Las Vegas, The Trade Show Hub For IT

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Las Vegas, The Trade Show Hub

Across North America, Las Vegas is a central location for IT and tech conferences and trade shows, generating millions of dollars in revenue for enterprises. Furthermore, Las Vegas is well-known for its nightlife, attracting even more visitors and conferences. 
One excellent strategy to achieve your marketing and business objectives is to exhibit at these Las Vegas expos that correspond with your IT business goals and tertiary.

Our list of 24 forthcoming trade exhibits is the go-to reference for IT trade show planners deciding which IT trade fairs in Las Vegas to exhibit at. We've compiled this extensive list to assist you in organising your booth strategy and maximise your business's visibility.

Below are 24 IT Expos that will take place in 2024 in Las Vegas- 

1. IEEE Conference on Consumer Communications and Networking

Date: January 6th–09th, 2024
Location: Harrahs Las Vegas, USA

The IEEE CCNC is primarily concerned with advancing various wireline and wireless communication technologies, emphasising the consumer technology sector. 
The finest opportunity for your company to showcase yourself to a select group of the world's top scientists, engineers, and executives is to exhibit at the IEEE CCNC trade show. 
Plan your schedule and finances appropriately by learning more about the trade show's patron options and packages.

2. Association for Consumer Technology (CES) in 2023 

Time: January 07–10, 2025
Venue: Make use of several locations. View the complete plan by clicking this link.

Technology suppliers, producers, and developers of consumer gear, content, and delivery methods are the main emphasis of the CES. Leading figures in the global technology sector and innovative thinkers will discuss the industry's most pressing issues at this trade show.

To participate in the CES 2025, determine the registration requirements and cost schedule. 

3. West Affiliate Summit 2024

Period: January 15–17, 2024
Venue: Las Vegas's Caesars Forum

Building relationships with C-suite executives and industry leaders, educating the market, and empowering collaborations are the main goals of ASW 2024. Under one roof, affiliates, marketers, eCommerce vendors, content publishers, networks, and tech providers come together for the most significant marketing show in the world. Prominent companies, including Samsung, Marriott, and, are at the show.

This is your best opportunity to reach a large audience with your brand and gain the momentum you need to grow your company. 
Find out more about ASW's exhibiting opportunities.

4. Fintech Gathering 

Date: March 3rd–6th, 2024
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA's Venetian

As its name implies, the Fintech Meetup is all about bringing tech-enabled ideas and collaboration together to help you grow your business and network. 16% of the professionals attending the event are director-level, 36% are C-level or comparable, and 25% are VP-level.
Everyone in the fintech business has something to offer! 
Visit their website to view the variety of services, solutions, and industries they plan to cover during the meeting.

5. Conference and Exhibition on International IT Service Management (Pink 2024)

Date: March 3rd–6th, 2024
Location: Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

For the past 27 years, Pink24 has gained recognition for hosting the world's top yearly IT service management trade show. Lean IT, Agile Scrum, DevOps, business relationship management, organisational change management, and many other subjects falling under the general category of IT service management are covered during the trade show exhibit.

For people in the IT services management sector looking to grow their company network, this is a fantastic opportunity. 
Learn more about the expo's registration and cost schedule, then adjust your future spending plans appropriately.

6. Utilising Visual Studio Live 

When: March 03–08, 2024
Location: Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, NV

Visual Studio Live is recommended for anyone interested in Web or development-related fields. The trade show mainly focuses on programmers, engineers, technical chiefs, and software developers overcoming development obstacles.
Expand the audience that sees your solution and network with high-value buyers by participating in this trade show as an exhibitor.

To schedule your display with them, look at their exhibit assortment and sponsorship opportunities. 

7. Expo & Conference for Channel Partners 

Period: March 11–14, 2024
Venue: Las Vegas's The Venetian

This 2024 tech event allows everyone operating in the information and communication technology industry to expand and build their company. Agents, technology advisors, MSPs, cloud providers, and all other channel business leaders gather at Channel Partners and Conference Expo. Visit their website to find out more about their sponsorship and exhibition policies.

8. Conference on Internet 2.0 

Date: March 18, 2024–20,
Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Cloud computing, data analytics, and cutting-edge fields like AR/VR development, robots, cybersecurity, and more are all covered at the Internet 2.0 conference.
The Internet 2.0 Conference exhibit hall is ideal for connecting with ideal customers and generating leads for your company. To grow your company, learn more about their sponsorship and exhibit opportunities. 

9. 2024 Adobe Summit

When: March 25–28, 2024
Location: Online & at the Venetian Convention and Expo Centre in Las Vegas

Who isn't anticipating Adobe Summit 2024? Attending Adobe Summit is essential if you create, curate, or oversee digital experiences. You will receive the most exposure, reputation, and financial gain by sponsoring just one exhibit, regardless of your target industry or 2024 ambitions.

With Adobe Summit 2024, you'll have the opportunity to network with colleagues and business leaders, learn about the potential of generative AI, and prepare for experience-led growth. Complete their sponsorship form to raise awareness of your company's brand.

10. LeadsCon 

When: April 8–10, 2024
Location: Paris, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Performance marketers would love to engage with executive-level speakers at LeadsCons, who offer fresh perspectives and innovative approaches for generating and converting higher-quality leads. Many other experts from the business, including those in insurance, fintech, education, automotive, home services, and healthcare, also attend the trade show.
Visit their website to find out more about their sponsorship and floor plans. 

11. RFID Journal - Now Online!

When: April 09–11, 2024
Location: MGM Grand Hotel and Conference Centre, United States, Las Vegas, NV
For the past 22 years, radio frequency identification and related technologies have been the focus of RFID Journal Live displays.

Live from the RFID Journal! Usually, it has more than 80 exhibitors representing 26 countries displaying IoT technologies and the top RFID tags, scanners, software, and implementation services available.

You are able to acquire a competitive edge and access the right audience for the RFID market by registering your show for the exhibit.

Get ready to crack the best exhibit rentals deals in Las Vegas top IT shows with us

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12. 2024's ISC West

When: April 09–12, 2024
Location: The Venetian Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The largest and most integrated security trade show in the United States is the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC).

Discover the newest innovations in access control, robotics & drones, video surveillance, linked IoT & cybersecurity, smart homes, alarms & monitoring, and more at ISC, the most excellent location to network with thousands of security & public safety professionals.
It is highly recommended that you register for their show if you work in the security industry and take advantage of the chances for improved branding and expansion.

13. Shows from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

When: April 13–17, 2024
Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The goal of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) program is to integrate technology and the craft of storytelling. To help you meet the proper individuals, a broad mix of C-Suite decision-makers, big producers, and skilled engineers attend the trade show.

Showcase your business at the NAB show to attract the attention of prospective clients and boost sales and international expansion right now! 

14. Information Technology - 21st International Conference - New Generations (ITNG 2024) 

When: April 15–17, 2024
Location: Tuscany Suites & Casino, United States, Las Vegas, NV
Applying cutting-edge technology to fields including astronomy, biology, education, geosciences, security, health care, and other IT areas, including robotics, high-performance computing, and machine learning, is the focus of the International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG).

Exhibiting at this trade show becomes imperative when considering the exposure, it provides to your company throughout the IT industry.

15. Tech Live Events 

Date: 01–02 May 2024
Location: Las Vegas's World Market Centre

What could be more wonderful than working in the IT sector of the trade show industry? Event Tech Live is the only exhibiy in the US exclusively focused on event technology, as the name would imply. 
This conference seeks to introduce international event professionals to the newest developments in event technology. This event is for you if you work for one of the significant event technology providers, including TicketMasters, AllEvents, or Eventbrite.

You also can take advantage of this if you're interested in developing technology for event companies.

Participate in their exhibition right now. 

16. IT Asset Managers Spring Conference & Exhibition, 2024

Date: May 07 - May 09 2024
Location: The M Resort Spa and Casino, United States, Las Vegas, NV 

The IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) is an IT asset management conference. At this conference, C-level executives from the IT, financial, and legal sectors will be present to discuss how the newest technologies are affecting compliance, profitability, and business operations.

More than 2,000 people attend the show, which offers workshops, networking opportunities, and educational events. See the specifics of their display hall and discover more about the trade show.

17. ESTECH 2024: IEST Annual Technical Meeting

Date: May 06 - May 09, 2024
Location: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, United States, Las Vegas, NV

Nanotechnology, environmental testing, dependability, and pollution control are the main topics of ESTECH 2024. You can interact with potential customers by attending this tech event in Las Vegas 2024.
Additionally, you get to take part in a fantastic schedule of networking events, working group meetings, technical training classes, and conference sessions! Please learn more about their display packages to schedule your upcoming events appropriately. 

18. Conference on Smart Retail Technology

Date: 08–09 May 2024
Location: LVCC, United States, Las Vegas, NV 
Attending the Smart Retail Tech Conference is essential for professionals and firms involved in retail technology. By participating in this event, your company will have the chance to enhance the client retention rate and design the ideal customer journey. 

The most crucial thing is that if you're developing technology for retailers, you must exhibit your knowledge at Smart Retail Tech 2024 through your booth.

Please find out about their exhibit options and put them on your list of must-see tech events for 2024!

19. Live from Cisco! Las Vegas

Date: 2024 June 02–06
Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, United States, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Cisco Live conference is among the best venues for learning about technology advancements and on-demand learning resources. Attending this event is highly recommended for professionals in the tech world who want to network with like-minded individuals and showcase their businesses to the proper audience.

Find out more about Cisco's sponsorship options and prepare to shop at the most anticipated technology event of 2024. 

Cisco is a prominent sponsor that will undoubtedly help your company.

20. Expo InfoComm (IC 2024)

Date range: June 8–14, 2024
Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Professionals in the AV business should attend the InfoComm Show. The main topics of the expo are audio, live events, learning technologies, streaming, digital signage, enterprise IT, conferencing and collaboration, and live events sectors. Attending this event will provide you with several networking chances and educational seminars.

Exhibit at InfoComm and explore options to generate more leads and money for your business.

21. Week of Machine Learning

Date: 2024 June 18–22
Location: Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, United States, Las Vegas, NV

Predictive Analytics World (PAW) and Deep Learning World (DLW) are the tech sector subjects covered at the Machine Learning Week conference.
You may learn about the business use of AI, deep learning, and predictive analytics by attending this event. Attendees at the event include core practitioners, decision-makers, and business executives. 

The most excellent chance for you to grow your clientele and vendor base is to exhibit at Machine Learning Week!

22. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners presents the CFE Fraud Conference & Expo.

Date: 2024 June 23–28
Location: ARIA Resort & Casino, United States, Las Vegas, NV 

Do you want recognition in the anti-fraud community? The most significant conference to sponsor and gain the recognition your company deserves is the CFE Fraud Conference & Expo. Make connections with decision-makers and key players in the anti-fraud field, such as experts in accounting, auditing, compliance, government, and investigations.

Plan your exhibit at the CFE fraud conference and expo by looking at the complete list of sponsors! 

23. Expo for Global Gaming (G2E)

Time: October 7–10, 2024
Location: THE VENETIAN EXPO, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

That is a fantastic chance for you to network with colleagues in the industry and learn about the latest advancements in the gaming sector if you're interested in the game business. It is the ideal opportunity to showcase your distinctive gaming experience to a large audience because it's a worldwide expo.

By showcasing your company at G2E, you can join the impressive gathering of more than 350 exhibitors and 2500 industry professionals from more than 100 countries and regions.

24. MWC in 2024 in Las Vegas

Date: 2024 October 8–10
Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The biggest and most significant event for the connectivity industry is Mobile Congress World (MWC). You need to be here whether you're a vendor, content owner, device maker, global mobile operator, technology supplier, or just interested in what's coming up in tech.

Major sponsors and partners of this event include AT&T, AWS, and Mobile World Live! Take advantage of the opportunity to complete the exhibition form and showcase your company to a large audience.

Optimise Your IT Showcases with Personalised Booths

Prepare to be a part of exciting and happening events that drive your business with lots of leads and money with the complete list of IT trade exhibitions taking place in Las Vegas. Even if you intend to attend these events, having the ideal booth for your display is crucial.
We recognise, however, that many event managers find it stressful to locate a captivating show-stopper booth! 

Get a booth where it's simple to show and discuss event specifics with your sales & leadership teams by following our six-step approach. We handle everything for you, from design to delivery!



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