Money 20/20 -2024

Money 20/20, 2024

The world-leading trade show event for the global money ecosystem is back; yes, you guessed it right. Money 20/20 is all set to bring revolution to the market with premium content, sales and future insights on a global platform at Money 20/20. Money20/20 in Las Vegas will be an international gathering of industry experts, enthusiastic exhibitors and attendees to discuss the money ecosystem, startups, finance and services, banking, retail, fintech and many more. The Money20/20, 2024, has been scheduled between 27th October and 30th October in Las Vegas.

The four-day annual trade show exhibit will invite the world's thought leaders, experts, and influential players in the payment and finance industry to discuss the steps to take to advance the industry's future. Get ready to grab the opportunity to place your business at the forefront of the industry with stunning trade show booth displays at Money 20/20 Las Vegas. Engage with industry experts and global leaders and experience groundbreaking innovations and insights into the latest and upcoming trends in the worldwide money ecosystem.

Money 20/20 Las Vegas is taking centre stage as the world evolves rapidly. At Money 20/20 2024, you'll experience immersive strategies to achieve growth, ways to foster productive collaborations and solutions to overcome industry challenges. As per Money 20/20, 2023, the show invited more than 4,000 attendees to the global platform to converge, share ideas and knowledge, and experience the latest technologies and innovations to drive the industry's future.

Benefits of attending Money 20/20 2024?

Money 20/20 Las Vegas has always been a premiere trade show to explore the latest technologies, innovations, and achievements. It is an invaluable experience to stay ahead of the curve, surpass competitors, and impress the audience with your extensive services. 

Exhibits Studio is the best trade show service company in Las Vegas for crafting experiential exhibits with innovative omnichannel solutions to stay at the forefront of technology and infuse digitalization in the financial sector to expand its presence worldwide. Below, we've mentioned some of the key benefits of participating at Money 20/20, 2024, and they are- 

•  At Money 20/20, Las Vegas, you can forge international connections with industry experts, like-minded professionals, and critical insights to help you scale up your business further and achieve inevitable success and growth.
•  A global platform to engage with inspiring speakers in keynote sessions, innovation, and collaborations to ensure the success of your business.  
•  The Money 20/20 Conference will be an excellent platform for exhibitors and attendees to showcase their products, services and innovations to an ever-exciting global audience. 
•  The annual money ecosystem show will invite participants from more than 100 countries. It will help you connect with industry professionals on a global scale to foster partnerships in the future. 
•  The Money 20/20 Las Vegas trade show exhibit will provide you with a global platform to connect with global industry leaders, experts, and like-minded professionals and learn how you can bring change and progress to your business's digital transformation. 
•  Money 20/20, 2024 will also help you attain customer loyalty, growth, and global recognition in the financial sector.

Why is Exhibits Studio the best trade show booth-building company for Money on 20/20, 2024?

Exhibits Studio is a leading company crafting exceptional trade show booth design and construction in Las Vegas, US. Our comprehensive trade show services are more than enough to ensure your trade show success at trade show exhibits in Las Vegas. Our experienced team of seasoned and skilled designers craft booth designs that place your brand at the centre stage of the trade show and build loyalty and recognition among your target audience on the show floor. If you want to showcase your brand through stunning trade show booth rentals, modular exhibits, or custom trade show booth displays at Money 20/20, 2024, trust Exhibits Studio. With 25 years of service excellence and nine years of service excellence, Exhibits Studio is well-versed in crafting your dream trade show booth.


Money20/20 in Las Vegas is one of the most significant trade show exhibits in the finance and money ecosystem industry. The annual trade show opens doors to various opportunities as it brings together the world's most influential leaders and experts in the financial services space under one roof to discuss ways to move the industry forward. 

Attendees and exhibitors, now is your time to be at the forefront of the industry. Money 20/20, Las Vegas, 2024, will give you the platform to explore the latest innovations in the industry and connect with the leading and bright minds across the globe. Money20/20 USA will be your perfect place to foster international connections and collaborations and experience groundbreaking innovations to explore the future of payments and financial services.

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