2024's Top Cannabis Trade Events to Attend

2024's Top Cannabis Trade Events to Attend

Cannabis is set for an explosion in 2024. Attending trade shows will allow your business to meet potential customers and partners eager to learn more. All it takes to exhibit your company at one is renting a booth - to become an active player in US cannabis, attending these shows is necessary!

Your cannabis trade shows in 2024 should depend on the specific requirements of your business. Explore all available shows if your industry is closely related; this list should provide enough details for a pilot study by marketing teams; then plan for participation soon by engaging a professional stand design firm that specialises in cannabis-themed events to maximise ROI with stand designs specifically created to enhance ROI of marketing efforts and maximise ROI of trade show attendance.

1. Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

Date and Location - December 3rd to 6th, 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

From December 3 to 6 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with over 30,000+ cannabis entrepreneurs attending over 50 sessions of conferences and 1400 exhibitors participating - this show is essential for the various brands from relevant industries.

This trade show explores the future of cannabis businesses and attracts an expansive variety of audiences, such as consumers and retailers, as well as business professionals and users. As an exhibitor, you can directly showcase your offerings as a brand - such as products or technologies - to potential clients for instant growth opportunities.

2. CannaCon Oklahoma 

Date and Location- April 5-8 at the Oklahoma City Convention Center

CannaCon is one of the premier business events held across the US. Set to take place on April 5-2024, at Oklahoma City Convention Center in Oklahoma, CannaCon hosts professionals in the cannabis sector and entrepreneurs, pioneers, and investors to discuss recent industry advancements while building relationships and forging connections. At CannaCon, they showcase innovative new products, introduce pioneers into cannabis sectors that may not otherwise meet, highlight community involvement issues through education initiatives, and showcase innovative new know-how products.

Modular and custom booths designed and produced by ES can help your company make an unforgettable statement at CannaCon. Competitors at CannaCon are intense, so it is key that you focus on meeting your goals to boost business performance for maximum return on investment.

3. CWCBExpo 2024 

Date and Location: June 5-6, 2024, Javits Convention Center in New York

Are You Ready for CWCBExpo 2024? Are You Looking to Expand Your Cannabis Business and Network with Industry Professionals? CWCBExpo, an East Coast cannabis B-to-B Expo/Conference, offers numerous opportunities for business expansion and networking with top companies.

Expose Your Product Here and Gain Industry Visibility Now. Make Sure That CWCBExpo 2024 Meets Your Goals Today by Booking Today.

4. CannaCon Albuquerque

Date and Location- May 17 to 18, 2024, Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque

CannaCon West Albuquerque is delighted to welcome vendors from around the globe by welcoming them to join its thrilling B2B cannabis trade fair, designed to facilitate cannabis growth throughout Western regions of America. Exhibiting at this event gives vendors an incredible opportunity to meet and be part of an elite professional network encouraging the growth of this emerging industry in the western United States; exhibitor booths provide an unforgettable experience! Take advantage of this excellent networking opportunity! Expose unique trade display booths.

5. CannaCon Rochester 

Date and Location - June 20 to 21, 2024, Joseph An. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Rochester

CannaCon Rochester stands as one of the premier cannabis events, providing professionals from the cannabis industry with an ideal venue to network and showcase their services or products. This event covers every aspect of cannabis, from seed to cash, providing a perfect venue to showcase cultivation equipment and new developments within the cannabis industry. As an exhibitor, you can showcase a selection of goods and services to a specialized group of people. Attending this fair will not only help you build lasting connections among prominent figures within cannabis technology but also allow you to meet industry leaders while forging business partnerships.

6. CannaCon St. Paul 

Date and Location - August 16-17, 2024, Saint Paul River Centre 
Once again, the answer lies within this country's borders - even more precisely within its storied capital of London, of course! CannaCon St. Paul offers an expansive variety of tools for cultivating and staying abreast of developments in the cannabis industry, navigating genetic issues and seeking legal counsel, optimising retail displays for retail sales, exploring cutting-edge extraction technologies, understanding trends in finance and exploring marketing and branding efforts within cannabis businesses. CannaCon aims to be an all-inclusive event covering every facet of the cannabis industry, satisfying both enthusiast and professional requirements alike. By attending, participants gain access to a community of growers and industry professionals at the cutting edge of technological development and advancement.

7. CannaCon

Date and Location- October 3-4 2024, Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland.

CannaCon at Huntington Convention Center from October 3-4 is not just another trade fair - it's an experience designed to elevate your brand to the top of the cannabis industry. This event provides a valuable opportunity to showcase your products and network with growers, industry professionals and other key influencers shaping the ever-evolving industry. 

As an exhibitor, you'll become part of an exciting community, allowing you to gain recognition among potential collaborators, partners and customers. Here is your opportunity to make yourself known with an exhibitor booth in an area covering all aspects of cannabis production and industry developments, genetics, legal considerations at retail extraction technology and economic trends, marketing, branding efforts, and more.

8. Cannabis Drink Expo (CDE)

Date and Location: 30th to 31st July 2024, Morgan MFG of Chicago

Participating in The Cannabis Drink Expo, one of the world's premier gatherings of cannabis enthusiasts provides entrepreneurs like you an incredible opportunity to expand their businesses. As more states legalised cannabis in 2024, this show will bring together experts from each legalised state. It will feature significant players like dispensaries, MSOs and co-packers, producers, packaging companies and co-packers, and flavour suppliers and brands of cannabis drinks.

Cannabis Drink Expo offers an invaluable platform to network with industry leaders, increase brand recognition and showcase products to an interested public. Engaging directly with prospective buyers provides an ideal way to expand your sales and grow your customer base. By staying current with current trends and strategies, trade show booths offer an invaluable opportunity to ensure your business remains relevant. Joining this market by creating an eye-catching trade display booth is essential to success in the cannabis beverage sector.

Experience our selection to find the ideal venue for your cannabis-related trade exhibition!

9. Cannabis Conference

Date and Location - 20-24 August, Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

The Cannabis Conference has long been recognized for providing world-class educational opportunities to cultivators and dispensary professionals around the globe, being the only conference dedicated solely to cannabis businesses that interact with plants. The Cannabis Conference offers you an incredible opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in cannabis on a world-class trade show floor and discover cutting-edge technologies, services and solutions available today. 

This event should not be missed if you are entering the legal cannabis market or an experienced business owner looking to take their company further. Industry experts will share their insight into upcoming trends in the cannabis industry at this renowned cannabis conference in 2024, attracting several acclaimed names in this field. Influencers will assemble under one roof in Las Vegas to showcase their knowledge. A trade show exhibit with a welcoming exhibit space may also prove beneficial.

10. Minnesota Lucky Leaf Expo

Date and Location: April 26-April 27, 2024, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, 
Are You an Enthusiast Looking to Break into the Cannabis Industry? Join the Lucky Leaf Expo this year. With Minnesota's recently passed laws regarding marijuana use and possession, now is an opportune time for you to showcase your skills alongside 100+ exhibitors at this exciting Expo! No matter your experience or stage in life, this event offers you access to a worldwide audience of thousands. At Lucky Leaf Expo, your business can market itself in various forms. Still, the event also boasts over 30 educational sessions and live demonstrations featuring some of the top minds in the marijuana industry. Take advantage of this unique chance to network with peers while expanding your knowledge within this sector - make your bookings for the trade show booth today and attend the Lucky Leaf Expo!

11. Lucky Leaf Expo at Albuquerque

Date and Location: September 27-28, 2024, Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque

Lucky Leaf Expo is an event not to miss! As an industry hub, this annual gathering draws top experts who provide up-to-date knowledge while exploring topical areas in cannabis's rapidly developing landscape. Beyond just an information display, this event is an organic networking and relationship-building platform to build genuine professional connections among attendees. Experience its unique atmosphere to meet established industry figures and emerging businesses in this dynamic marketplace for cannabis.

12. New York Cannabis and Hemp Convention (NECANN)

Date and Location: October 25 to 26th, 2024, NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse

The New York Cannabis and Hemp Convention is the only trade event focused solely on the New York market cannabis and hemp business, providing new opportunities to companies and expanding for investors, entrepreneurs, educators, patient advocates and consumers. The convention follows an approach of collaboration by working closely with local businesses and communities, producing tangible benefits for sponsors, exhibitors, participants, and the overall cannabis market in general. 

As an exhibitor, NECANN offers an exceptional platform for learning and networking, creating solid bonds between business partners while stimulating new ideas and encouraging knowledge sharing between professionals in the industry. Exhibiting at this show provides immediate access to cannabis enthusiasts as well as potential customers and industry professionals. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Reserve your trade show booth rental for NECANN 2024 right now.

13. Connecticut Cannabis Expo (CT Cannabis Expo)

Date and Location - February 24 to 25, 2024, Sky Convention Center, Mohegan Sun, Connecticut.
Connecticut Cannabis Expo will take place February 24-25 in Mohegan Sun's Sky Convention Center and is one of the premier trade shows for cannabis traders. It seeks to gather vendors related to cannabis, such as local dispensaries and manufacturers, physicians and medical professionals, CBD product distributors, other cannabis product manufacturers and much more. At this show, investors and businesses in the cannabis sector will come together to discuss the current state of affairs in the industry as well as growth forecast and networking opportunities, new laws, business opportunities, etc. By participating in this year's Connecticut Cannabis Expo with a unique booth rental for trade shows, your company will gain exposure and build connections with experts from within this field.

Suppose you're planning to attend any cannabis-related events in 2023. In that case, ES can assist with booth design and construction services to get the best results without stressing about the quality and longevity of materials. Our customer service focus allows for optimal results without breaking your budget.

14. Michigan CannaTech Expo

Date and Location - May 1 to February 2 2024, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, Michigan.

This year's Michigan CannaTech Expo is scheduled for May 1-2 at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Michigan. Considered one of the premier cannabis business expos in the Midwest, this event brings together professionals to gather more information on this rapidly expanding and lucrative cannabis market. At this Expo, attendees can gain access to cutting-edge cultivation and processing techniques for hemp and cannabis, along with accessing advanced processing and cultivation technologies for hemp. Michigan CannaTech Expo will feature seminars from cannabis industry experts on the newest production technologies. Expecting over 1000 visitors and 100 businesses as attendees, being part of this event for cannabis could yield unparalleled returns and increase its worth immensely.

15. CBD & Hemp Wholesale World 2024

Date and Location- May 8-9th, 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

Are You Prepared for CBD & Hemp Wholesale World 2024? Starting in October, this event will become the hub for networking events within the Cannabinoid Industry and related sectors. Join thousands of your peers from both industries as you make lasting connections at CBD & Hemp Wholesale World 2024; leave lasting impressions behind you with top minds as you network, connect and develop relationships at this exclusive cannabis-related event with assistance from ES. Join today & become part of CBD & Hemp Wholesale World 2024!


Cannabis business across the US is increasing, and 2024 looks set to be its peak year. When New York's market opens next year, new varieties, technology advancements and commercial knowledge may flood it; therefore, networking and staying abreast with technological advancement is crucial to maintaining long-term viability for any cannabis enterprise.

If you're attending one of the cannabis events in 2024, turn to ES for booth design and construction services. With our focus on customer service, our customer-driven results will bring optimal outcomes without worrying about quality materials or budget limitations.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the serial numbers listed on this page do not constitute a ranking list for shows. Instead, they make it easier for readers to quickly locate information for a show they are searching for and navigate easily through all pages on the website.

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