Celebrating Innovation: Highlights from the 2023 BIO Convention

BIO International Convention

BIO International Convention is produced by BIO, which is the World's Largest gathering of the biotechnology industry, along with partnering meetups and with industry-known investors around the world. It represents biotechnology companies, academic institutions, biotechnology centres and related organizations in the United States and more than 30 other countries.

In June 2023, Boston became a hub of groundbreaking ideas at the BIO Convention, with over 20,000 people from the world's science community participating and excited to discuss the future of healthcare.

From excellent research to big deals, the energy was electric. It wasn't just a meetup; it was a launchpad for progress, a chance to work together, and a reminder of how dedicated we are to building a healthier future for everyone.


BIO Internation Convention, 2023, in Boston, the theme was 'Stand up for science'. The Convention at the end of the trade show welcomed over 14,000+ biotechnology and pharma leaders from around the world for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and some tremendously promising partnerships.
The theme as said served its purpose as it reminded everyone how important science is for making people healthier and solving big problems worldwide.


Let's see the list of highlights that aligned with the theme 'Stand up for Science':

1. Focus on Emerging Tech- there was a strong emphasis on how new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data will change drug discovery, development, and healthcare delivery.

2. Addressing Global Health Challenges- the Convention focused on the new Tech and addressed critical global health issues like infectious diseases, pandemic preparedness, and access to medicines for underserved populations.

3. Importance of Collaboration and Partnerships- the Convention highlighted the importance of collaborating with academia, industry, government, and other stakeholders to accelerate scientific progress and ensure equitable access to new treatments.

4. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion- the Convention also focused on the need for a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the life sciences to fuel innovation and address the needs of the patients.


1. Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel's keynote address: In his keynote address, the CEO discussed the company's journey in developing the most unexpected pandemic of the world, the COVID-19 vaccine, and his vision for the future of mRNA technology.

2. BioNTech Co-Founder and CEO Ugur Sahin's keynote address: he delivered his keynote focusing on the importance of personalized medicine and the potential of mRNA technology to treat a wide range of diseases. His insights were valuable as BioNTech recently partnered with Pfizer to develop the highly successful COVID-19 vaccine.

3. Addressing Dementia Investment Shortfall by Launching $260 Million Fund: a significant announcement at the Convention was the launch of a new $260 Million fund dedicated to investing in early-stage dementia research and development. It was seen as a significant step forward in the fight against this disease.

4.  Recurv Pharma receives funding for Cancer Therapy Development: Recurv Pharma, a company developing a novel cancer therapy, announced that it had raised $80 Million in the second round of funding. This Fund will support the company's ongoing clinical trials and development efforts.


The BIO International Convention focused on product launches, exchanging ideas, and fostering partnerships to drive future innovations.

1. ProfoundBio's new Drug targets advanced Cancer: ProfoundBio unveiled their new drug, PB1005, targeting advanced solid tumours by inhibiting a specific protein crucial for Cancer cell survival. This innovative therapy makes a promising step towards the treatment of Cancer.

2. AI-powered drug discovery platform by Atai Life Science: Atai Life Science displayed its AI-powered platform, "Psychedelic.ai", specially designed to facilitate drug discovery using psychedelic compounds for mental health conditions. This innovative approach represents AI along with human expertise to make progress in mental health treatment research.

3. Bioreactor Platform launched to support process development for cell and gene therapy. Another critical development announced at the Convention was the launching of a new bioreactor platform to make developing cell and gene therapies easier. It could accelerate the development of these promising new treatments.

4. Spoonshot on how Food Technology Can Reduce Food Waste: food tech company Spoonshot presented its innovative platform for decreasing food wastage.

Now, as a wise scientist said, "Be ready for an Opportunity!". The BIO International Convention 2023 gave every participant much more knowledge than expected. So, let's be prepared for challenges and be open to incredible science shaping our future in a better way.

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