to be critical while selecting a booth size for showcasing your brand on the exhibit floor. The right booth size with accurate elements is vital to your trade show's success. If you've opted for a trade show booth that is too small and people find it hard to move around, then you won't achieve the desired result. Even if you select a booth with a broader space but fewer elements, the booth will look empty, and people will lose interest in interacting with your brand. Therefore, opting for a 20x02 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas will be the right choice to display everything you desire to build the proper connection with your target audience and potential investors. A 20x20 trade show booth in Las Vegas will have all the key elements that make your competitors feel you are the actual player. From ample meeting space, reception counter display shelves and tech-infused kiosks, your brand will feel no less than a king on the exhibit floor.

20x30 rental exhibits 

Have you ever seen a new business exhibit in a small booth at a trade show? No, right! The booth size matters the most on any exhibit floor to make your brand dominate the show floor. If you opt for a 20x30 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas, infused with all the elements connecting your audience with your brand, it will deliver an outcome more significant than your expectations. With a team of exceptional trade show booth builders in Las Vegas, Exhibits Studio stands out as one of the best exhibit companies in the City. For LV exhibit rentals, including 20x20 booth sizes, you should only trust Exhibits Studio.

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